Katie Hopkins: Court Made Up a Law to Convict Tommy Robinson

Katie Hopkins: Court Made Up a Law to Convict Tommy Robinson

Britain is finished – what kind of society allows Islamic savages to prey on its girls? One that is already dead. Girl, 11, was pregnant 6 times in 4 years in Britain’s worst child abuse scandal 


Katie Hopkins claims the UK court that wrongly convicted Tommy Robinson had to make up a law to charge and convict the citizen journalist.



As Tommy Robinson Goes To Jail For Journalism, Trump Holds A Summit On Social Media Censorship.

How does it feel being lectured on “the law” by Mohammedan headbangers? The absolutely love “the law” when it’s in their favor, don’t they?

Facebook to pay a $5 billion fine

The Federal Trade Commission voted to approve a settlement with Facebook that would require the social media giant to pay a $5 billion fine. Facebook has been under investigation for more than a year for its mishandling of users’ personal information.

What’s a “fair share of migrants?”

Germany and the European Commission are insisting that EU member states take in their share of migrants. The new demands come as a response to the latest “rescues” of Mediterranean migrants African savages & Mohammedans by NGO migrant-ferry vessels.


With all of the newfound interest in ‘pedo island,’ someone took several minutes of 4K drone footage

City in Ilhan Omar’s district votes to eliminate Pledge of Allegiance

Her constituents are all Somali savages, imported by Hussein Obama. “Fundamental transformation” is happening…

A city council meeting in Ilhan Omar’s district just voted to eliminate the Pledge of Allegiance before every meeting in order to make it a more welcoming environment and not to offend anyone. You know, this is America, right? We love our country, our flag, and we are not offended by it.

Well, that’s not the case in St. Louis Park City where they just voted it out 5-0. This vote took place on June 17 and they all voted to drop the pledge.


4 thoughts on “Katie Hopkins: Court Made Up a Law to Convict Tommy Robinson”

  1. Karen Armstrong waxes lyrical about how peacefully “Islam came to ….” countries in its period of expansion. We are now seeing tbe process unfold in our own times: Patricians bring Muslims in so that the diversity which makes them, the patricians, stronger does so by implementing a divide and conquer strategy to put the plebs in their place and work to stop the plebs from implementing a united we stand (divided we fall) counter strategy. Then the beachead muzzies work subservively to take over from the patricians behind the scenes and ease them, the patricians, out. Then the former patricians join up and rule over the plebs as proxies for the new elite, the muzzies.

  2. I’d like to see the UK fall completely to islam and see all of it’s islamoleftist politicians, judges, police, etc., beheaded, burned at the stake, stoned to death, etc. Any nation that would do this to the likes of Tommy, deserves to be ended with extreme prejudice.

  3. Worth spending four minutes watching the video of the Jew In Iran.

    The position of Islam in the Iran Constitution!

  4. “How does it feel being lectured on “the law” by Mohammedan headbangers? The absolutely love “the law” when it’s in their favor, don’t they?”

    There was no law that Tommy Robinson broke.

    Nazir Afzal is a British Muslim lawyer ex crown prosecutor prosecuting in areas of child sexual exploitation and violence against women. He is in favour of women’s rights and against forced marriage, female genital mutilation and honour killings.

    However in his twitter post he says Tommy Robinson has broken the law of the country that he must abide by.

    Tommy Robinson did not break any law.There was an order of the Court, a gag order on the proceedings, and it was claimed that Tommy violated that gag order.

    An order of the court is not law .It is just an order a judge makes l would have expected an ex prosecutor to know that.

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