Mahmoud Abbas: all your Jerusalem are belong to us…(we will destroy it…)

Abbas Brags that ‘Millions of Martyrs’ Will be Sent to Jerusalem…
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Abbas: ‘We’ll enter Jerusalem as millions of fighters’

Delusional BS, but millions of Muselmaniacs around the world believe that they will one day conquer J’lem & kill all the Jews.

PA chairman claims ‘Palestinians’ are the Canaanites who lived in Palestine for 5,000 years.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said in an address at the Jalazun Refugee Camp near Ramallah that the “Palestinians” cannot be removed from their homeland and that every building built by the Zionist occupation will be destroyed and thrown in the garbage bin of history, reports the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

In the video, uploaded to to Abbas’ Facebook page on August 10, he claimed that the “Palestinians” are the Canaanites who have lived in Palestine for 5,000 years, and he rejected the conferences in Warsaw and Manama as unacceptable to the “Palestinian people”.

He said that Jerusalem belongs to the “Palestinians”, and the audience began to chant: “To Jerusalem we march, martyrs by the millions!”

Abbas continued, saying that the entire Palestinian nation will enter Jerusalem as millions of fighters, along with the Arab, Islamic, and Christian nations, and he said that he rejects the designation of “Palestinian” martyrs as terrorists. He added that the families of “Palestinian” martyrs, injured people, and prisoners will continue to receive salaries from the PA because they are the most sacred thing the “Palestinians” have.


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  1. My guess is that if islam could be traced back to its prehistoric origins, you’d find nothing but a tribe of cannibals.

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