“Expressions of Muslimness” Causing Mosque Fires & Imaginary Diseases

The motivation of three men accused of committing a terror attack on a Melbourne mosque was so clear, prosecutors claim, it was “written on the wall”.

Abdullah Chaarani, Ahmed Mohmed and Hatim Moukhaiber are charged with committing a terrorist act against the mosque, substantially destroying it on December 11. …

The 1400-year old sunni-shiite divide has many expressions of Muslimness…


Is Islamophobia on the Rise?

“Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.”

Critics of Islam argue that the religion promotes and endorses violence against non-Muslims and is to blame for conflicts across the globe. Is this true? Does Islam encourage violence and aggression?
Easter Sunday Jihad Brought Global Islamophobia To Sri Lanka

Not the mass-murder of Christians, not the bombing of Christian churches is the problem. You see, Islamo agitprop Lateef Farook is  shameless enough in Sri Lanka to blame “United States- European and Israeli war mongers’ Islamophobia’ in full force tearing apart communities causing political chaos and economic collapse.”

This was expected in view of the government’s hobnobbing with US-European- Israeli war mongers who are not interested in the welfare of Sri Lanka but hell bent on implementing their own evil agenda to destabilise the island. …

Why do Sri Lankan’s put up with a POS like Lateef?