Black Hole in Baltimore

Seriously? Is this for real?

Does this symbol really mean “Boy Lover?”

Right out in the open.

Nigerian Cardinal Urges Europeans to Stop Encouraging Africans to Migrate

I guess he must be a “racist-bigot-islamophobe”. Or could it be that he knows something that our political traitor class denies?

NATO ‘Ally’ Germany Won’t Back U.S. in Gulf to Avoid War with Iran

NATO ‘Ally’ Germany Won’t Back U.S. in Gulf to Avoid War with Iran

Merkel’s Germany is becoming very much like former East Germany…

lhan Omar

Omar not only hates America but she flipped us off by being sworn in on the largest Koran she could find. She should be deported back to Somalia.

Prince Harry Says People ‘Don’t Understand’ Their ‘Unconscious’ Racism

This fool is being ‘educated’ by a gold-digging skank.

The rate at which trans females are dominating women’s sports is the greatest coincidence in human history.

Auditor: Baltimore hasn’t kept track of millions in grant money. (Again)

Is that what you call a “Black Hole?”

Baltimore City Council President Bernard C. Jack Young expressed outrage at an audit that showed the city was not properly tracking millions of dollars in state and federal grants.

Baltimore’s top elected officials expressed frustration Wednesday that city government agencies have failed — yet again — to properly account for how they spent grant dollars.

A new audit of how the city manages millions of dollars in state and federal grants has come to the same conclusion that previous examinations have: Grant money coming into government coffers is not balancing out with what city agencies are spending.

“The city is not able to establish accurate balances of grant accounts,” city Auditor Audrey Askew told Baltimore’s spending panel Wednesday.

One possible result, Askew said: “The city could lose its much-needed [grant] funding.”

The city should not be getting any funding until responsible people can be found to manage the money.

Yeah, a pattern is a pattern. And a black hole is a black hole.

Double down, escalate, increase the volume, and reintroduce this Bill every week until they relent

Australian Parliament Votes AGAINST Immigration Plebiscite AGAIN!

Pigs fly, men can get pregnant, and climate change is the great moral challenge of our time. But efforts to replace us by third world migrants are to be ignored.

Pauline Hanson. From Twitter.

The Australian parliament in Canberra has voted against a bill calling for a plebiscite on immigration numbers. To put this more bluntly, this is the third time in less than a year that the people elected to represent the interests of Real Australians have denied us a say over our own replacement.

From the New Daily:

Pauline Hanson’s push to have a national vote on immigration levels has been crushed in the Senate.

The One Nation leader on Monday asked the upper house to support a plebiscite, arguing the country’s roads and health system were buckling under the weight of new migrants.

But Senator Hanson and her partyroom colleague Malcolm Roberts were the only votes in favour of the bill, which was thrashed 54 votes to two.

As stated, that makes three now. We cannot ignore the fact that the first two calls for a vote on immigration levels, brought forward by King Anning the Uncuckable, were voted against by Pauline Hanson. The fact that the supposedly nationalist or patriotic Pauline Hanson could not work with Fraser Anning while they both held seats in parliament was a terrible waste.

The glass half full however is that at least this motion actually made it to a vote. The previous two did not. As yours truly said at the time:

“But they can’t keep us out of Canberra forever. The shenanigans this week in the Australian parliament are just the beginning. They represent an historic moment, when white Australia reminded its rulers that we still live and we demand that our voice be heard.

“Canberra has barely had a glimpse of the Overton Window. To the patriots still left in Canberra I say double down, escalate, increase the volume, and reintroduce this Bill every week until they relent.”

Continue reading Double down, escalate, increase the volume, and reintroduce this Bill every week until they relent

Australia: Here Comes the Speech Police

ABC scribblers call Raheem Kassam “Right-wing provocateur” and try to get him banned from speaking in Australia.

Keneally’s speech shows exactly why Kassam should be allowed in.

Labor calls for right-winger Raheem Kassam to be banned from entering country

There’s no such thing as “hate speech”, there’s either free speech or dictatorship by far-left fucktards like Keneally & cohorts. Do not fall for labels like “Right-Wing Provocateur”. The left doesn’t tolerate any dissent in their efforts to have us replaced by third world savages.

