Allahuakbar in Germany

Iraq: MPs scream “Allahu akbar” after voting to expel US forces from the country

Delusional to think we have friends or allies in this part of the world.

UK: Muslims attend community memorial at Islamic Centre in London for “honorable Islamic commander” Soleimani

Only a “tiny minority of excremists”, obviously.

Canada: Demonstrators screaming “Down with USA and Israel” build shrine to “heroes of Islam” Soleimani and al-Muhandis

Just because they’re everywhere doesn’t mean they all gonna blow up simultaneously. There’s really nothing to worry about, right?

“An Entire World Will Avenge You”: Pro-Soleimani rally in Molenbeek, Muslim area of Brussels

Not ‘the entire world’, but if thousands of them are willing to kill & die for allah the infidels will have to rethink their state of denial.

Obama stopped Israel from killing Soleimani in 2015, threatened to shoot down IAF strike on Iran

Some people are still wondering about Hussein Obama’s loyalties. These people are dense.

Iranian official offers $80,000,000 for the head of “yellow haired lunatic” Trump, crowd screams “Allahu akbar”


With Soleimani Gone, the World is Much Safer Today 

No arguments here.

Iran’s Supreme Leader vows jihad for Qassem Soleimani’s killing

Makes no difference. They have been waging jihad for 1400 years. Why stop now?

Iran “expert” Trita Parsi and Democrats blame Trump for “escalating the situation” with Iran

This is an Iranian agitprop appealing to nutroots to do nothing to protect us from jihad terror.