Sri Lankan authorities: Jihadis part of “radical extremist Islamist group,” 24 Muslims arrested, death toll now 290

Just suffered through an hour of SBS & ABC.

Sri Lanka? Just an unfortunate incident. Not a word about Muslims or Islam. Instead, some bullshit about the civil war between the Shingalese & the Tamils.

ABC (The unwatchable Drum)  offered as usual a panel of  bitches  babbling about redistribution, inheritance tax & “climate change”.

Sri Lanka government says local Islamic group behind Easter jihad massacres, may have “international support”

Sri Lanka: Police find 87 detonators at Colombo’s main bus station

Apparently more jihad carnage was in the offing, and even more still could be coming.

Sri Lankan authorities: Jihadis part of “radical extremist Islamist group,” 24 Muslims arrested, death toll now 290

This is the first sign in the Western establishment media that this was a jihad attack; the media in India reported this all day yesterday.

“Sri Lanka attacks: Death toll soars to 290,” BBC, April 22, 2019:

The death toll in Sri Lanka has soared to 290 after a wave of blasts hit churches and luxury hotels across the country on Sunday.

Police said 24 people had been arrested, but it is not yet known who carried out the attacks.

Carnage in Sri Lanka and Panic in Munich

There were eight separate bombing attacks, four of them against churches celebrating Easter Mass. 207 people were reportedly killed, and at least 450 others wounded. The perpetrators are allegedly members of a new Islamic terrorist organization. Seven people have been arrested so far, but some of the explosions were caused by suicide bombers who will never be brought to justice on this side of the veil.

Alternatively, you can read about what happened in The Guardian or The Washington Post.

Vlad also has a report on an unrelated attack on a Croatian church in Munich. A bearded culture-enricher entered the Easter service, shouted “Allahu Akhbar”, and detonated several powerful fireworks. The congregation fled in panic, and 24 people were injured in the melee.

Vlad Tepes has a lot of video material, some you can watch here:

1. Video of bomb disposal units at hotel

2. Sri Lanka blasts: Aftermath of Negombo & Batticaloa churches explosions

3. Far left wing extremist news, DW, has a video on the arrests of people involved with the bombings yet fails to mention that they are muslim and did it for reasons of Islamic supremacy, or that they are members of a new Islamic group.

4. Aftermath footage:

5. Aftermath inside one of the Churches

6. Graphic video of the aftermath of the attack at the Negombo Church