Deep State vs Donald Trump

This is a huge scandal. In this little video clip, you can see all the talking heads from different networks parrot the same line. This is not only despicable, but it is also proof that they are getting their talking points from one central command post, and that is the Deep State.

Nancy Pelousi is making the argument on the House floor that this “impeachment” vote is to protect the American people when in reality it’s being taken to undermine the election of President Trump, who was chosen by the people.

‘Thank God for the Deep State’

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Former CIA Acting Director John McLaughlin lauded the “Deep State” for its role in the House Democrats’ partisan impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

This is a time for #Trump to move in and eradicate the swamp rats in one fell swoop.

Obama State Department official Richard Stengel calls in Washington Post for criminalizing burning the Qur’an

Stengel takes it as self-evident why the burning of the Qur’an should be banned, so we don’t know if it is because he is afraid Muslims will riot and kill innocent people as a result of the burning, and is pre-emptively surrendering to violent intimidation, or if he objects in principle to the burning of all holy books as disrespectful to the adherents of the religion in question, but he doesn’t mention anything about criminalizing the burning of the Bible or the Bhagavad Gita, etc., so it seems likely that the former is correct, and he is trying to codify cowardice into the American legal code.

Germany Charges Two Syrian Migrants, Allegedly Secret Service Officers, With Crimes Against Humanity

BERLIN (AP) – German prosecutors said Tuesday they have charged two suspected former members of Syria’s secret police with crimes against humanity in a case that human rights campaigners say marks a major step in the fight to hold to account Syrian officials responsible for atrocities in the country’s long-running civil war.


Swiss police conducted anti-terror raids across various parts of Switzerland yesterday. The operations netted the arrest of eleven suspected mujahideen.

3 thoughts on “Deep State vs Donald Trump”

  1. Pathetic.

    As usual, criminal leftist hypocrites can only “project” their own past failures onto Trump – because actually, it was Osama Bin Laden himself who was killed “in spite” of Obama (who was on the golf course when it all went down, without his permission) and not “because of him.”

    Now their talking heads are pretending al Baghdadi was killed in spite of president Trump, not because of him – even though of course he personally called for the strike and oversaw the whole thing, while making sure the Democrats had no knowledge of it as it went down, too.

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