Former German Intelligence Boss Demands Investigation into Merkel’s Migrant Crisis Policy

Former German Intel Boss Demands Probe of Merkel’s Migrant Crisis Policy

Former German domestic intelligence head Hans-Georg Maassen has called for a parliamentary inquiry into Chancellor Angela Merkel’s 2015 migration policy.

The former president of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) said that due to the significant consequences of mass migration in Germany today and going forward, those who made the policies in 2015 must be held to account for any mistakes made, Nordkurier reports.

German politicians seriously claim right-wing terrorism and Islamic terrorism present the same danger.

Hundreds of millions of tax payers’ money is being invested in fighting right wing opinions as hate speech, islamophobia and racism, while Islamic terrorists are trying to kill us by the dozens quite successfully. Could anything be more ridiculous and absurd?!

Numbers directly from the German Parliament:
More than 1100 terrorism cases
959 related to Islamic terrorism
234 related to ISIS
151 cases of international non Islamic terrorism
6 cases of right wing domestic terrorism

German Watermelons Seek Chinese Style Dictatorship for Germany

Just in case you had any illusions: Green doesn’t mean they care about the environment. What they seek, is total control over every aspect of your life. These are the same commie swamp-rats who congratulated Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge to their ‘glorious revolution’ in Cambodia that left two million Cambodians dead in the rice fields. (Vlad Tepes video)

Outrage as ISIS jihadis to go to the ‘front of the queues for council houses and jobs’

Leaked plans for a scheme called Operation Constrain suggest putting returning jihadis at the front of the queue for social housing, and helping them into education or employment.