“We will kill all kuffar, spill their blood all over this country for oppressing Muslims”

Quelle surprise:

Meet the Muslim Deputy Mayor of the Sri Lankan city of Negombo. Mohamod Anzar was arrested after police found 38 phone batteries and a sword at his home. Negombo was one of the sites of the on churches. (Daily Mirror)

Pro-ISIS Tamil group releases a video of three suicide bombers from Kalmunai, taking their Islamic oath:

 Sri Lankan Muslims who speak Tamil or Tamils who have converted to Mohammedanism:

“We will kill all kuffar (non-Muslims); spill their blood all over this country. For oppressing Muslims in #SriLanka, we will teach them a lesson.”

Islamic Oath! Terrorism has a religion and, you guessed it:  it’s Islam!

Authorities in Sri Lanka are searching for a Chief Islamic Cleric “of Vavuniya and Chettikulam divisional mosques” who released an internet video “justifying the Easter bomb attacks”. The cleric reportedly “cited an example from the life of Muhammad to justify the attack”. The global war on terror is rooted in Islamic doctrine. It is a core motivator. The cleric like scores of others recognizes it and preaches it.

Kill them wherever you find them” (Qur’an 2:191, 4:89); “Kill the idolaters wherever you find them. (Qur’an 9:5)

The jihad attack on the churches that killed almost 300 people and injured hundreds of others “is said to have close ties to National Tawheed Jamaat, the Islamic terror organisation suspected to be behind the Easter Sunday bombings.”

While Sri Lankan authorities are busy protecting mosques with thousands of army personnel for fear of retaliatory violence,  authorities have shut down churches. Sri Lanka is being anything but effective in dealing with its jihad threat, demonstrating that it is not only ill-equipped to protect citizens against it, but has little will to do so.  Sri Lanka was warned in advance about the church bombings by intelligence officials from India and failed to act on those warnings to protect the churches. The Sri Lankan Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith also took Muslim envoys from jihad sponsoring states at their word who assured him that the jihad bombings had “no connection to Islam.”

“SL Police Launch Operation To Arrest Islamic Cleric Munajit Who Released A Video Clip Justifying Easter Terror Attack”, Swarajya Mag (Thanks to The Religion of Peace), April 26 2019:

A search operation has been launched to arrest a Maulvi (Chief Islamic Cleric) of Vavuniya and Chettikulam divisional mosques who had released an eight-minute-long video clip via internet justifying the Easter bomb attacks on Sunday, Sri Lanka Mirror reported.

Vavuniya police announced that they plan to arrest the Maulvi for justifying the dastardly terror attack.

When as ISIS had claimed the responsibility of this attack, the Tamil speaking Maulvi Munajit, who wields considerable influence in Vavuniya region and has a significant social media footprint, released an incendiary video. Maulvi Munajit is said to have close ties to National Tawheed Jamaat, the Islamic terror organisation suspected to be behind the Easter Sunday bombings.

In the video, after a cursory mention about the victims, Maulvi Munajit cites an example from the life of Muhammed to justify the terror attack. Maulvi is heard saying that the attack is a consequence of Muslims losing their patience. He cites the example of Mohammed who kept quiet for the first 13 years of Islam despite intense persecution from Quraysh people but then launched the battle of Badr. Maulvi also had said in the video that to build an Islamic state is just thing and the struggle has just commenced for that….




Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties [in exchange] for that they will have Paradise. They fight in the cause of Allah, so they kill and are killed. [It is] a true promise [binding] upon Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur’an. And who is truer to his covenant than Allah ? So rejoice in your transaction which you have contracted. And it is that which is the great attainment.

This is a lie: to kill and die for the religion is not in the Torah nor in the Gospel. It’s only in the Qur’an.

[It is] a true promise [binding] upon Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur’an.

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  1. Sri Lanka is not a Muslim majority country (yet!). Seventy percent of the country are Buddhist, I understand, and less than 10% are Muslim. There are even fewer Christians (fewer still now, of course). So what’s going to happen when the Muslim population gets up to twenty percent … and then thirty, and forty percent? God help Sr Lanka, , and God help all of us living in the West.

    1. The Buddhists of Sri Lanka know their history. They know that the Buddhists of India, of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Banglatrash have been wiped out. Like the Buddhists of Burma, they are actually quite militant and ready to defend themselves (and their faith) against any Mohammedan insurgency. Unfortunately, they will not protect the Christians in their midst, and those Christians are too meek to take up arms in their own defense.

        1. You know nothing about it. News flash: Christianity broke away from Judiaism, not Buddhism.

        2. How is Christianity a branch of Buddhism there is no truth whatsoever in that statement

    2. Kick the Muslims out of Sri Lanka…..the Sri Lanka government made a good start by outlawing the Veil..now they must get rid of this group one and for all….

  2. And why is so much action taken in the UK against. People who are anti Moslem when these scum are dedicated to killing all non Muslims and this is in their obscene book the Koran

    1. Because the coward Theresa May wants to appease Muslims at all costs..

  3. As high explosive was used – gelignite, we are told, it would have to have been supplied by a state, as would the detonators, for only in high tech clean facilities can highly sensitive to temperature and shock materials such as nitroglycerin and mercury fulminate be manufactured.
    So, as all the media never ask these questions of the investigating police, it means both are protective of that particular State which manufactures these items,
    Instead, we are subjected to the obligatory parading of Islamic terrorists who believed they did this for Islam.

    1. You seem to be irked by the “obligatory parading of Islamic terrorists who believed they did this for Islam”. There is sufficient evidence that Islamic terrorists did this for Islam.

      Your suggestion about some ‘state’ being involved may or may not be the case. If you know something, speak up. Now is the time.

      1. Well, okay, on the floor of that terrorist hideout we see on display a large variety of items, supposedly most to do with bomb making. Except for the blue sticks of gelignite, all of these items are just what one might see in a hardware shop, all of which are made in factories – including the gelignite, except that this last is manufactured under strict govt control.
        Which govt?
        No media are asking, no police are asking, the Sri Lankan govt is not asking.
        My opinion is that they know it’s Israel but are petrified at the thought of saying so.
        @mi_mazur · 5m
        @netanyahu, thousands of IS wounded were taken from Syria into Israel and Turkey for treatment and returned to Syria. So now IS claims responsibility for bombings in SLanka. Did ever helpful Israel now help them with the ‘gelignite’ and detonating paraphernalia, or was it Turkey?

  4. The word’s of Ted Nugent,every Muslim who has ever handled TNT,nitro,bullets, high explosive,bombs,rocket launchers or been treated for cuts, injury requiring stitches,or taken antibiotics has been contaminated with pig products. The ironical part is that when suicide bombers blows him/her self up there body parts are impregnated with gelatine and glycerine from the explosive both gelatine and glycerine are manufactured from pigs,So they will never be accepted by Allah. I don’t know if that’s true but would like to think so

  5. Tired of seeing this sh . Day after day pu ish the host governments if that doesn’t work the u s.a. needs to use our unbelievable arsonal of weapons on them … enough already!!!!

  6. I hope they find this fat mongrel, hunt him down like the dog he is. If they EVER try to pull that crap, they’ll wish they were never born. The only blood that will be shed would be HIS!

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