Ireland: ‘all food is halal so there is something for everyone”

Police raids find huge arms cache linked to Islamic terror group

A significant arms cache, including a sniper rifle, a silencer and tracer rounds linked to the banned terrorist group al-Muhajiroun have been found in Coventry, the Observer can reveal.

Iran’s nuclear chief: EU has failed to fulfill 2015 deal commitments

…says the terrorist nation hiding nuclear facilities.

Iran never committed to any “deal” but claims the EUSSR “failed” to give in to their demands?

When did Ireland become a Muslim country?

All food served in Ireland’s hot school lunch programme is halal

The programme has been extended to 36 schools across the country.

Burka-clad Muslims take over the main street of #Dublin yesterday in a show of strength as Islamic leaders in #Ireland call for an end to free speech. It’s time the Irish stood up to defend their home and culture. If they don’t, it will become another Birmingham in a few years


Ten people Mohammedans were arrested in the Italian regions of Piemonte and Abruzzo on charges of terrorism, money laundering and covert financing, Italian daily La Stampa reported on Sunday.

Through tax evasion, Jameleddine B. Brahim Kharroubi, a small business owner of Tunisian origin, accumulated about two million euros to fund radical imams in Italy and abroad.

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  1. It’s all halal so everything’s right with the world, huh? I’ve never seen so many stupid people.

  2. Of course the Irish love muslims, short little fuckers with henna-dyed red hair whose god’s favorite colour is green. Not to mention that all religious people are dedicatedly anti-fact.

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