Telford abuse victim was raped by 500 men from 11 – but cops chose to prosecute her

Let down by authorities after a seven-year ordeal, Jennifer tells the Sunday Mirror for the first time how it was she who was left with a criminal record

Jennifer was hawked around like a piece of meat – but she’s the one left with a criminal record (posed by model) (Image: Getty)


2 thoughts on “Telford abuse victim was raped by 500 men from 11 – but cops chose to prosecute her”

  1. In my world, pimps of underage children, violent pimps and especially those who pimp children of a different race should all be summarily hanged from the nearest post. Certainly this negates the rule of law but in reality that concept has already been destroyed by the left in all of the west and if you want justice the Law will NO LONGER provide it and the time is fast coming when retribution is all that is left and in your hands. I add that the proof of the above is in the failure to gaol ANY of the police, council staff or social workers involved with the betrayal of these girls and why? because thy were “working class trash” the one group that the socialists say they support and the one group exploited by the elite for millennia.

  2. Re: “Records seen by the Sunday Mirror show Jennifer was convicted 52 times and fined heavily by the time she was 19 after being sold for sex.”

    There MUST be records of the names of the officers and prosecutors involved in these travesties.

    And if The Mirror can find them, so can concerned citizens.

    Just sayin’!


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