How Australia Day Turned Into ‘Sorry Day’

Just got bumped off Twatter for the fifth time for wondering on a pic with Prince Chucklehead & Greta who the retard was. The Twatter speech police is relentless.

Prince Charles flew 16,000 miles in just 11 days using three private jets and one helicopter before proudly posing with Greta Thunberg in Davos.

In other Greta-related news: Associated Press is in trouble for this “racist” crop in a Thunberg/Davos report. AP says it was “purely on composition grounds.” I’m not sure I buy that. Miss Nakate’s distance from the white girls is not problematic, presentation-wise. I can understand how her feelings would be hurt by the cut.

Kill capitalism to save the planet

But of course. It’s the plan!

Direct quote from rotten Climate Shyster in Chief, Maurice Strong:

What if a small group of world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries? And if the world is to survive, those rich countries would have to sign an agreement reducing their impact on the environment. Will they do it? The group’s conclusion is ‘no’. The rich countries won’t do it. They won’t change. So, in order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Barnes Wants to ‘Stymie Capitalism’

MADISON — Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes believes we must “stymie capitalism” if we want to save the world from the threats of climate change.

MADISON — Fresh from his Climate Change fiesta in Madrid, Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes is ready to cram a costly Badger State Green New Deal plan down the throats of Wisconsinites.

That’s what the Democrat told a gathering of fellow doom-and-gloomers last month during a panel discussion at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid. 

Barnes was joined on stage by a bevy of North American bureaucrats, including Canada’s “Climate Ambassador” and Mexico’s “Climate Change Director.”

It’s time to stop feeling sorry for aborigines

How Australia Day Turned Into ‘Sorry Day’

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A massive stink has kicked off over a THOT-fight between Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Yumi Stynes.

Kerri-Anne had a crack at all the white slackers who were marching against Australia Day on the weekend, asking if they had actually been out to any of the remote communities which are suffering a rape, drug and suicide epidemic. Naturally, Yumi accused her of racism because, being a woman, she does not understand the following statistics:

Family violence impacts on Aboriginal people at vastly disproportionate rates and has devastating effects on Victorian Aboriginal communities. Continue reading How Australia Day Turned Into ‘Sorry Day’

Bat Soup, Moonbattery, and Deadly Disease


As noted previously (e.g., here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), progressive social engineers want us to eat bugs instead of proper food, for various ideological reasons that would seem reasonable only to a deranged moonbat. Eating weird stuff is perfectly normal, we are told. Other cultures do it; not being like other cultures is ethnocentric and therefore bad (except when they choose to denounce you for cultural appropriation).

However, there could be reasons why our highly successful culture evolved the way it did, with the tastes that have prevailed for generations. For example, we don’t eat bats. Eating bats caused Ebola. Looks like it might also have caused the deadly coronavirus coming out of China:

If not eating bats makes you a racist, let them call you a racist.

The ‘Racial’ and ‘Blood’ Superiority of Muslims

“Call it racism… but of course the blood of the Muslim is superior.”

Raymond Ibrahim

The Dhimmi, paying the jiziya in utter submission.

“My life is worth more than his life.”  Such is the seemingly odd explanation that a Muslim man of African origins gave for mutilating and nearly killing a police officer with a machete, after the latter stopped him in a routine traffic stop in the UK.  According to the January 15 report,

A hero police officer suffered multiple skull fractures when an uninsured white van man tried to murder him in a savage machete attack, a court heard.

PC Stuart Outten, 29, was severely injured and may have been killed had he not managed [to] bring down Muhammad Rodwan, 56, with his Taser, the Old Bailey was told.

After being arrested, Rodwan allegedly claimed he acted in self defence, and said: “My life is worth more than his life.”


Continue reading The ‘Racial’ and ‘Blood’ Superiority of Muslims

“Coronavirus is caused by climate change”– Right?

In 2005, the United Nations predicted the world would be swarming with 50 million climate change ‘refugees’. No shiite!

While Greta Thunberg was floating around the planet winning prizes and being stupid, Sweden’s carbon dioxide emissions were increasing. Swedes aren’t happy.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied is an abysmal author, but that hasn’t prevented her being given $20,000 of your money to hang out in Paris for six months and write lamentable crap that annoys everyone.

“Racist” Trump Supporters Should Lose Their Vote, Says NBC. Guess Who Decides They’re “Racist”?

