Who’s yer daddy, Greta?

Daddy AntiFa, mummy AntiFa and climate girl AntiFa:

Or is this her daddy?

“Cattle is very energy-consuming and energy-expensive,”

To save the planet @AOC Ocasio-Cortez wants to control ‘cow farts’,

@AndrewYang wants to bankrupt cattle farms
But we all know it was never about the environment. And they’re no longer beating around the bush about their intentions.
Global Warming Hoax: Religion or Cult?

These days it seems ever more obvious that the global warming hoax serves as a religion for leftists desperate to fill the vacuum created by their own nihilism. Jason Siler seems to agree:

However, MIT meteorologist Richard Lindzen doesn’t see anthropogenic global warming as a religion. He sees it as a cult:

“As with any cult, once the mythology of the cult begins falling apart, instead of saying, oh, we were wrong, they get more and more fanatical.”

That would explain the increasing hysteria of climate change rhetoric, even as the theory it is based on collapses.

Kyle van Rensburg describes 10 characteristics of cults:

See if you can find one that does not apply to the global warming hoax:

10. Loaded language
9. Insta-friends
8. Exclusivity
7. Too many rules
6. Thoughts suppressed
5. Salvation redefined
4. Shiny and spotless goody-two-shoes (extreme hypocrisy)
3. Money crazy
2. Progression system
1. Cults abuse

Michael Mann, Fraud

If anyone could personify the phoniness of the global warming hoax even better than Al Gore, it could only be Michael Mann, inventor of the infamous hockey stick graph.

When people point out that Mann is a fraud, he responds by suing them. In the course of a lawsuit, he boasted that he was awarded the Nobel Prize. Like his hockey stick graph, this is a lie. He claims he discovered the skyrocketing temperatures of the 20th century. If temperatures really did shoot upward in tandem with CO2 emissions, as dictated by liberal climate change ideology, we wouldn’t have needed Michael Mann to discover it.

Tony Heller of Real Climate Science pulls back the curtain to reveal a charlatan:

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  1. Making the next generation into retards for power and control.
    These globalist scum should all be impaled on public TV.
    *Legally, after due process arrests, trials, and convictions, of course – as the traditional penalty for sedition and treason is already ‘Death!’ but the methods have always been debatable.

    Just sayin’!


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