Trump Rage & Jihad As Usual…


an African savage pushed a mother and her little boy in front of an approaching train at the main station in Frankfurt. The little boy was killed. It appears this killer ‘refugee’ arrived in Switzerland 2006. What made him go to Frankfurt, Germany?


Refugee resettlement from Somali and other terror lands continues to take a heavy toll on America.

Daniel Greenfield

Ahmed Mahad Mohamed and Abdi Yemani Hussein, a 21-year-old and 20-year old, were Somali refugees who came to the United States and plotted to join ISIS, before being caught by the FBI.

Ahmed Mahad Mohamed told an FBI agent that he was a Somali supporter of ISIS who loved Jihad. “I love Jihad so much wallahi, I give my life jihad, I only think about jihad everywhere i go.”

Mohammed also claimed that he wanted to behead non-Muslims for ISIS.

“If I go to Syria, I want to be the behading person wallahi this kuffar I want to kill them so many I am thirsty their blood.”

Mohamed then suggested that he might carry out a truck attack in America to kill “kuffar” or non-Muslims.

Mohamed wanted to travel using a Refugee Travel Document.

Hussein had suggested that he wanted to blow up the White House. He also threatened to carry out terrorist attacks in Tucson, Arizona.

Poverty Pimps will not be held to account

Dems Melt over Trump’s Criticism of Cummings: ‘Disgusting and Racist’

Baltimore Number One City in Country for Bed Bug Infestation

DemoRats and their media lackeys are so in love with their racism narrative that they now hysterically accuse the President of being a racist just for stating obvious facts. The good news is that almost no one believes them anymore!

Think about how upside down the Media portrays reality. The man who calls attention to people in need and pressures those in charge to help them is a racist. The man who has taken advantage of these people in need for decades is the victim

Meet Zamzam Ibrahim, 24, from Greater Manchester

New NUS president has wants to ‘oppress white people’ and have an ‘Islamic takeover’

The incoming president of the National Union of Students has said that she wanted to “oppress  white people” and have an “Islamic takeover”.

Zamzam Ibrahim, 24, from Greater Manchester, also described the Government’s counter-extremism strategy as “disastrous” and “racist”.

Using the hastag #IfIWasPresident, she wrote on Twitter in 2012: “I’d oppress white people just to give them a taste of what they put us through!” She signed off the message by writing “LMFAO”, which in urban slang is short for “Laughing My F***ing Arse Off”.

Responding to questions online about what book everyone should read, she said: “The Quraan. We would have an Islamic takeover!”


“White Privilege” is a shield against being held to account for being irresponsible. It’s also meant to cover for black inferior complexes. It works just like the ‘racist’ label.

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Macron’s increasing brutality against yellow vest protesters

“Who betrayed Europe…Who occupied this Europe in the name of multinationals & uncontrolled immigration…The Merkels, the Macrons, the Soros’, & the Junckers!”

Salvini Blocks Own Coastguard From Landing Migrants in Italy

Italy’s Matteo Salvini refuses to back down!

Populist Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini has declared that migrants recently picked by the Italian coastguard can only land once the European Union agrees to relocate them.

Macron & his enablers are morally bankrupt …sickening.

Kathy Zhu says:

Democrats would rather advocate for helping illegal immigrants than the black community. Just think about that.

Organizations funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros are bankrolling a plan to provide temporary amnesty to Venezuela’s population
Why are these videos popping up now?

Trump is stating facts & the left goes apes#*t. Are they reality challenged?

Democrats keep black Americans living in broken, dangerous, rat infested cities in which black children cant get a basic education. Then they call Trump “racist” for saying it’s unacceptable. It’s racist to allow these cities to keep people down b/c their reps are democrats

“Why Do Democrats Run All Of The Dangerous And Rodent Infested Cities?”

Congressman Elijah Cummings may honestly believe that his district in West Baltimore doesn’t stink.

But it does.



MCB: “Islam has a role to play in progress and prosperity”

Amazing braggadocio.

Islam never played a role in progress or prosperity.

Iran calls European fleet in the Gulf ‘hostile’ and ‘provocative’

That’s because they believe they own the joint.

UK said it is planning a European-led naval force to escort tankers through the world’s busiest oil shipping lane.

Nigeria: Death toll in Boko Haram funeral attack rises to 65

If you believe this is not gov’t sanctioned then you don’t know how Mohammedans tick.

An Increasingly Dangerous Stand-off between Civilizations

Why would you call Islam a civilisation? There’s nothing civil about it.

Muslim Council of Britain peeved about Boris

‘Utter ignorance’: Boris Johnson claimed Islam set Muslim world ‘centuries behind’

The Muslim Council of Britain hit back at the politician, telling the Guardian, “we of course are of the view that Islam has a role to play in progress and prosperity, be that in the Muslim world or here at our home in the west”. ...  More ‘utter ignorance’ at SBS

Women who do not cover up are “cursed,” “disobedient” and “deviant.”

