Australian newspaper broke press guidelines with ‘violent Islam’ headline

No shiite! Is there another Islam?

The Australian newspaper shouldn’t have used the phrase “Violent Islam” in a headline about a car attack in Melbourne, Australia in 2017, the Australian Press Council ruled.

The Press Council is about as useless as a one legged man at an ass kicking contest. Did anyone at the Press Council study the religion? Did anyone of them ever bother to read a Quran?

The Australian defended its headline, saying it was trying to refer to “a violent arm of an otherwise peaceful religion” and “as a qualifier to clarify that Islam as a whole is not responsible for this attack,” the press council reported.

Even worse than the ruling of the Press Council.  Why does The Australian need to make assurances that Islam is peaceful when it clearly isn’t?

Ohio: High school runner disqualified for wearing hijab in violation of rules, “Islamophobia” hysteria ensues

“Islamophobia” is not just an insult.  It is also a false accusation. It suggests that kafirs who object to Mohammedan mores are mentally deficient, ‘phobic’, or irrational.

There’s blatant Islamophobia, which is manifested when U.S. government officials established a Muslim travel ban

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) California whines, bullshits & gaslights about “Islamophobia”

” Hillary Clinton, with her light Islamophobia,”

“On the other side you had Hillary Clinton, with her light Islamophobia, saying, ‘Muslims are our greatest ally in the fight against terrorism, and therefore they’re part of our community,’ ” he said. “Well, that’s problematic, because you suppose, first of all, that my only dignity or value is tied to how I can help you do what you want to do.

“And secondly, you think that I somehow know a terrorist, but I don’t. So you think my entire value boils down to something that you want it to be, which is very Islamophobic as well. It’s tokenizing, it’s dehumanizing.”

Feds Threaten University Funding

One of the most recent examples of the U.S. government’s Islamophobia was when the U.S. Department of Education, led by Secretary Betsy DeVos, threatened in August to cut off funding for a North Carolina university-based Middle Eastern studies programs because it portrayed Islam in “too positive of a light,” Nekumanesh said.

The Washington Post reported earlier this month that the Education Department would continue funding the program but also would maintain its oversight of similar programs.

From the Religion of Peace:

Iraqi in Switzerland Slit Son’s Throat for ‘Being Gay’…
Islam and LGBT Clash on Virginia ‘Human Rights’ Commission…
Malawi Muslim Follow Up Prayers with Anti-Beer Rampage…
Ahamdi Mosque Destroyed in Pakistan While Khan Lectures India…
Netherlands Accuses Syrian ‘Refugee’ of War Crimes…
Lebanon’s Women Call Out Arab Men: ‘We are Not Babes’…
Killer Stabbed Music Producer, Then Hid in London Mosque…
Germany: Man Hacks Estranged Wife to Death with Axe…
Authorities Lose Track of Islamist Who Charged Synagogue with Knife…
Erdogan Sues French Magazine for Calling Him “Eradicator”…
Syria Video: Erdogan Goons Praise Allah, Desecrate Female Corpse…
Iran Uses ‘Special Guillotine’ to Amputate Hand for Theft…
Police Officer Gives Wife Triple Talaq After She is Raped…
Bangl. Mosques “Forgot” to Call Off Rally over FB Blasphemy: 4 Dead…
Bangl. Police Detain Two Muslims over FB Blasphemy Hack…
New Jersey Public School Left Holding Bill for Islamic Center…

Al-Baghdadi eliminated?

That would be the scoop of the day. Looking for links!

Word is out that the U.S. has just captured killed the leader of ISIS, Abu Baker al-Baghdadi. 

Trump tweets, the world waits.

DEVELOPING: “Something very big has just happened!” President Trump tweeted at 9:23 p.m. ET. A White House official tells@NBCNews that the president will be making a statement Sunday at 9 a.m. ET.

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi IS DEAD! — KILLED IN US RAID

The United States military has conducted a special operations raid targeting one of its most high-value targets, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), Newsweek has learned. President Donald Trump approved the mission nearly a week before it took place.

Trump Accuses Obama Of “Treason”

Can’t wait to see the SOB arrested & charged.

