The warming racket is a communist insurgency

Make no mistake, this is a communist insurgency. Marxists are trying to bring in Socialism and turn the world into a disaster zone. This has nothing to do with climate

Greta Thunberg and more than a dozen other youth climate activists called on world leaders, executives, policymakers and other participants at the World Economic Forum to end investments in fossil fuels

Greta Thunberg will join climate activists and school strikers to pressure leaders at Davos

Greta Thunberg to Lecture Leaders About Fossil Fuels at World Economic Forum

Greta Thunberg to Lecture Leaders About Fossil Fuels at Davos



What Really Happened Behind the Scenes at the Melbourne Climate Change Protest?

If you think the protests on Friday were about the climate, think again. Chants included “fuck off Nazi fuck off”, and “Always was always will be aboriginal land”. Climate Change is nothing but a tool for various groups to use in their quest for power and influence, from street activists all the way up to powerful politicians, and various scientific and industrial groups caught in between.

Dia Beltran: There has been a lot of ‘Climate Change’ hysteria lately that has been perpetuated by the media and it has landed in full swing here in my home …

The agenda of this group is implementing Socialism and undermining democracy. They are confrontational and disrespect the established order, i.e. police that are there to maintain law and order. They have classes to teach adults and children how to defy police at protests.

The sad thing is that they attract large numbers of unsuspecting citizens to participate in their radical movement under the disguise of “Climate Emergency” hysteria. They See More

 Police scramble to recall guide issued to teachers putting climate activists alongside far-right groups