Considering that the Democrats can’t even take care of their own burgeoning problems in their primary constituencies, what is the real motivation behind their proposals to open the U.S. border and abolish U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)?

US President Donald Trump is currently on trial for defeating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and governing without media approval.

Utterly repugnant, repulsive Pelousi:

Can’t wait to watch the Babylon Bee in airports.  CNN clowns have been given a pink slip with a note saying “learn to code”.

What happened to Molly Norris?

After ten years, American cartoonist Molly Norris still in hiding after drawing Prophet Mohammed

Norris had kicked off controversy in April 2010 with a cartoon published online about an imaginary group called “Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor” that proposed an “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.”   She disappeared, at the advisement of the FBI, in the fall of that year and has been in hiding since.

Je suis Mila: French teenager in hiding after insulting Islam online

The  Police have told a French teenager to go into hiding after she received death threats for insulting Islam. The 16-year-old has been advised to stay away from her lycée (sixth-form college) in southeast France after calls on the internet for her to be killed, raped …Read More…Times and Le Parisien

France: Girl, 16, receives death threats and “200 messages of pure hatred a minute” for insulting Islam online

Celebrate diversity all you want. But is diversity going to celebrate you? “French teenager in hiding after insulting Islam online,” by Adam Sage, The Times, January 24, 2020 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): Police have told a French teenager to go into hiding after she received death threats for insulting Islam.

‘Palestinian’ Author Warns: Watch Your Language, MEMRI is Listening

 The MEMRI report posted here recalls the warning issued on December 23, 2018 by the “Palestinian” author Mushir Al-Farra on Baladna TV (Gaza). He wanted to alert his fellow “Palestinians” to a great danger of which some of them were insufficiently aware. That danger was that …Read More…by Hugh Fitzgerald

Russia, Russia, Russia!

Fake news, fake impeachment, fake accusations, fake everything. Except the Deep State & the Swamp Rats. That part is real.

The Schiff Show Continues!

Alleged al-Qaeda Jihadis Caught Trying to Enter U.S. with Fake Colombian Passports

Al-Qaeda Jihadis Caught Trying to Enter U.S. with Fake Colombian Passports

That would have cost them a fair bit of money. It will be interesting to see what we can learn from this.

Three al-Qaeda jihadis caught trying to enter the US with Colombian passports


Child brides as young as six forced into marriage in Australia.

New figures show children as young as six are being forced into marriage in Australia, but what’s missing from the report is even more shocking.

Children as young as six years old are being forced into child marriage in Australia, and more than 100 cases of forced child marriage are currently being investigated by the Australian Federal Police, new figures reveal.

Khan(t) ‘losing control of our streets’: 3 killed in London stabbing frenzy, prompting calls for new mayor

New Swedish Islamist Party Wants to Grant Muslims ‘Special Minority’ Status

New Swedish Islamist Party Wants to Grant Muslims ‘Special Minority’ Status

Dubai: Three men detained, fined $136,000 each for insulting Islam on Instagram and Facebook

Their lives are ruined. Security guards don’t make that much money. I wonder how they will pay these amounts.

A glimpse into the future of the West. Right now, insulting Islam will only get you deplatformed, vilified, and suspended from your job. Fines and detention are still in the future.

Three security guards of a five-star resort have each been fined Dh500,000 by a Dubai court for insulting Islam on social media.

The Dubai public prosecution accused the three Sri Lankans, aged between 28 and 34, of contempt of religion through posts on Instagram and Facebook. It referred them to trial pursuant to the anti-discriminatory and hatred law and the Federal Penal Code.

Spanish Court Submits to Sharia Law

Spanish Court Orders Pension Payments to Moroccan Polygamist’s Two Widows

Mass Migration Brings Rise Of Islamic Polygamy To Europe 

niqabThe Spanish supreme court has granted two women, the widows of a Moroccan polygamist, the rights to widows’ pensions in a landmark ruling, claiming that polygamy does not prevent pension allocation despite it being illegal.

The Moroccan man had died in 2012 and the two women he had been married to both claimed to be eligible for a widow’s pension from the Spanish state.

The court ruled that both women were eligible as they had been legally married to the man but that they would have to split the pension among themselves, Spanish newspaper El Pais reports.

