Viktor Orban: “we would accept deportation quotas with pleasure”

Vlad Tepes/Moonbattery

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Viktor Orban:

While the rest of Europe’s leaders embrace the decline and displacement of Europeans, Hungary’s Viktor Orban refuses to go down without a fight.

He fingers George Soros as a person of interest in the ongoing murder of Europe. He sounds the alarm on the irreversible damage mass migration is inflicting on Europe. He stands firm against German attempts to extend its own demographic suicide across its borders. He cuts off public money to pernicious academic moonbattery. He encourages Hungarians to reproduce.

Now this:

In a rousing speech given at an annual event hosted by the national-conservative Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) party in Rome, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced that his governments rejects the EU’s migrant redistribution quotas, but would “accept deportation quotas with pleasure”.

Once Italy holds elections, the Brothers of Italy will likely be a key player in the next right-wing populist governing coalition, along with Salvini’s League.

Orban pledged Hungary’s assistance to Italy in the struggle to preserve it as a European nation rather than an extension of Africa.

Best of luck to Orban, to Matteo Salvini, and to the North League.

Please watch the whole speech here. Orban is one of the very few statesmen that can claim to be on par with President Trump, and Bolsonaro.