President Trump has ratcheted up his claim that the Obama White House spied on his 2016 campaign, charging in a new book that it was a “treasonous” act by the former Democratic president.

“What they did was treasonous, OK? It was treasonous,”

he told author Doug Wead for his upcoming book, “Inside Trump’s White House: The Real Story of His Presidency.”

The Republic no longer exists when its leader weaponizes its Intel Community against the elected president.
Demand Justice! Lock them up!
Comey’s about to make a runner:

UN Flies ‘First’ EU-funded Planeloads of Somalis, Syrians to Germany, Romania

UN Flies ‘First’ EU-funded Planeloads of Somalis, Syrians to Germany, Romania

Trump Wants ‘Treason’ Charges for Obama, Biden, Clinton, Brennan — ‘Ultimate Distraction to Steal an Election’
Review of Russia Probe Now Criminal

Bill Barr is doing EXACTLY his job: following the facts Those who damaged America and broke the law to spread this hoax are about to face accountability,” Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) tweeted in response to the Times’ report.

Continue reading Al-Baghdadi eliminated?


Chile's Pinera calls on ministers to resign amid protests


Chile’s Pinera calls on ministers to resign amid protests

Chilean president says he will end controversial state of emergency on Sunday.

Erdogan threatens to send millions of refugees to Europe unless it backs Turkey’s planned ‘safe zone’ in Syria

How come no European politician threatens Erdogan that we will send him millions of Turks who are currently hauled up in Europe?

Sweden: Muslim migrants make bomb attacks now a normal part of life, migration foes smeared as bigots

“Bomb attacks are now a normal part of Swedish life,” by Paulina Neuding, Spectator,

Who is triggered by black pumpkins?

“German” runs his wife down with car & chops her up with an axe:

Turns out the perp is not German at all, but a Tunisian cultural enricher who somehow managed to settle in Germany. He stalked & beheaded his former wife who lived under protection because he had tried to kill her before, but the media reported only ‘cuts to the head’.

Chinese Beauty Queen Labelled ‘White Supremacist”

Kathie Zhu cops it. Being an Asian conservative, she’s just been elevated from’racist’ to ‘white supremacist’. Leftoids also have no problem to call Ayaan Ali Hirsi ‘racist’, and when Michelle Malkin is only mentioned, they start frothing from the mouth.

Meanwhile, in Spain:

Chile Explodes: Expensive Climate Policies Spark Mass Riots, Just Like the Yellow Vest Protests in France 

'All of them': Lebanon protesters dig in after Nasrallah's speech


‘All of them’: Lebanon protesters dig in after Nasrallah’s speech

 Nasrallah will not go. We all know that Nasrallah is a bitter clinger and Hezbollah’s got the guns.

Protesters found Nasrallah’s speech to be irrelevant to their goal – much like Aoun’s televised statement the previous day.

“We tell him – everyone means everyone,” a Lebanese woman told Al Jazeera, preferring to stay anonymous.

The “All of them means all of them” chant has been a popular slogan since the protests began on October 17, with demonstrators insisting no politician should be exempted from resignation.

CHINA like the climate-obsessed West, and their virtue-signalling very, very much…

What’s not to love about the useful idiots of the west, who can’t wait to be properly educated in Chinese re-education camps?

CLIMATISM posts often begin with poignant quotes from past philosophers, scholars, academics, poets. Not only as a link to the subject matter, but as a guide to past thinking that can engender clues to our current existence and provide insight for future pathways.

THIS author is staunch in the belief that global warming climate change has absolutely nothing to do with the ‘environment’ or “saving the planet”.

IF it did, every climate change activist, such as Extinction Rebellion, would be castigating China for unlimited emissions until 2030, as per their Paris Accord commitment.

TO suggest that China signed the Paris agreement (with their opulent concession) in a deliberate effort to further weaken Western economies, with a keen awareness as to their gullibility and virtue-signalling penchant to appease the loud minority with UNreliables (wind/solar) to “power a clean, green, sustainable future”, would be an understatement.