Women who do not fully cover their bodies and who show “any indication” of their form, are “cursed,” “disobedient” and “deviant.” This includes “any woman who wears perfume in public,” as well as members of the trans community.

“Allah cursed the man who wears women’s clothes and the woman who wears men’s clothes.”

That settles that.

Europeans need to dump the EUSSR

Popish nonsense

Pope Francis Laments Migrant Shipwreck in Mediterranean Sea

Virtue signalling in the face of an Islamic invasion?

Migrants Attack Italian Police During Drug Dealer Arrest

Niggas? Moslems? Both?

EU Dragging Hungary to Euro Court over Anti-Illegal Migration ‘Stop Soros’ Laws

EU Dragging Hungary to Euro Court over Anti-Illegal Migration ‘Stop Soros’ Laws

European countries need to opt out of all EUSSR arrangements.

Hungary: ‘Illegal Migration Is a Threat to European Culture and Civilization’

Hungary: ‘Illegal Migration Is a Threat to European Culture and Civilization’

Al hijra, migration in the way of allah, is the end of western civilisation & culture.

150 migrants feared dead after shipwreck off coast of Libya


We should fear these invaders, may those who drowned rest in peace.


Hiding behind skin colour is a bad way to cover up incompetence & corruption

Pencil Neck has another idea

Schiff: Trump Obstructing Congressional Oversight Might Be Grounds for Impeachment

Schiff Floats New Idea for Impeaching Trump

This a$$hole has lots of “new ideas”.

U.S. Marines ‘likely’ to enter Venezuela, says socialist party No. 2

Unlikely under Trump.

Alec Baldwin Suggests Border Enforcement ‘May Bring Down’ U.S.

That would be the opposite of reality.

After Elijah Cummings Attack, Donald Trump Taunts Nancy Pelosi and ‘Failing’ San Francisco

After Ripping Cummings, Trump Blasts Pelosi Over ‘Failing’ San Francisco…

Pelousi did not fail to line her own pockets.  Other than that, she hasn’t got much to show for.

Pelosi: Trump’s Criticism Another ‘Racist’ Attack…

Hiding behind skin color is a bad way to cover up incompetence & corruption.

Resident of Baltimore Agrees with Trump: Cummings ‘Hasn’t Done Anything for Us’

…Baltimore Resident Sides with Trump: Cummings ‘Hasn’t Done Anything for Us’…

‘White Guilt’ Steers Democrat Support for Uncontrolled Immigration

The increasingly open borders, mass immigration agenda of Democrats — driven primarily by white liberals, as research has found — has put the party in-line with the big business lobby that favors an amnesty for illegal aliens, an increase in legal immigration levels to keep U.S. wages low, and more temporary foreign visa workers to replace Americans in white-collar jobs.

Soros-Funded Groups Bankroll ‘Temporary’ Amnesty for Venezuela’s Population

President Trump Considers Labeling Antifa an ‘Organization of Terror’

Trump Considers Labeling Antifa ‘Organization of Terror’

Smollett in Cyprus

Jew-haters will be disappointed:

Drama in Cyprus: All Israeli teens accused in rape case to be released

A slut who engaged in consensual sex tried to pull a Smollet on a group of Israeli boys.

The alleged victim was involved in a relationship with one of the seven suspects and had sexual contact with several of the remaining six over the course of a few days, Habaris said.

The woman, 19, reportedly changed her version of the event and is now being questioned by local police under caution. She could very well be arrested on charges of making false accusations.

In a dramatic breakthrough, all Israeli teenagers accused of raping a British woman in Cyprus nearly two weeks ago will be released from police custody and return home to Israel on Sunday.

The woman, 19, reportedly changed her version of the event and is now being questioned by local police under caution. She could very well be arrested on charges of making false accusations.

UK man arrested and held for five weeks after painting ‘Islam is questionable’ on his own house

Dhimmitude on steroids. The police acting as sharia enforcers. Despicable.

Christian woman tortured for nine hours, gang raped and stoned to death by Islamic militants

That won’t make any headlines in the Moonbat media.

Hussein Obama accuses Trump of ‘poisoning our democracy’

The article is plain tosh from WashPoo.

No one was more venomous than the bastard son of a Gramscian whore & a Kenyan Moslem.  

Monica Crowley says Obama was a Muslim who took orders from Muslim Brotherhood

Bess Levin, a scribbler for Vanity Fair, tries to pull a hatchet job on Crowley and fails miserably. Obama is, under Mohammedan law, a Moslem. That’s where his loyalty lies, and for that he committed high treason against the U.S.  Leftoids are adamant that the obvious can’t be true. It’s all  a “conspiracy theory”.