The ruling comes after the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid had initially rejected the claims of one of the widows who then appealed the case to the national Supreme Court.

In the UK, the “Minimum Income Guarantee for pensioners” ensures that multiple muslim matriarchs will all be fully rewarded for spawning for islam.

They won’t even have to split it.

Not ‘climate change,’ arson: 267 people charged with starting bushfires in NSW alone

UPDATED figures from 183, now 267 people charged with starting bushfires in NSW alone.

Serial arsonists will face the full force of the law after NSW Police announced a crackdown on firebugs in the wake of investigations which showed 716 fires this season did not occur naturally.

Of that number it is unclear how many were the work of arsonists and what was the result of negligent behaviour. Dedicated investigators will now trawl through evidence to separate the two.

“It is unfathomable that anyone would deliberately light a fire in these conditions, but sadly this season we have had to deal with 267 reckless people for bushfire-related offences.

“Halal Organs”

China’s Harvesting of Uyghur Organs

China is forcibly removing organs from Muslim political prisoners and then marketing them to mostly Saudi recipients on the basis their organs haven’t been exposed to alcohol, pork and other items considered forbidden – despite “halal organs” having no grounding

In other news:

From the Religion of Peace:

FBI Stops Saudi Plot to Kidnap Blogger on US Soil…
Video Shows Child Executing Christian Hostage…
Lesbian Told: Reading the Quran Will Be ‘Therapeutic’…
French Teen Forced to Go into Hiding over Online Islam Criticism
Pak. Hardliners Ban Award-Winning Film on Intolerance…
Student Leader Brags of Muslim Power to ‘Destroy Anything’…
Cleric Issues Fatwa on Film Director…
(US) Son of Migrants Joins Neo-Nazis, Vandalizes Synagogue…
Belgium Mosque May Lose Status over In-Fighting, Extremist Ties…
(Video in German) Islamist Threatens ‘Prophet’ Insulters…
Finland: Rejected Asylum Sticker Sticks Around to Kill Girlfriend…
Iranian Guard Suggests Taking US Hostages to Ransom for Sanctions
French Security 150 Neighborhoods ‘Held by Islamic Radicals’…
Turkish Lawmakers Mull ‘Marry Your Rapist’ Bill…

Trump vs the world

Fascinating paradox: The more Trump gets investigated, the more crimes are exposed involving prominent Democrats. They wanted to end Trump, but Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are destroying their own Party.

Trump calls for John Kerry to be prosecuted for Iran talks amid heightened tensions

Trump calls for John Kerry to be prosecuted

President Donald Trump went after former Secretary of State John Kerry Thursday.

That’s a lie. We have pictures of Kerry meeting Iranian gov’t officials less than a month ago.
Trump’s charges against Kerry come as his own administration has heightened tensions with Tehran. U.S. officials said Iran and its proxies were preparing an attack against U.S. forces in Iraq, sending an aircraft carrier strike group to the region and deploying Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Baghdad in a show of force.Senior Trump aides met at the White House on Thursday to discuss next steps, with concerns growing about a clash between the two sides. But the president said he was not interested in war with Iran; he wanted to talk to Iranian leaders, but it was Kerry who has blocked that, according to the president.
“John Kerry tells them not to call. That’s a violation of the Logan Act, and frankly, he should be prosecuted on that, but my people don’t want to do anything,” he said Thursday during a White House announcement on cutting costs for medical expenses.Related news:Book Bombshell: James Biden’s Firm Got $1.5 Billion in Government Contracts Despite Zero Experience

Book Bombshell: James Biden’s Firm Got $1.5 Billion in Government Contracts Despite Zero Experience

Islamic Republic of Iran: MP offers “$3 million reward in cash to whoever kills Trump”

Huge rally as Iraqis demand US troops pull-out

It’s the majority shiites who would be fine under Iranian rule. 

Huge crowds have taken to the streets of Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, to demand that US forces leave Iraq.

Powerful Iraqi Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr earlier called for a million people to join Friday’s march, close to the US embassy in the capital.

Iranian-backed militias are among those protesting in the city.

The US killing of the top Iranian military commander, Gen Qasem Soleimani, on 3 January at Baghdad airport has fuelled tensions.

Also assassinated in the US drone strike was Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, an Iraqi who had commanded the Iranian-backed Kataib Hezbollah militia group.

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