Ribat: The Truth Behind “Muslim Enclaves”

Raymond Ibrahim

An ancient secret reveals what Islamic “No-Go” zones in the West really are

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Last March, 2019, Reuters reported that the “Islamic State’s last enclave in eastern Syria” had fallen.  “Its enclave at Baghouz was the last part of the massive territory it suddenly seized in 2014, straddling swathes of Iraq and Syria, where its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared a new caliphate.”

While this was welcome news, it also prompted one to wonder: what of all those other Islamic enclaves, those unassimilated ticking time bombs that proliferate throughout the West, which are packed with ISIS-sympathizers, not to mention ISIS members, and which the West largely fails to recognize as such?  I am referring to those many so-called “No-Go Zones”:   Western cities and regions that have effectively become Islamic ghettoes.  There, Sharia is de facto law; Muslims are openly radicalized to hate infidels; non-Muslims, even police, are afraid to enter lest they get mugged, raped, or killed.

In short, the ISIS worldview continues to proliferate—and not in some distant theater of war, but right smack in the West itself (an internet search for terms such as “no-go zones” and “Muslim enclaves” demonstrates the prevalence of this phenomenon).

Although these enclaves are unique to the modern era, they have precedents in history and even a nomenclature within the Islamic consciousness. Continue reading Ribat: The Truth Behind “Muslim Enclaves”

Deep State Operative Clapper Squirms

Also, Clueless Clapper: I Could Be ‘One of Those Under Investigation’

Appearing Thursday on CNN’s AC360, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said he believes he is a subject of the Department of Justice’s newly-launched criminal investigation into origins of the Trump-Russia probe.


All The Russia Collusion Clues Are Beginning To Point Back To John Brennan

The evidence suggests John Brennan’s CIA and the intelligence community did much more than merely pass on details to the FBI. It suggests they fabricated events completely.

What Transcript?! Dems deep-six Deep State ‘Whistleblower’ Testimony

These clowns shift on a dime.

Trump goes after ‘Never Trumpers’, next

What took him so long?

Trump Wants ‘Treason’ Charges for Obama, Biden, Clinton, Brennan — ‘Ultimate Distraction to Steal an Election’

Chutzpah: Jerrold Nadler, Adam Schiff Accuse Trump of Politicizing DOJ

SpyGate: Schiff, Nadler, Accuse Trump of Politicizing DOJ with Criminal Probe…

It’s like… the Obama regime never politicising anything

George Soros: Elizabeth Warren Is ‘Most Qualified to Be President’

Soros: Warren ‘Most Qualified to Be President’

One communist backing another. No surprises here. The irony is that she wants to get rid of billionaires. That would be fun to see.

50 Republicans have signed on to @LindseyGrahamSC’s resolution to condemn Adam Schiff’s SHAM of an impeachment

Democrats want to overturn the results of the 2016 election

Finally, some common sense is coming out of the Senate to push back

Stop the madness.

End the hoax!

The Climate Racket

Luxembourg Cardinal Says Climate Change Is ‘Most Important Problem’ for Amazon Synod

Cardinal Says Climate Change ‘Most Important Problem’ for Amazon Synod

Climate communists = the end of the Catholic church.

Mexican Cardinal: Climate Change Skeptics Are ‘Black Sheep’ of Catholic Church

Mexican Cardinal: Global Warming Skeptics Are ‘Black Sheep’ of Catholic Church

Warming believers are the ‘black sheep’ of the church.

Delingpole: Quitting the Paris Accord Trump’s Most Important Achievement

Why do Australian politicians cling to it?

Relentless propaganda for jihad harlots in the media

Inside a Syrian refugee camp’s ‘Australia Street’ – where ISIS brides and their children from Melbourne and Sydney beg for VEGEMITE while pleading to be allowed to come home
  • There are 20 Australian women and 46 children stranded in northern Syria
  • Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has refused to help ISIS brides
  • Trapped ISIS bride Zahra Ahmed said the children have suffered too much 
  • Ahmed said it’s ‘unfair’ that the Australian Army isn’t helping their citizens  

A group of ISIS brides and their children are living in a row of tents called ‘Australia Street’ inside a Syrian camp.

