The War On White People

Progressives: Don’t have kids because of climate change

Also progressives: There aren’t enough people here, so we better invite in a ton of migrants to take our place

Progressives again: Demographic replacement is a conspiracy theory…

CNN’s Anderson Cooper: It’s ‘exciting’ that whites will no longer represent nation’s ‘majority’

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper seemed to celebrate the idea of white people no longer constituting the majority of those in the United States.

“The idea that, you know, whites will not be the majority, I mean, that’s — it’s an exciting transformation of the country, it’s an exciting evolution and you know, progress of our country in many different ways,” he said.

Along comes Spartacus:

Sen. Cory Booker will unveil a plan today to address the rise of hate crimes and white supremacy in America

South African activist who spoke out against attacks on white farmers found dead

Headline says “found dead” like she passed away in her sleep, but she was actually beaten to death with “an iron rod and a hammer”.
University of South Dakota Tells White Students to Stop ‘Taking Up Space’

MSNBC’s Katty Kay Doubles Down: White House Wants to Keep America a ‘Majority White Country’

Soon, to the delight of Joe Biden and Anderson Cooper, whites will be a minority in America. In the meantime, educrats at the University of South Dakota demand that they stop “taking up space” in the country they created.

This came to light in a diversity orientation presentation inflicted on law students. Campus Reform reports:

Within the various slides is a flowchart that asks students to assess whether or not they are “taking up space” or “contributing to a space.” One slide uses a flowchart to guide students through answering this question by assessing whether or not they are deferring to “minoritized” voices during discussions.

The higher a politically preferred identity group has climbed on the Cultural Marxist totem pole, the more “minoritized” it can claim to be. White males who are not perverts or Muslims already constitute a minority of the population; however, being at the very bottom of the liberal caste system, they score zero on the minoritization scale, and therefore must defer obsequiously to everyone else.

Racial animus against Caucasians has emerged as a cardinal feature of progressivism. The coming white minority will not fare well with progressives in charge.

MSNBC’s Katty Kay: Trump Admin Wants to Keep America a ‘Majority White Country’


In other news:

Congress Leads U.S. Efforts to Protect Hong Kong Protesters

Congress Leads U.S. Efforts to Protect Hong Kong Protesters…

Airport Chaos, Protesters ‘Heartbroken’

2 thoughts on “The War On White People”

  1. Cooper, being gay, has no personal interest in the future of his country other than to see it become even more ‘progressive’.


    Whites – including half-breed half-Arab, half-Asian “hispanics” Jews and Arabs, come in at 15% of the global total (the same as
    Blacks) but without the Arabs and hispanics, etc, basic whites are only 7% of the world total. Beyond the 30% of all such, are the 70% who are the real majority – the Asians and Dravidians. So what leftists are doing, is trying to dilute THE global minority in our own lands, by bringing in hordes of the global majorities, under the pretext that, only at the moment and HERE alone, they are temporarily in a minority status (the global majority is a local minority, as one might expect and even hope for it to continue to be, if one were rational)!

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