Libyans Stop Boats Carrying Hundreds of African & Bangladeshi Muslims to Europe

CAIRO (AP) – Libya’s coast guard says it has intercepted Europe-bound vessels carrying nearly 200 migrants, including women, off the country’s Mediterranean coast.

Spokesman Ayoub Gassim said Saturday that five rubber boats carrying 199 migrants were intercepted over the past several days near the capital, Tripoli.

He says the coast guard intercepted 39 migrants Wednesday in two boats, another boat with 17 migrants Thursday and two more with 143 migrants Friday.

All were Africans, except eight from Bangladesh. They were given humanitarian and medical aid, then taken to refugee camps in Tripoli.

This is how criminal smugglers work in the Mediterranean: An Italian video shows “refugees” being transhipped from a fish cutter just outside Lampedusa. The Evangelical Church Congress is particularly committed to such people smugglers. (Vlad Tepes)

Die sieben Schlepper an Bord des flüchtigen Mutterschiffes – interessanterweise sechs Ägypter und ein Tunesier – wurden festgenommen.

Seven people smugglers from the mothership, six Egyptians & one Tunisian,  were arrested.

Italy’s Salvini Jets to Libya, Negotiates Deal to Stop Illegal Migrants at Country’s Southern Border