Swedish municipalities are welcoming returning jihadists

41 Swedish Municipalities Being Forced to Take Back ISIS Members

While some municipalities are welcoming returning jihadists, the municipal board chairman of Staffanstorp has expressed a desire to refuse municipal services to returning fighters.

In March, Christian Sonesson of the Moderate Party said, “We think it’s unreasonable. If you have joined this type of terror-stamped organisation, you have also turned away from the democratic society and the welfare systems we have.”

Others have also expressed concerns over returning fighters including anti-violent extremism activist Michael Helders in Malmö who said that Islamic State members have allegedly been recruiting new members in underground mosques.

41 Swedish Municipalities Being Forced to Take Back ISIS Members

A list from the “Centre for Violent Extremism” (CVE) has revealed that 41 out of 290 Swedish municipalities are expected to be forced to accommodate returning Islamic State members.

The areas are being forced to take the returnees because, under Swedish law, they have Swedish passports and cannot be turned away. The returnees have the right to settle where they like and even claim social benefits, Breitbart London understands.

Around half of the 300 Swedes who went to Syria and Iraq to join the terror group have returned since 2012. Some left-wing politicians have suggested the returning fighters should be integrated back into Swedish society and even be given certain benefits to help them.

The CVE invited representatives from the 41 areas to an event to teach them more about the returning terror group members in order to “provide support to the municipalities that have or may be able to receive returning children and adults from areas previously controlled by the Islamic state,” SVT reports.

Anders Kretz, a senior advisor at CVE, said that their information about Islamic State members who were on their way home from the Middle East or who had already returned to Sweden had come from the Swedish security police, Säpo.

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One thought on “Swedish municipalities are welcoming returning jihadists”

  1. Returning ISIS fighters are entitled to at least some municipal services – like, for instance, JAIL.

    They and their brides CHOSE to leave civilized lands to go forth and deliberately, intentionally (mens-rea) commit MURDER – and against fellow muslims, even!

    As self-determined murderous criminals, there is no way any of them should now be let back into civilized lands which obey the rule of law – because rights (to citizenship) can only come with corollary, concomitant responsibilities – by accepting the duty to obey that very same, Golden Rule of Law which most simply defines all morality as Do Not Attack First – a law which, by their own chosen actions, they have obviously breached, reneged on, and abdicated their responsibility to uphold by joining the very most attack-first-prone gang of criminals on the planet today.

    And, as for their jihadi “ISIS Brides” – it really doesn’t matter if they were, as devalued women, “merely” aiding, abetting, and enabling the main criminals, as willing accessories to their crimes, by offering them support services, either.

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