  • British activist Raheem Kassam is due to speak at a conservative conference in Australia
  • Labor wants the Federal Government to block his entry to the country
  • Senator Kristina Keneally, in Parliament, accused him of hate speech
Raheem Kassam

Federal Labor is urging the Government to block a controversial right-wing figure from entering the country for a conservative conference in Sydney next week.

Key points:

  • British activist Raheem Kassam is due to speak at a conservative conference in Australia
  • Labor wants the Federal Government to block his entry to the country
  • Senator Kristina Keneally, in Parliament, accused him of hate speech

British activist Raheem Kassam is due to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, alongside former prime minister Tony Abbott, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, his former boss and UK Brexit party leader Nigel Farage, and New South Wales’ One Nation politician Mark Latham.

The conference attracts tens of thousands of people in the United States, and is now branching out into Australia.

Shadow Home Affairs Minister Kristina Keneally told the Senate last night that Mr Kassam should not be allowed a visa to enter the country.

Senator Keneally is calling on the government to block right-wing figure Raheem Kassam from entering Australia (ABC News)

In 2016, he tweeted about Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon after she had a miscarriage, asking if someone could tape her mouth shut “and her legs, so she can’t reproduce”. Continue reading Australia: Here Comes the Speech Police

Australia Under A Giant Burqa

Australia: Sculpture of Man’s Chest Banned From Art Exhibit Because it May Offend Immigrants

Paul Joseph Watson

“I can’t believe it, it’s staggering.”

A sculpture of a man’s bare chest was banned from an art exhibit in Australia because the organizers feared nudity may offend people from other cultures and religions.

Yes, really.

Sculptor Alan Goedecke, who describes the piece as “traditional” and “tame,” was told by organizers of the Melbourne event that the bust “has nipples on it, you can see what gender it is so therefore it’s banned.”

“No one can believe it, I can’t believe it, it’s staggering,” said Goedecke.

The owner of Collins Square, where the work would have been exhibited, said it was banned because, “More than 20,000 workers and families from a wide variety of cultures and religious beliefs visit Collins Square every day” and that “the association agreed to no nudity, no political statements, no racism.”

Works by seven other artists were also banned from appearing at the exhibition.

“Ridiculous. Issues of excessive multicultural offense are shackling Western art & expression to the point of absurdity,” commented Alexandra Marshall.

Better tear down Michelangelo’s David because someone might be offended.

Better tear down Dontaello’s David because someone might be offended.

Better tear down the Venus De Milo because someone might be offended.

Or better yet, why not just cover them all with giant burkas?

The Rats of Baltimore

In the ’60s #Baltimore was still a very livable city. Then race-riots broke out and drove business away. Truth is the past 50 years #Baltimore has suffered a succession of #Marxist looters & moochers who have systematically destroyed the city.

Baltimore mayor says Trump should send federal assistance rather than tweeting

This mayor is a poverty pimp. He’s a member of a parasitic cargo cult who’s been robbing the American taxpayers.

They just steal the money. He should have just blamed the rats.

Virginia Delegate Ibraheem Samirah Disrupts Trump’s Jamestown Speech

“You can’t send us back, Virginia is our home”

Ibraheem Samirah is a well trained Moslem agitprop projecting all the crimes of Mohammedanism onto America. Samirah was promptly ejected. He should have been deported.

America should “Deport Hate” as he demands.  That means a lot of Mohammedans would be sent on their way.

ADDS NAME OF SAMIRAH - Virginia Delegate Ibraheem S. Samirah, D-Fairfax, is escorted out of the venue after interrupting the speech of President Donald Trump during a commemorative meeting of the Virginia General Assembly at Jamestown Settlement on the 400th anniversary of the meeting of the original House of Burgess …Virginia delegate Ibraheem Samirah (D) on Tuesday disrupted President Donald Trump’s speech commemorating the 400th anniversary of a representative legislative body meeting in the United States.

