“Racism” is not a real argument but a tactic

Trashida has a history of ‘activism’:

Absolutely disgusting.

Codepink hates the US military, hates Israel, and supports murderous regimes and dictators including Venezuela.

There are ways to deal with these people.

Omar is a vile antisemite.

Laura Loomer Files $3 BILLION Lawsuit Against Facebook for Defamation

It’s crazy how Jewish journalist & @realdonaldtrump supporter Laura Loomer has been banned on every single social media platform, but HAMAS is still on Twitter & Facebook. This is anti-Semitism. I hope Loomer wins her lawsuit.

explaining that “racism” is not a real argument but a tactic. It’s a frame. It’s the Left’s favourite frame against the Right.

Tucker on Ilhan Omar: “She’s awful, and awful in a specific way, we rescue you from a refugee camp stop lecturing us about how horrible we are.” Tucker adds: “So I see this poll this morning, you know what % of Americans who know who Ilhan Omar is approve of her? 9 percent!”

The MSM trying to get in front. Claims Epstein’s Temple was a “gym”. They want you to believe that a pedophile and human trafficker, built a private island with restricted access, just to work out. You think Bill flew there 27 times to do bicep curls?

Former IT contractor for Jeffrey Epstein says he quit over concerns about revealing pictures and topless young women




3 thoughts on ““Racism” is not a real argument but a tactic”

  1. It Is Called Inverse-Speak
    To Accuse your (political) opponents betters of being what you are … ie. plain stupid !

    You’re a racist
    You’re a bigott
    You’re an islamophobe
    Screams the invader islam-assister/adorer Communist Traitor Banshee !

    It used to shut down all dialog and put the person of focus into a Quandry !!!
    (ie. a state of not being able to decide what to do about a situation in which you are involved)

    However – now the normal response to then is …
    Yes … You are !!!
    Yes … You are !!!
    Yes … You are !!!
    and for that reason you are going to be incarcerated for Treason !!!

    Remove and incarcerate !!!
    Now the only human response !!!
    (and if these stupids superglue themselves anywhere – leave them … and stop anyone else from assisting their release) !!!

    1. Always accuse your opponent of what you are guilty of.
      The Alinsky method … otherwise known as projection.

  2. As they are used by lying excuse-making leftist idolaters, these idiotic terms (“Racism,” “Diversity,” and “Multi-culturalism”) all have one thing in common: they all refer to and promote one’s group or tribal identities over one’s basic individual human identity – in short, they’re all part of the “I didn’t do it! The group made me do it! In fact, I didn’t do it at all! Only the group did it! Whee!” gang-might-made-rights alibi excuse for the individuals’ own chosen crimes!

    In other words, hypocrites use them to accuse their own accusers of having attacked them only because of their group memberships, and not because of any crimes against innocent people (criminal hypocrisy) the hypocrite criminals may have chosen to commit.

    So: making everything into a group or gang might-made-rights issue distracts everyone from judging such vile people on their own merits.


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