What we got for $25 million

Most of us figured out years ago that the entire Russian collusion story is a hoax. If Donald Trump had colluded with Russians in any meaningful sense, evidence of it would not have stayed secret in a snake pit like Washington, which spills over with loud-mouthed leakers who hate his guts and want the 2016 election rescinded. But knowing that the charges were baseless did not stop Big Government from blowing $25 million of our money on a dog and pony show that collapsed into total farce when the doddering Chief Inquisitor Robert Mueller himself testified before Congress this week.

More accurately, Mueller testified that he is not willing or able to testify about much of anything. Here’s what we got for our money:

You would think that for our money, we at least established to the satisfaction even of Democrats that Trump is not a Russian agent. But no. Maybe we didn’t spend enough.


There is no fun in Islam

2019 Bendigo Bank Fun Run cancelled due to anti-terror costs

But comrade Andrews could find $400.000 dollars to build a mosque. Leftoids will sell the birthright of their own children for another day in power.

Part of the cost would have been for the installation of bollards, which would have stretched into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Mr Elkington said the course also required 40 vehicles, including trucks, to be placed along it – which brought other challenges. …

Moslem scribbler @Newsweep:

Ilhan Omar is Fighting for the White Working Class—Even as They Chant ‘Send Her Back’


As a Muslim American woman myself, it’s hard to imagine being in her position, with the president of the United States leading a mob chanting “send her back.” Yet Omar is continuing not only to do her job, but to overperform at it— including on behalf of the very working white people Trump himself claims to represent.

A normal person would be ashamed to lie so brazenly. Mohammedans have no shame. Omar’s hatred for whitey is well documented.

More mental tosh from another Moslem turd @  ‘Middle East Eye’:

First Muslims, now the left: How the UK government has Islamised dissent

Such groups as the Islamic Human Rights Commission, CAGE, Hizb ut-Tahrir and MEND are being targeted, with the result that civil society space is shrinking further.

Trump tells truth about ‘rat infested’ Baltimore, leftoids go apes#*t

Trump tells black lawmaker to clean up ‘disgusting, rat and rodent-infested’ district

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump hit out at a prominent African-American critic on Saturday, calling him a “brutal bully” who should concentrate on cleaning up his “disgusting, rat and rodent-infested” Baltimore district rather than criticizing the work of U.S. immigration officers on the Mexican border.

Have America’s inner cities collapsed under conservatism, or rather under the agenda of The Squad and its precursors?

All this angry old fool does is scream at people working to make #America a better place while his district wallows in filth, poverty & crime. When will they learn this bum doesn’t give a damn about #Baltimore?

Elijah Cummings has been in office, representing Baltimore—one of the poorest, most dangerous places in America, for 36 years

Donald Trump has been President for 2.5 years

Yet Rep. Cummings blames all of his district’s problems on Trump?

You have done a horrible job 13 high schools in your district have ZERO kids who are proficient at math 90% of the kids in your district can’t read at grade level You have become rich while your community is still poor.

Fake News CNN is not just reality-challenged, they are reality resistant:

Germany: no more pork “out of respect for a changing world”

German daycares: “Out of respect for a changing world, only pork-free meals and snacks will be ordered and served”

The daycares reversed this decision after protests, although the police protection is way over the top, as if Germany were full of bloody-minded “Islamophobes” ready to become violent at the drop of a hat. (Meanwhile, what is being taught in mosques in Germany?)

Despite this reversal, many German institutions are likely to follow the initial course and ban pork in the near future. After all, the principle is always and everywhere the same: in Muslim countries, one must conform one’s behavior to suit Islamic sensibilities. And in non-Muslim countries, one must conform one’s behavior to suit Islamic sensibilities.

Migrant  Moslem doctors in German hospitals can’t read or write

In some hospitals, there would not be a single German doctor anymore. One foreign doctor could demonstrably not read.

Muslim student nurses don’t want to work – many patients have already died because of this

German politician: “We need a peaceful and tolerant Islam”

No. We don’t need a fantasy Islam that doesn’t exist. We need a dose of reality and get rid of tolerant idiots who can’t bow & scrape enough to the invading Mohammedans.

“‘We need a peaceful and tolerant Islam,’” by Eduard Lintner, via Jihad Watch

BDS advocate Ilhan Omar uses an Israeli company to power her website

Trashida Tlaib hates both the freedom of speech and Israel

“BDSers single out Israel for condemnation even though it does more to protect human rights than any other country in its region.” Indeed. As does the UN. In both cases, the cynical and deceptive “Palestinian” propaganda has been monstrously successful in deceiving large numbers of people.

The Cathedral of Cordoba, Spain Will Not Become a Mosque Again

This anti-Catholic offensive is coming to an end—hopefully definitive—thanks to the election of a new mayor of Cordoba, a member of the Popular Party. The latter announced that the City Council of Cordoba will not reactivate the municipal commission that challenged the ownership of the cathedral. He further stated that there was no administrative procedure underway in this regard.

This episode shows the deep anti-Catholic hatred that continues to animate the movements of the Spanish left, ready, if necessary, to ally themselves with Islam to fight the Church.