Samirah, who represents the 86th district in the Virginia House of Delegates, shouted “You can’t send us back, Virginia is our home,” while holding up signs that read “deport hate” and “go back to your corrupted home.”

VIDEO: Rashida Tlaib Refuses to Answer Questions About Baltimore

Tlaib Refuses to Answer Questions About Baltimore
Elijah Cummings Blames Baltimore’s Problems on Trump & “Racism”

Sure. But where’s the money?

Trump: ‘The Washington Post Is a Russian Asset’

‘#WeAreAntifa’: Trump Comments Trigger Outpouring of Support for Extreme-Left Antifa in Germany

Trump Comments Trigger Outpouring of Support for Antifa in Germany

Bankrupt Turkey threatens Europe with fresh wave of invading savages

“Visa-free” travel for Turks means at least ten to 20 million Turks will go to settle behind enemy lines, in the dar-al harb, the lands of the kuffar.

Turkey Threatens to Reignite European Migrant Crisis
  • “We are facing the biggest wave of migration in history. If we open the floodgates, no European government will be able to survive for more than six months. We advise them not to try our patience.” — Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu.


  • “Turkey is fully committed to the objective of EU membership… The finalization of the Visa Liberalization Dialogue process which will allow our citizens to travel to the Schengen area without a visa, is our first priority.” — Statement released by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, May 9, 2019.


  • “This doesn’t mean that I have anything against the Turks…. But if we begin to explain it — that Turkey is in Europe — European school students will have to be told that the European border lies in Syria. Where’s common sense? … Can Turkey be regarded a European country culturally, historically, and economically speaking? If we say that, we want the European Union’s death.” — Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.


  • If the EU approves the visa waiver, tens of millions of Turks will gain immediate and unimpeded access to Europe’s passport-free zone. Critics of visa liberalization fear that millions of Turkish nationals may end up migrating to Europe. The Austrian newsmagazine, Wochenblick, reported that 11 million Turks are living in poverty and “many of them are dreaming of moving to central Europe.”
Turkey has threatened to re-open the floodgates of mass migration to Europe unless Turkish nationals are granted visa-free travel to the European Union. Turkey currently hosts an estimated 3.5 million migrants and refugees — mainly Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans. Many of these people presumably would migrate to Europe if given the opportunity to do so. Pictured: The Adiyaman refugee camp in Turkey. (Image source: UNHCR)

Read more @ Gatestone Institute

Upper house of parliament approves legislation that makes the utterance of instant ‘triple talaq’ a punishable offence.

Arrest this crook!

President Trump Calls For Investigation Into Cummings Misappropriating Funds In West Baltimore: Accountability to the people?  The more wrong, the louder they scream. 

Jihad Rat Ilhan Omar’s Hates Kuffars

Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Incites to Violence, Retweets Violent ‘Joke’ Aimed at Republican Senator: Nothing she’d like better than inciting a war among the infidels. Makes her ultimate battle easier. 

Hysterical Labor tard Kristina Keneally seeks visa ban for anti-Islam speaker Raheem Kassam

Keneally is a self-appointed guardian of fake virtue & twisted morals. Her arrogance is breathtaking. 

Labor seeks visa ban for anti-Islam speaker ahead of conference

Labor has called for a former Breitbart editor-in-chief’s visa to be cancelled ahead of an Australian-first conservative conference that features former prime minister Tony Abbott and Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage among its keynote speakers.

Raheem Kassam will speak at next week’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an export from the United States where it attracts tens of thousands of attendees every year.

Raheem Kassam, right, in the company of US President Donald Trump and Nigel Farage.
Raheem Kassam, right, in the company of US President Donald Trump and Nigel .

Mr Kassam has said the Koran is “fundamentally evil” and tweeted that Scottish National Party Leader Nicola Sturgeon’s legs should be taped shut following a miscarriage “so she can’t reproduce”.

In another tweet, he said a former British minister “was in the special needs class” at school, and once described a female political rival as a “wrinkly old ginger bird”.

The 32-year-old, dubbed “Donald Trump on steroids” by one former colleague, was a United Kingdom Independence Party leadership candidate in 2016 and former chief adviser to Mr Farage.

