Dope Francis, Hijabbery, Fraser Anning, “Populists” Win Seats in Spain…

Pope Francis donated $500,000 to support migrants in Mexico headed to the US border, according to an announcement from the Vatican.

Police said they had arrested 48 suspects over the past 24 hours as checkpoints mounted by all of Sri Lanka’s security forces sprung up across the country of 21 million people.

Those arrested included two men authorities recently appealed to the public to locate.–ABC.NET.AU

“No Muslim Crime to See Here” – Declares Ignorant Female Journo at Fraser Anning Rally

…and then the punches flew….

“As you know, this areas is the Prime Minister’s seat, and there’s been all sorts of problems here with the Muslim immigrants who have come in here and attacked people.”–Anning

A 19-year-old has been charged with assault and intimidation after allegedly lashing out at a female journalist and a photographer following a Fraser Anning press conference in Sydney.

The Randwick teen, Max Towns, allegedly made intimidating comments to local journalist Eliza Barr after she asked probing questions of Senator Anning in a park in Cronulla.

When her photographer colleague Dylan Robinson attempted to intervene, Mr Towns allegedly assaulted him, knocking his camera to the ground and ripping his shirt.

The cameraman had his shirt ripped in the altercation.
The cameraman had his shirt ripped in the altercation. (AAP)

Video footage shows the photographer being repeatedly punched.

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Efforts Underway to Have PA Declared A Terrorist Organization Under Australian Criminal Law

The designation of the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a terrorist organisation would have major implications for Australia’s foreign policy and foreign aid applicable to the Middle East. It would throw into disarray a recently adopted Labor policy to unilaterally recognise a ‘State of Palestine’ as that policy legitimises an entity which meets the criteria under Australian law as a terrorist organisation.

Spanish Election: Socialists Win, “Populists” Enter National Parliament for First Time

Initial results of Spain’s national elections are in and the Socialists have won the most votes while the right-populist Vox party is to enter the national parliament for the first time.

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  1. Eliza Barr, she of ‘the probing questions’, might like to familiarise herself with the actual cause of the Cronulla riots, all those years ago. My understanding is this: A group of Muslim men went up to an off duty lifesaver, who was relaxing on the beach. They said to him: ‘This is our beach now. If you don’t leave straight away, we will kill you.’ The life saver responded along the lines of, ‘I spend my weekends rescuing people like you, so just shove off.’ The group of Muslims then attacked the lifesaver, leaving him unconscious. What followed was a response to that unprovoked attack. rather than the other way around. Senator Anning has a better grasp of what is going on than has Ms Barr.

    1. It wasn’t an isolated incident. The so-called “Cronulla Riots” happened because the Mohammedans would assault, insult and annoy everyone, especially females, who came to “their” beach.The real scandal was the media beatup and the whole political clown-gallery turning the event into “racist” attacks on poor Muslims.

      Lest we forget the real riots when the Mohammedans came charging out of their mosques a few days later and ran amok in the suburb, smashing hundred cars, stabbing and beating every Aussie they could find. You’ll find that has mostly been scrubbed from the web.A guy who armed himself with a tree branch because he was afraid walking home was put in jail.

      That’s what we’re up against.

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