Don’t use narwhal tusks again, you racist infidels!

Can you believe this?  Paki POS Sadiq Khan(t) has the audacity to lecture Brits on how great it is to live with Islamic terrorism, and how they should appreciate the ‘diversity”  by which allahuakbaring headchoppers have enriched once great Britain.

And now he tops it all with this:

What he’s really saying is that killing allahuakbaring culture enrichers with fire extinguishers & whale tusks is not allowed in Islam and that racist infidels should not resist the jihad in this way.

This is meant to scare the journaille not to report about the jihad at all.

Australia will STOP sending money to Pakistan

Why did we ever send them any money? Who’s idea was it to send these degenerates our money?

Iraqi Christians warn Sweden: “If Islamists gain power, they won’t treat you according to human rights, but Sharia”

That is most certainly the outcome of Islamisation.

Islamophobia poses ‘real danger’: German official

One of Merkel’s clones regurgitating her propaganda.

Annette Widmann-Mauz said: “Right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism, and hostility towards Muslims are a very real danger that we have to combat in a consequent and sustainable manner.”

She added: “I’m worried about any extremist development where people are being combatted, insulted and threatened because of their origin, and because of their faith and because they look different. And that is why it is urgent that we also recognize clearly that this is a real danger. A threat to this society, to its cohesion.”

You can’t have cohesion & ‘sustainability’ when you try to replace the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat.

Anger in China as US House passes Uighur crackdown bill


Anger in China as US House passes Uighur crackdown bill

Beijing ‘resolutely opposes’ resolution, which among others seeks to sanction Communist Party leader in Xinjiang.

Why is the U.S.  supporting Mohammedans against a gov’t that wants to re-educate and retrain them?

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  1. About the Uighurs: No wonder America is hated. We go and stick our nose in every other countries’ business, and then we accuse Russia, Ukraine, China, etc. of being involved in our business, i.e. elections. Of course, our leaders don’t see their hypocrisy at all.

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