The women left their homes in Sydney and Melbourne to travel to the Middle East and marry ISIS fighters – but now find themselves stranded and desperate to return.

No. You stay there.

There are 20 Australian women and 46 children stranded in northern Syria following the defeat of ISIS.

As Syria becomes a war ground once again – this time between Turkey and the Kurdish militia – the women have grown more anxious about threats to their safety and that of their children.

The women living on ‘Australia Street’ inside the Al-Hawl camp asked outsiders if they brought Vegemite with them, and have been pleading with Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to come back.

What a pathetic lie to make it look as if they’re real Aussies.

The women left their homes in Sydney and Melbourne to travel to the Middle East and marry ISIS fighters - but now find themselves stranded and desperate to return (Pictured: Mother and her two children trapped in a camp)

The women left their homes in Sydney and Melbourne to travel to the Middle East and marry ISIS fighters – but now find themselves stranded and desperate to return (Pictured: Mother and her two children trapped in a camp)

Zahra Ahmed and several other woman and children from Melbourne and Sydney have been trapped in 'Australia Street' in the Al-Hawl camp (pictured)

Zahra Ahmed and several other woman and children from Melbourne and Sydney have been trapped in ‘Australia Street’ in the Al-Hawl camp (pictured)

The blatant lies of “rich” Aboriginal history have been fabricated by Marxists

The Uluru climb has closed for good

The Uluru climb was closed by rangers on Friday at 4:00 pm (ACST) as the last climbers made their way down.

Parks Australia banned the #UluruClimb due to costly legal liability (insurance) reasons resulting from injuries and (35) deaths causing stress to staff. The ‘aboriginal feelings’ excuse was a woke afterthought.

A history of aboriginal violence

Anna Charlotte

There’s never not a time when the “oppression” of Indigenous people is not a hot topic. Like the 24/7 propaganda blasted from every media outlet, white guilt over Aboriginal “marginalisation” is forced down our throats just like globohomo and race-mixing.

It is true; Aborigines have been tortured, murdered, raped, enslaved, you name it (as with every other ethnicity on the planet). What they don’t tell you is Aborigines themselves are responsible for the oppression of their own people, and it’s the leftists who help squash them down even further.

The Original Australians, by Jospehine Flood.

Long before the arrival of the First Fleet, Aborigines were conquering and enslaving each other for millennia. Physical abuse and sexual violence is deeply rooted in their culture and traditions. Take “chookardoo” or “mullawongah” boy-wives, a form of homosexual intercourse between Aboriginal men and boys. Or “promised brides”, where a girl is promised to a man, usually much older than herself, and is “trained” to be a wife (it goes without saying what happens here). Josephine Flood details in her book, The Original Australians, the common practice of male elders taking a girl out into the desert, cutting the vulva with a stone knife and then raping her. These are only three such examples of the many, many more disturbing traditions within the Indigenous communities.

Even after the arrival of the First Fleet, the early settlers documented the violence they saw within the Aboriginal tribes. They witnessed men kidnapping women, raping and forcing them to become their wives. It was common to see Aboriginal men bashing their wives across the head, sometimes so hard they would be left for dead on the ground. It was also noted that almost every single woman’s head was covered in scars from these bashings.

This, however, goes against the politically correct narrative of the Indigenous people because white-man-this and white-man-that. So it’s no surprise this information is heavily suppressed. Much of what is being taught in our schools and universities is based on myths, hearsay, and unsubstantiated claims. The blatant lies about their so-called “rich” history have been fabricated by Aboriginal activists who profit immensely off taxpayer money, peddled further by modern-day historians with a Marxian bias.

Throwing money at the problem is the default solution, but it is essentially putting a band-aid over a bullet wound and never addresses the root cause of the violence. Worse still, the money that is showered onto the Indigenous communities is pocketed by those at the top and rarely, if ever, reaches those at the bottom who desperately need help.

To rub salt in the already festering wound is the ever-increasing number of SJW’s (i.e. self-hating whites), captive to the myth of the noble savage, whose cries of outrage muffle the desperate cries of the Aboriginal women and children stuck in the cycle of violence with no escape. Thanks to cultural relativism, the gang-raping of pre-pubescent girls is ignored by leftists and mainstream media. To them, it doesn’t actually count as sexual exploitation because it is found within traditional Aboriginal environments and therefore it is permissible.

