Fraser Anning vs “Islamophobia”


Leftist morons in Australia are as ignorant as Leftist morons in New Zealand. The usual idiots scream: “Muslims are welcome here!”

Independent senator Fraser Anning has been censured by parliament for “shameful and pathetic” comments linking the Christchurch terror attacks to Muslim immigration.

Pauline Hanson misses Anning censure motion to have surgery–See More

A bunch of tearful, pathetic wankers went against a single truthteller. This is bad news for Australia.

New Zealand Deputy PM under fire for saying in 2005 that Muslim communities in NZ have “militant underbelly”

The Christchurch mosque massacres are being used to shut down any negative word related to Islam, including opposition to jihad mass murder and Sharia oppression. There could be jihad activity in New Zealand; what would be preventing it? Jihad against unbelievers is taught in the Qur’ans they read in New Zealand as much as it is in the Qur’ans they read everywhere else. So what did Winston Peters say — 14 years ago — that was false? The very fact that he is being made to answer for these statements now is a manifestation of the witch-hunt, Cultural Revolution collective hysteria that is currently gripping the public square.

“Winston Peters won’t apologise for Muslim comments,” RNZ, April 1, 2019

Reality beats sanctimonious bullshit anywhere, anytime:
$46m counter-terrorism training centre to be built in Qld

A COUNTER-terrorism training facility that will teach tactical police how to respond to a terrorist attack in Queensland is a step closer to completion.

The $46 million project including two firearms ranges and a scenario village will built by Queensland company FKG Group and is expected to open next year, Police Minister Mark Ryan announced on Sunday.

Without Islam, we wouldn’t need any of this. When will the government share with us the stats showing the % of right, left and muslims on the terror watch list?

American Muslim scholar salutes Brunei for implementing sharia stoning of gays

Let it all hang out. Why pretend you disagree? The resistance is melting away already:

Islamophobia at the UN: Rights chief condemns Brunei’s stoning for gays and amputation for theft as “inhuman”

Brunei is simply implementing Sharia. Doesn’t Michelle Bachelet know that Saudi Arabia and Iran and other Sharia states put homosexuals to death and amputate hands for theft? Will the OIC condemn her “Islamophobia,” or bide its time, preferring to continue to fool Western leaders, who are so very eager to be fooled….

Meet Mehdi Hasan – CNN’s newest “expert” (PuffHo writer too)

Hasan, CNN’s Supremacist, can be seen ranting & preaching that non-Muslims, unbelievers and atheists live like cattle & animals.

He equates homosexuals with pedophiles & sexual-deviants



Christchurch-based Super Rugby team the Crusaders is considering changing its name and branding in response to a terrorist attack in the city:

Für Merkel is das Volk der Feind.

For Merkel, the people are the enemy.

Diese Stasi Schrulle hat Deutschland mehr Schaden zugefügt als die Nazis.

This Stasi hag has done more damage to Germany  than the Nazis.



Merkel: “Meinungsfreiheit braucht strenge Grenzen”

“Freedom of Speech Must Be Strictly Regulated”
Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel fordert engere Grenzen bei der Meinungsfreiheit in Deutschland.

4 thoughts on “Fraser Anning vs “Islamophobia””

  1. “Winston Peters won’t apologise for Muslim comments,” RNZ,

    “At the time, Mr Peters said that while Mr Prossers’ view was unbalanced, “there is an element of truth to what he is saying.”

    Mr Peters told Morning Report he didn’t defend Mr Prosser, instead he sent him to the mosque to get an education.

    “He went down to the mosque and for two weeks he got an education and he resiled from ever saying those things again.””

    We are not told which mosque Prosser went to,which Iman/person educated him, what he was educated with and how he was educated.

    All very important.

    Did Prosser have a Koran reading session with the Imam?

  2. Leftist morons TRAITORS in Australia are as ignorant as Leftist morons TRAITORS in New Zealand. The usual idiots scream: “Muslims are welcome here!” … [sic]
    (Non-muslims are not welcome here
    … Is what happens when these TRAITORS try moving to a majority islam-infected country
    … but why would they – perhaps to escape TRAITORS jail time
    ) !!!

    Call them what they are … TRAITORS !!!
    Reward them justly for what they do … TREASON !!!

    Ask Woolworths management why they have any islam-infecteds running their Supermarket branches (or employed in – for that matter) … eg. How to tell – is the manager named Muhammad !!!
    (I don’t want my food poisoned in-house
    … However – I suppose you could always perceive it as being FRESHLY Poisoned
    ) !!!

    No crosses on Aldi’s Hot Cross Buns
    Ask Aldi Management why !!!

    Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that even these Managers are now islam-infected
    … by Jove – it is never to late to decide you don’t want islam !!!

    … by Jove – it is never to late to be rid of the islam-adorers
    (unless they can’t adore anymore – then nothing has to be done ’cause the adored have fixed the problem) !!!
    … by Jove – it is never to late to be rid of the islam-infecteds !!!
    … by Jove – it is never to late to be rid of islam !!!

  3. He (Mehdi Hasan – CNN’s newest “[islam] expert”) equates homosexuals with pedophiles & sexual-deviants” … [sic]

    But THAT
    [homosexuality with pedophilia & sexual-deviation – AND bestiality]
    … is exactly what islam-infecteds have always done !!!
    … an islam is an islam is an islam !!!
    … it’s in the qur’an (muhammad … aka “allah” did it all) !!!
    (where do you think the butt uplifting “praying” comes from) !!!

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