Who is human and who is not?

Undeterred, unafraid: Tommy’s got more balls than the whole political clown gallery in England.

Delingpole: Tommy Robinson – ‘I’m Going to Stand for Parliament’

Tommy Robinson: ‘I’m Going to Stand for Parliament’

Tommy also sues the Cambridge police for harassment. Ezra Levant is there to cover the trial:  

“How can you trust a police officer who literally takes pride and joy in making little girls cry? Those men are sitting in this court, watching the video of their disgraces. How do they still have their badges and uniforms?”

Somali Parents Fly Sons to Africa to Escape Deadly Knife Violence in Khan’s London

But shipping them back would put their lives in danger, or so they tell us….

Somali internally displaced people (IDPs) receive food distribution in Mogadishu, Somalia, on May 22, 2018. - About 800 internally displaced people from 8 camps in Mogadishu receive Iftar dinner, the first meal after the daytime fast during the month of Ramadan, at food distribution centre annually installed during Ramadan by …

Spiralling knife, drugs, and gang crime in London has been leading many concerned Somali parents to send their teenage offspring, who grew up in Britain, away to Africa for their own safety.

Londonistan: Police harrass Christians

London’s metropolitan police have finally admitted to removing a street preacher from his location and transporting him over five miles away in order to stop him heralding the gospel. …

The ‘Islamophobia expert’

Swedish ‘Islamophobia Expert’ Turned ISIS Fighter Arrested in Syria

Swedish-Norwegian national Michael Skramos was captured in Baghouz by Kurdish forces last week, according to the Swedish newspaper Expressen. The 33-year-old’s route to radicalization began when he converted to Islam in 2005, becoming a preacher and self-described “Islamophobia expert” at a Gothenburg mosque shortly afterwards.

Meanwhile, back in the Islamic state:

Fierce’ Clashes as U.S.-Backed Syrian Forces Assault Last Islamic State Bastion

Obama’s Dragon Egg

Hussein Obama flooded America with African sewer rats like this.

Ilhan Omar Compares Trump, Obama: ‘One Is Human, the Other Is Not’

Ilhan Compares Trump, Obama: ‘One Is Human, the Other Is Not’

She’s so classy. Her arguments are powerful. Her intellect is unmatchable. She makes so much sense. However, she forgot that the ‘Non-human’ President, is actually her President. He’s also her dad’s President. (Mohammad Tawhidi)

For this wretched hijabee, only Mohammedans are ‘human’.

German Military Accused of ‘Purging Populist Supporters’

Leftist Rats Don’t Tolerate Dissent:

While the German army has long expelled those with neo-Nazi sympathies, there have been recent claims that they are now targetting supporters of the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) for expulsion as well.

Tucker Carlson: ‘We Will Never Bow to the Mob, Ever — No Matter What’

Tucker: ‘We Will Never Bow to the Mob, Ever — No Matter What’

How come Fox News hired a woman who is attacking other employees? Hufsa, who describes herself as a Muslim & attacked also has some questionable social media posts. She has RT several jihadi tied individuals. Care to comment?

Fake Scientist Bill Nye Joins Real Socialists to Push Green New Deal

AOC says capitalism is an ‘irredeemable’ system, but it eradicates global poverty while socialism creates it

Case studies show that Ocasio-Cortez’s economic system of choice has been far more successful at creating widespread poverty than eradicating it. The most prominent currently is the ongoing man-made disaster in Venezuela.

AOC was literally put in place by an organization. She’s a pawn.

2 thoughts on “Who is human and who is not?”

  1. “AOC was literally put in place by an organization. She’s a pawn.” … [sic]

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (plus a growing cast) is merely AOC was literally put in place by an organization. She’s a pawn.a puppet !!!
    Three revelations …
    1. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did not actually run for congress
    (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did not run … Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was run – by the Justice Democrats)

    2. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a puppet Congress Woman !
    (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is scripted and coached in EVERYTHING she says … by Cenk Uygur [of the Young Turks] and Saikat Chakrabarti [who hero worships Subhas Chandra Bose])

    3. The (criminal) controllers of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are very dangerous !
    (because they are islam personified)

    Currently mostly what this “Group” (the Justice Democrats) is doing is annoying Democrats
    … so Conservatives (naively) haven’t paid them that much attention – YET !

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