But let’s continue to throw billions of dollars their way and say sorry every year for having the hide to try and stamp out rampant sexual violence.

Christian Persecution in Southeast Asia


All 39 Migrants Who Died in Truck Near London Chinese Nationals

Southeast Asia a ‘Regional Hotspot’ for Growing Christian Persecution

Pakistani Christians hold placards and cross during a protest in Karachi on April 27, 2019, against the suicide bomb attacks in Sri Lanka. - Fifteen people including six children died in a battle between Sri Lankan security forces and suicide bombers who blew themselves up in the latest fallout from …

Persecution of Christians in Southeast Asia, particularly in Sri Lanka and Pakistan, has grown in severity over two years, according to a report from Aid to the Church in Need published Wednesday.

The report, entitled Persecuted and Forgotten?, found that Southeast Asia has now become a “regional hot spot” for Christian persecution. Perhaps the worst persecution takes place in Pakistan, where the abuse of the country’s strict blasphemy laws has left Christian minorities subject to violent persecution.

Related link:

Persecution in Iraq Down After Loss of over 90% of Nation’s Christians

Just a temporary reprieve. That community will never recover.

Since their inception in 1986, at least 224 Christians have fallen victim to the country’s blasphemy laws, which carry a death sentence in cases where the accused are convicted of insulting Muhammad’s person. The most recent case was that of Asia Bibi, who after a decade on death row was finally acquitted by the Supreme Court in October 2018. After being targeted by Islamist mobs, she was forced into hiding but successfully managed to leave the country in May 2019 to start a new life with her family in Canada.

American Politics:
‘Socialism & one-sided Kangaroo Courts have no place’ in USA
NYT Confirms Ukraine Didn’t Know U.S. Froze Aid: ‘Can’t Have Quid Pro Quo With No Quo’

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham unloaded on Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) for his repeated attacks on President Donald Trump:


Exclusive — Fake News Echo Chamber: New York Times Prints Lies by Adam Schiff Witness Made in Secret Testimony

…Fake News Echo Chamber: NYT Prints Lies by Secret Schiff Witness
‘We’re Not a Soviet-Style System’

‘What Do They Have to Hide?’

Gaetz: ‘Sickening’ That Dems Attack Us for Being ‘White Men’

Promise Kept: Trump Confirms U.S. Is out of Paris Climate Agreement

Gaetz: ‘We’ve Got to Stop Thinking We Can Use the Marquis of Queensberry Rules of Engagement’ Against Dems


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Migration, re-education & Hollywood Islamo-prop

George Soros Gave $300k to Italian Radicals in 2017 to Promote Mass Migration From Africa 

ROME — The former national secretary of the Italian Radicals has confirmed his party received $298,000 in 2017 from George Soros’ Open Society foundations for the purpose of promoting international immigration.

Riccardo Magi, former secretary of Emma Bonino’s globalist Radical party and now deputy of +Europa, said that the financing came from the multi-billionaire “to promote a wide-ranging reform of Italian immigration laws through initiatives aimed at providing aid to immigrants and advancing their social well-being.”

Get ready for more Islamoprop from Hollywood, coming on you & at you!

China announces great success with Uyghur re-education

Beautiful: the Muslims of Xinjiang province have emerged from their re-education camps as happy and productive citizens eager to work in Chinese factories.

China’s Xinhua news service on Wednesday boasted that “large-scale labour-intensive industries” are blossoming in Xinjiang province now that the Uyghurs have gotten their minds right:

The autonomous region, where GDP growth was once one of the slowest in China, is now on the fast track. Most notably, Xinjiang is expected to become a more important part of the “Made in China” value chain, which will allow it to benefit more from the preferential policies of the central government.

Hungarian Prime Minister Orban warns he will “use force” if Turkey delivers threat to send 3,600,000 “refugees”

He should. And he should also tell every virtue-signalling globalist to get stuffed.