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French Billionaires Pledge Nearly $350 Million to Rebuild Notre Dame

French billionaires have pledged more than $300 million to help repair the cathedral of Notre Dame. Meanwhile, culture-enrichers on French social media celebrated the fire in the cathedral. (GoV)

Muslims Gloat on Social Media as Blaze Destroys Notre Dame Cathedral During Holy Week

‘Allah Est Grand’

A whole lot of people with Arab names are finding the historic Notre Dame ablaze very funny.

The world watched in horror as Paris’ historic Notre Dame Cathedral erupted in flames Monday. It was the second fire to hit a historic French Catholic church in under a month.–Notre Dame Fire Was 2nd to Hit an Iconic French Catholic Church in a Month

Paki Moslem Migrant Faces Trial for Smashing Historic Church Holding Tombs of French Kings

Indonesian election dominated by calls to be “more Islamic”

Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world, and has traditionally been regarded as secular, but now there is a strong drive to “become more Islamic.” This movement is growing and includes the usual lies being spewed to the Indonesian public, about Islam being oppressed by “foreign powers” and that “Islam will protect everyone, it will not oppress anyone.” Really? Well, for starters it will stone gays, oppress women, and murder apostates, and more.

The Sharia trend is gaining traction among the younger population, as “experts say the young voters, who comprise a big chunk of the electorate, are in support of conservative Islam.”

Last month “at least two women were left unable to walk after a brutal public whipping in Indonesia as punishment for alleged intimate relations outside marriage, with a total of six couples subjected to the brutal ordeal, carried out in accordance with Sharia law.” And just days ago, a Muslim family was sentenced for targeting three churches for jihad suicide bombings. With the trend toward greater Islamization of Indonesia, expect to see more persecution of Christians and other minorities, and other human rights abuses and barbarism.

Islamic State plans more Paris Bataclan massacres with a swathe of fresh attacks across Europe

You bet they do. What a great victory for Islam that was!

The fake news would have you believe, that a historical church that’s survived wars and everything else for almost 900 years…is suddenly up in flames by “accident.”

Danish police arrest 23 after unrest in Copenhagen

Denmark Arrests 23 After Violence Triggered by Campaigner Throwing Quran in Air

Danish police faced off against civil unrest and riots in a diverse suburb of capital city Copenhagen Sunday night, as local residents reacted violently to the presence of an anti-Islamisation campaigner who threw a copy of the Quran into the air.

That is the most accurate headline of all the English language reports I have read so far. It is from Reuters. While the violence was caused by those demonstrating against Danish critic of Islam Rasmus Paludan the others were slanted to hint that he caused the trouble.  For example the Copenhagen …Read More…

Denmark: Change Appears Elusive Despite Anti-Immigration Movements

Although Denmark is home to one of Europe’s most successful anti-mass-immigration movements, the bleak facts concerning the effects of mass-immigration have not been taken seriously by the mainstream media, and politicians are often reluctant to address the matter.

How did this situation come about?

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  1. We keep saying, the day of reckoning for our politicians, the day they admit “islam is the problem”, not radical, not hijacked, not conservative, but islam. Well, I now think we can go a lot further down the road before that realization ever occurs. Europe is in the fire right now? Europe has to stop Islam, it is so deep into the civilization, it’s like the final phase of cancer.. Relentless.

  2. Who let the invading islam-infecteds in(to Australia) !!
    Who let the diversifying African tribals in(to Australia) !!

    The treasonous islam-adoring …
    Treasonous Your Member of Parliament’s Associates
    + Traitor Your Member of Parliament
    + Treasonous Your Member of Parliament’s Master(s) did !!

    These Treasonous Australian Members of Parliament have Caused every crime committed against Australian Citizens by invader islam-infecteds and diversifier African tribals !
    (Surprised Australians ALLOW these islam-adorers the freedom to enjoy The Freedom of Australia) !!

    They are Purged !!
    … Not Yet !
    … Why Not !

    … and so on for every Civilised country run by islam-adorers who KNOWINGLY allow and finance invader islam-infecteds and diversifier African tribal murderers entry and residence +++ !!!

    You may (think youwho will be islam-enslaved) are/will be in control of the invader islam-infecteds !
    However … You Wont be – You are incapable !!!

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