Malaysia: 70% of Malaysian Muslim Women Okay With Polygamy

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The article doesn’t mention anything about the Sunni/Shia divide, but as long as they do it there we don’t have to put up with their BS here ….

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70% of Malaysian Muslim women okay with men practising polygamy but not their own husbands

21 per cent also felt that it was fine for men to beat their wives if they were disobedient.

Mahathir’s Daughter Marina:

“…things that used to be considered extreme have now become the norm in Malaysian society, such as wearing the hijab, donning the niqab and polygamous marriages.”

Family demand Kuwaiti hit-and-run driver who left two young men with life-changing injuries is DEPORTED after he was freed just 18 months into a four-year term for vehicle jihad outside club
  • Friends Luke Mason and Matthew Lockwood were run over by Hadi Hamid, 40 
  • The then 18-year-olds had been enjoying a night out celebrating a birthday 
  • Banned driver Hamid ploughed into them both inflicting devastating injuries 
  • Hamid, from Kuwait, was jailed for four years in February 2018 – but it is understood he was released last week, having served less than half his term
  • The decision has provoked fury from Mr Mason’s mother Wendy and prompted MP Simon Clarke to write to the Government calling for Hamid’s deportation 

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