Propaganda Jihad

Conservative speech is violence, but violence against conservatives is speech.

Actual narrative being advanced right now.

When the media Left likens DonaldTrump and his supporters to Hitler and the Nazis, aren’t THEY inciting violence? What is the proper response to Nazis if not violence? So if they want us to turn down the rhetoric, they had better also start turning down theirs.

Ilhan Omar is upset she’s receiving death threats. They’re not death threats. Just “some people saying something”.

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President Trump is rightfully attacking Rep. Omar for minimizing 9/11. Contrast that with the Democrat Party’s presidential candidates, who are all to eager to come to Omar’s defense. The choice in 2020 could not be clearer.


Watch the grotesque pro-Jihad Rep. Rashida Tlaib come to the defence of Omar in a sickening interview:

NYC Yemeni store owners boycott New York Post over 9/11 front page

“Yemeni store owners?” In NYC? How in the f*kc did they get in?

Now we see what side people are on, where they really stand on the 9/11 jihad attacks against America. For this we owe the traitor Omar a great debt. And we owe a great debt to President Donald Trump for placing Yemen on the National Security travel ban list.

Murdoch-owned paper published front page that Yemeni American Merchants Association says ‘provoked hatred’

Lois Beckett, The Guardian, 13 Apr 2019 13.07 EDT

The groups says attacks on Ilhan Omar are making Muslim Americans less safe.

A group of New York corner-store owners has announced a boycott on the sale of the New York Post, arguing that the Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper’s attacks on the congresswoman Ilhan Omar are making Muslim Americans less safe.

Dense or complicit? Or both?

Typical. The cover for each other. Truth does not matter. Just as long as they can weaken America. “Chair, Homeland Security Committee”

Max Berger must be the dumbest Jew in the whole U.S.A.

And this:

**Equating criticism to violence is exactly what Islamic extremists do*

* This is why the ppl at were killed

This is why is in prison

This is what fascism looks like:

The Left stands up for and says we MUST be tolerant of Sharia Law (oppression/stoning of gays) yet mercilessly attack for not believing in same-sex marriage…. Explain your logic.

Great numbers of Islamic agitprops pushing insane theories to confuse Americans, with the help of fake news CNN:

4 thoughts on “Propaganda Jihad”

  1. As Bosch Fawstin just said today, here:

    “When a lone evil scumbag goes on a shooting spree in America, the “national conversation” is that it has something to do with America, that it says something about us, and that we all have to answer for it in some way. Only self-loathing leftists would define America by a small minority of evil scumbags. Yet when daily atrocities are committed by Muslims across the world, the “national conversation” crowd tells us that it “has nothing to do with Islam”, while also saying that we had it coming. They live for a chance to condemn America for things it’s not responsible for, and to exonerate Islam for things it is responsible for. These “national conversationalists” don’t want a conversation about Islam, about jihad, or about the truth. And the “national conversation” that needs to take place is about Islam and its calls for violence against non-Muslims.

    As for “nice Muslims”, especially those in the West, they embody Western values that they fancifully attribute to Islam, and it’s left to “mean” people like me to have to point that fact out. The reason why many of us choose to define Islam by the behavior of its least devout Muslims is because devout Muslims are monsters. But of course, in this increasingly truthless world we’re living in, merely pointing that fact out makes me a monster.

    What did Muslims do after the massacre of Charlie Hebdo? They callously ran over the dead bodies of the murdered innocents to defend Mohammad, who murdered innocents. Islam didn’t teach them to live and let live, despite whatever criticism came their way, Islam taught them that the answer to criticism is murder. That the first, natural, Islamic response is murder.

    It’s one thing for Muslims to have their prohibitions, but it’s quite another thing for them to try to force their prohibitions on us. Since 9/11, we’ve waged war the way Muslims wage peace, and we’re gong to have to learn how to wage war, in order to have peace.”


    -Bosch Fawstin,
    February 2019

    1. “Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it tries to silence good.”
      — Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

  2. WTF is going on here?! Either the bald Muslim woman is as dumb as she looks, or this is some weird theater that is very disingenuous by all actors. I cannot fathom why a Muslim who seems to hate Jews would bring up 9/11 and not set off the MOAB!! I picture her Tweet as something like this, “According to the most recent polls, almost 70% of Americans, myself included, feel confident that the totality of the evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Israel & Republicans colluded to perpetrate 9/11, while falsely blaming Mooslims in order to galvanize the will of Americans to send their young off to die (for Israel, but keep that a secret) in order to fulfill the proposal for Greater Israel, as set forth by PNAC in a paper predating 2001. The added benefit of the sudden hatred towards peaceful Mooslims and the decades of hate and violence against them would just be icing on the cake to Israel as they march on with their plans for a future of Jew control with less than human non-Jews being relegated to serving their Jewish masters.”
    Yeah, it’s long, but it’s a hypothetical, because I was trying to diagram how various people likely to chime, could possibly offer a response without alienating some large segment of their base – especially POTUS as there was a time long before he was POTUS when he essentially came to the same conclusion and that was another early thing that endeared him to Americans. Anyway, I gotta go shake down my gear. We are going to war with Iran next month for Bibi. Shhh! It’s a secret until after the “dirty bomb” goes off.

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