Would you trust Abdul-Majeed with servicing an aircraft?

Most of us wouldn’t. But American Airlines do. Makes you wonder how many more Abduls & Mohammeds are biding their time to ‘strike terror in the hearts of us stupid infidels.

American Airlines mechanic charged with sabotaging an aircraft

“The mechanic, Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani…”

An American Airlines mechanic was arrested Thursday on a sabotage charge accusing him of disabling a navigation system on a flight with 150 people aboard before it was scheduled to take off from Miami International Airport earlier this summer.

Deeply shaming: British columnist Katie Hopkins slams London Mayor for filth outside Indian embassy

Why hasn’t it been cleaned up? Because Khan(t) is a Paki, that’s why.

Katie Hopkins has released a video showing the mess outside the Indian embassy.

British columnist and journalist Katie Hopkins has slammed London Mayor Sadiq Khan and blamed him for the mess and filth outside the Indian embassy where Pakis took out a violent protest on Tuesday.

‘Go forth and multiply’: Abbott calls for more babies, less migration at Hungarian summit

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has pushed for greater birth rates in the West and fewer migrants during a Hungarian demographic summit aimed at promoting the “traditional family model”.