NYT Hannah Beech: You Lying POS!

Buddhists are Nazis

NYT: Buddhists are Nazis, ‘Rohingya’ are doctors, lawyers & politicians

Jihad sympathiser Hannah Beech from the NYT went to Rakhine in Burma to tell us (once again) that Mohammedans are doctors, lawyers & politicians who have been ethnically cleansed by Buddhists.

Yes, according to Hannah Beech, Buddhists are horrible Nazis for defending their country against the invading Mohammedans.

You could almost get the idea that these NYT clowns wouldn’t shed a tear if the Mohammedans had wiped out the Buddhists.

Hannah Beech is a New York Times correspondent based in Thailand. Adam Dean is a frequent contributor to The Times. They visited Rakhine State in May. Produced by Jin Wu, Jon Huang and Meg Felling.

Shin Wirathu’s Open Letter To Time’s Hannah Beech

(Shin Wirathu’s open letter direct from Myanmar Defense League’s facebook page.)

Hannah Beech interviewing Shin Wirathu
at Ma-soe-yein Monastery in Mandalay.

Dear Sister Ms. Hannah Beech,

I nationalist Buddhist Monk U Wira Thu is writing this letter to you. When you came to us, we had treated you and your photographer with hospitability. You know we had done our best to help you and your photographer to get what you want.

We had helped you only with the good volition that we want the media and correspondents get the true facts. We helped you because we respect western liberal media like Times and we expected you wouldn’t make lies to the people of the world.

And we did not think you would break ethic and responsibility of media. Now I know that you are the worst visitors we have ever had.

I could not see the hatred behind your smiles. I could not see your ruthlessness under your tender actions. I could not see your deceit under your sweet words it is like blade covered by honey.

I did not think that a gentle and beautiful girl like you have the ruthless heart of performing savages attack on us to be heard all over the world. I could not think that because of my background may be as you said I was a vagabond.

I had told you that those names such as Shaved Head Nazi, Neo-Nazi, Burmese Bin Laden were given by Muslims on Facebook.

And then liberal media like you dare use the word like “The Buddhist Monk, The Title “Burmese Binladen” I believe (think) you admit your dirty mind by deliberately using the word “The Buddhist Monk” then followed by the word “With the man in burgundy robes.”

You are not a lady with high moral ground and you are same as dirty-minded as extremists all over the world. Muslims are also like you want me to strip of the robe. They do not revere me as a Monk and call me “the man in the robe.”

My preaching is not burning with hatred as you say. Only your writing is full of hate speech. We can forgive the misunderstanding. We can forgive wrong conclusion. But will you deny that your hatred words targeted me to tarnish my reputation.

Please recheck your words and the words that I preached.

“Now is not the time for calm.” “Now is the time to rise up to make your blood boil.”

These are your words. Now I show my words.

“969 is for peace, We should preserve these noble reputations of Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha. For our National cause, our Culture and our Faith, We will avoid terror act. Upholding three gems (Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha) We will perform with honesty, diligence and determined attempts. For our national cause, We will carry out it warmly without ignorance.”

These are my words. It is clear that you made a savage attack against me by switching my words with your words.

I preach people not to react with lawlessness, but you accused me of terrorism. You tried to draw a picture of me as a person who aggravates the situation by hate speech and fuelling to make an offensive attack, where I am preaching people to perform with honesty, diligence and determined attempts to preserve our value.

I preach people to carry out national cause warmly without ignorance than you gave the world bad impression of me who is trying to boil the blood of people. How dare you did that?

With sustained loving-kindness,

Ven. Wira Thu

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oxymoron Time Magazine’s oxymoron word “Buddhist Terror”.
Clash of Civilization in Burma, between Peaceful-Buddhist-Natives
and Violent-Muslim-Illegal-Immigrants from Bangladesh.

(Blogger notes: Recently our Shin Wirathu had been giving unlimited access and open interviews freely to so many western journalists this Hannah Beech’s breach of trust and her twisting of his words was inevitable.

One thing most simple Burmese with limited media skills still do not know is every media outlet and their journalists are universally biased to either left or right politically and they always have hidden agendas. Shin Wirathu now bitterly found out the now-very-obvious fact that Ms. Hannah Beech already had had a bad opinion of him even before she met him in person.

If one claims to be a nationalist – as our Shin Wirathu proudly does – one is bound to be labelled by the left-wing liberal media outlets like Time Magazine as a right-wing conservative. In Shin Wirathu’s case Time and Ms. Hannah Beech went much further and blindly labelled him as an extreme-nationalist aka Buddhist terrorist.

Anyone can see the Time’s obvious bias towards the Muslims or against us Buddhists by comparing two feature articles namely “Iran on the Inside” and “Buddhist Terror” both of which were next to each other in same July 1, 2013 issue of Time magazine.


So as a precaution our Shin Wirathu should start screening the interviewers – doing research on their backgrounds and political standings and especially their previous articles – before giving them access. Please do not meet them if a favorable outcome is not expected.

For example, in the United States, the Muslim-appeasing left-wing Democrats like President Barack Obama will never give interview to the  right-wing conservative media like Fox News and the anti-Islamist conservative Republicans like ex-president George Bush will never appear on the Left-wing Socialist media like MSNBC.

And Shin Wirathu should also meticulously record every single conversation with these so-called journalists just to prevent this Hannah Beech-like incident from repeating again.)



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  1. I wonder why the Buddhists get no sympathy from the left. What do Buddhists believe that pisses off the left?

    1. Mohammedans & communists are partners in crime.

      Communists believe they can use the Mohammedans as stormtroopers in the class war.

      For the soldiers of allah the communists are useful idiots who help them invade the West & tear down its institutions.

      Buddhists don’t participate in socialist revolution, so they are redundant.

  2. The enemedia aren’t stupid, they all work tirelessly and reletlessly towards the end of Western civilization (and currently, there is no other kind) so they’re not only liars and more specifically hypocrites, or even precisely only slanderous criminal frauds – they do these things in support of globalism which, by definition, is treason to all sovereign nations and their citizens.

    The world’s media is owned by only five corporations, whose CEOs are on each others’ directors’ boards. This is a global conspiracy, as is easily proven by how they all always spew forth the exact same lines on cue, at the exact same time.

    Fomenting treason in support of world slavery is, at the very least, the crime of sedition – and like the treason it incites, is a very serious crime punishable with DEATH. The only reason we still tolerate it is that the sheer number of instances has habitualized and desensitized us to ignore it, even on those rare occasions we manage to recognize it as such.

  3. The media seem to be tempting (only white) people to do what’s wrong all the time – both for them selves and others; to commit a myriad of suicides. Every corporate advertisement and movie shows whites hooking up with non-whites, but also happy families of non-whites without whites, and never the reverse. Whites are THE global minority, yet are encouraged to dilute themselves ever further within the global majorities, while pretending those majorities are minority victims oppressed by all the whites.

    I just saw the movie “Spiderman, Far From Home,” and both Mary-Jane Watson and Flash Thompson are now cast as some sort of Arabs; and when the credits rolled, listed by location: the Prague/Czech teams clearly ALL had appropriately Slavic surnames; the Italian teams ALL still had Latin surnames; yet the British and American teams had everything goes, in “equal” quantities.

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