Labor's Home Affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally has called for a keynote speaker at an upcoming conservative conference to be barred from the country.
Labor’s Home Affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally has called for a keynote speaker at an upcoming conservative conference to be barred from the country.

Labor’s Home Affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally said the government should revoke Mr Kassam’s visa for his comments made about women and Islam.

“We should not allow career bigots – a person who spreads hate speech about Muslims, about women, about gay and lesbian people – to enter our country with the express intent of undermining equality,” Senator Keneally said on Tuesday.

No Moslem believes in ‘equality’, you imbecile.

Conference organiser Andrew Cooper accused Senator Keneally of “virtue-signalling” with her criticism of Mr Kassam.

“Her hysterical opposition to hearing things she doesn’t like is typical… she attacks free speech and attempts to belittle those that hold alternate views,” Mr Cooper said.

“She has a history of losing and I think she’s on a loser here too.” Continue reading Hysterical Labor tard Kristina Keneally seeks visa ban for anti-Islam speaker Raheem Kassam

Rats & Presstitutes

So the Garlic Festival shooter was an anti-capitalist “extremist” of Iranian extraction that attacked a gun-free security zone in a gun law heavy state?

We’ll see how fast the left buries this story now that they can’t weaponize a human tragedy to fit their false narrative.

For the Presstitutes the perp is ‘white’. ABC News called him a “white supremacist” on their lead in tonight.

A Lemon or a schlong?

Does CNN Really Expect Us to Take Don Lemon Seriously as a Debate Moderator?

CNN has dozens of anchors and political journalists, yet the network chose the Democrat-adoring, Trump-despising, black hole conspiracy theorist Don Lemon to join the more reasonable Jake Tapper and Dana Bash as moderators of this week’s two-night Democratic presidential debates.

Where to begin? A look at the record shows the host of CNN Tonight loves the liberal Speaker of the House (“Thank God for Nancy Pelosi”) while he thinks Barack and Michelle Obama are “the closest thing we have to royalty” in America. Meanwhile, he’s lashed out at President Trump, calling him a “racist” with “no sanity,” maybe guilty of “treason.” And, last month, “Hitler.”

White men, according to Lemon, are “the biggest terror threat in this country.” But he’s actually attempted to rationalize the violence of the radical left Antifa movement: “No organization is perfect.”

I have always maintained that the journaille are the dumbest swine on the face of the earth.  But they’re also corrupt as can be. The editorial board of the Baltimore Sun proves it:

This is really cute:

Editorial: Rep. Elijah Cummings could focus even more on Baltimore if the president didn’t give him so much to investigate.

Politicians, pundits, others defend Baltimore, Elijah Cummings after Trump’s ‘completely unacceptable’ tweets

Baltimore Sun

At least we had one thing we could all agree on:

Baltimore is a rat-infested mess.

But then Trump said Baltimore is a rat-infested mess. Since everything Trump says is not only wrong but beyond the pale, moonbats like Chris Wallace now bark that acknowledging the condition of Baltimore constitutes “the worst kind of racial stereotype.”

Paul Joseph Watson recalls more harmonious times when we could all agree:

Sooner or later, anything that is true will be denounced as racist.

Omar’s utter contempt for the rule of law

Interesting to note that Ilhan Omar took the place of Keith Ellison in Congress while Ellison became Attorney General of Minnesota. Glen Beck does a good job in this video of trying to sort things out in a complex and convoluted story:

Ilhan Omar’s Contempt for the Law

Robert Spencer:

Trespassing, multiple traffic violations – and oh, she married her brother. My latest in FrontPage:

The striking evidence that Minnesota’s notorious Representative Ilhan Omar married her own brother in an apparent case of immigration fraud is finally making its way into the mainstream, albeit amid a great deal of obfuscation and outright disinformation. However, that curious case is not the only instance in which Omar has been found on the wrong side of the law. The controversial Congressman has a lengthy record of utter contempt for the rule of law, of which she is now ostensibly a guardian. Continue reading Omar’s utter contempt for the rule of law