Peak Virus yet to come, destruction of economy almost complete

Coronavirus: Italy’s Death Toll Exceeds 12,000, but Italian Officials Believe They Have Reached the ‘Peak’
Members of Spanish Military Emergencies Unit (UME) wearing protective suits stand outside a bus used to transport patients from the San Carlos Clinic Hospital to a temporary hospital set-up for coronavirus patients at the Ifema convention and exhibition center in Madrid, on March 29, 2020. – Spain confirmed another 838 deaths in 24 hours from coronavirus , a new daily record bringing the total number of deaths to 6,528, according to health ministry figures. The number of confirmed cases in Spain has now reached 78,797 — after the one-day increase of 9.1 percent — as the country battles the world’s second most deadly outbreak after Italy.

In the last 24 hours, 837 people have died in Italy from the Chinese coronavirus, bringing the nation’s overall death toll to 12,428 as of Tuesday — an increase of 7.2 per cent in one day. The percentage, however, has been on a decline for the past few days, while some Italian officials say they believe that Italy has reached its “peak.”

Newly released data from Italy’s Civil Protection reveals that the country’s death toll from the virus has risen from 11,591 on Monday to 12,428 on Tuesday.


Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

The virus spread has slowed dramatically. Victoria records its first drop in people who are sick right now. Doubts grow about the virus’s lethality. The health system is coping well. And deaths are still just 18, including some who were dying of other complaints.

Meanwhile, the economic devastation of this “cure” will destroy families and cripple our future.

Now is the time to start switching to quarantining the sick, protecting the old and letting the rest go back to work. My editorial from The Bolt Report.

In contrast to our model, there’s Taiwan, with just three deaths now, and shops still open:

Turkey: Migrants Will Return to Border After Coronavirus Outbreak Ends

The invasion of infidel territory will not be stopped because of a virus. The Turks will see to that:

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu has announced that after the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak ends, his government will not stop migrants from travelling to the Greek border.

Yemen: Islamic scholar says Jews and US created coronavirus in order to take control of Mecca and Medina

If he says so, it must be true. Allah’s holy men must not be doubted.

Report: North Korea Has Lost over 100 Soldiers to Coronavirus, Still Claims Zero Cases

 NKorea Has Lost over 100 Soldiers to Coronavirus, Still Claims Zero Cases

Austria Declares Wearing Masks Mandatory in Supermarkets

Austria Declares Wearing Masks Mandatory in Supermarkets

Best idea for a long time. You don’t want anyone cough on your food.


“Dirty whites, I hope you will all die of Covid”

“The media worrying about misinformation is like the mafia worrying about crime.” #TheFive

“Journalists” fist-bumping each other for their bravery for asking dopey gotcha questions at a presser, after spending 3 yrs lying to Americans about the collusion & Ukraine hoaxes, is the most pathetic thing you’ll see on Twitter all day.

Trump: When I Figure Out Who Is More Dishonest and Corrupt Between NYT, WaPo ‘I’ll Let You Know’

The President should just call it a tie between the two of them.
The propaganda will only get worse as the #Trump train rolls on.

Islamic call to prayer in Brooklyn is among things New Yorker’s hate most about the city

No moments of silence.

France: Woman claiming to have the COVID-19 virus sentenced to 7 months for spitting on police and calling them ‘dirty whites’

“Dirty whites, I hope you will all die of Covid.”

A criminal court in France has handed a 24-year-old woman who claimed to have the COVID-19 virus, ignored quarantine measures, spat on police offers, and called them “dirty whites” a seven-month jail sentence and a 350 euro fine.

The media pressure for a total lockdown has become overwhelming. It’s almost like a plan….
Calais refugees Mohammedans aim to reach UK to escape coronavirus lockdown


CNN host Fareed Zakaria calls for jihad rape of white women

How the Peoples Cube was banned for a whole month from FB four years after a spoof.


At UN, Pakistan calls for labelling organizations critical of Islam as terrorists

Bosch Fawstin

When I wrote that those who tell the truth about Islam are seen as terrorists, I know that some of you thought that it was hyperbole. And the reason why this latest move to criminalize criticism of Islam might get some traction is because not only Pakistanis feel this way. Many in the West, and not just politicians, can live with the murders of innocents at the hands of jihadists, but they cannot live with Islam being criticized.

As I show in detail in my book The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Free Speech (and Its Enemies), for years now the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Pakistani government have been trying to intimidate the United Nations into adopting Sharia blasphemy laws under the guise of proscribing “hate….


From the Religion of Peace

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“China virus” & Wuhan Flu” is dead; Western PC brigades cave to ‘COVID 19’

Moonbattery from the University of Wisconsin:

Madison Chancellor Rebecca Black argued that China is not responsible for the pandemic. “Racist behaviours or stereotyping of any kind are not tolerated at UW-Madison”.

How to treat Mohammedans:

“If politeness and ceremony be observed toward Mohammedans, they imagine they are feared and become arrogant; but in showing severity and rudeness, they are impressed with fear and respect, and they are supple and manageable.” –North China Herald,1867 BEIJING


Pakistan Ask UN to Define Islam Critics as Terrorists…

Mohammedans around the world are licking their chops to get us all shut down. They tried that some years ago with Shrillary with the “Istanbul Declaration 16/18”. They will not give up, but who in the West is willing to tell them to get stuffed?

The United Nations (UN) held a consultative meeting today (Friday) focusing on anti-terrorism efforts across the world, ARY News reported.

During the observatory session, Pakistan asked the global peace making body to declare all organisations working against Islam and spreading hate and propaganda in its name with anti-Muslim agendas as terrorists.

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France: Infidel law cannot be enforced in Moslem ghettoes because… riots!

French Official Says Quarantine Should Not Be Enforced In Migrant Areas To Avoid Riots | Zero Hedge

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

A top government official in France has admitted that draconian lockdown measures being imposed on the rest of the population shouldn’t be implemented in the country’s migrant-heavy ghettos in order to prevent riots.

In a letter leaked to magazine Le Canard Enchaine, French Secretary of State to the Ministry of the Interior Laurent Nunez advises, “It is not a priority to enforce closings in certain neighborhoods and to stop gatherings.”

In a separate video conference call, Nunez told other officials that restricting movement and shutting down shops in France’s infamous banlieues risks igniting violent social disorder if enforced too rigorously.

A regional defense zone prefect who was in on the call agreed that businesses that had been closed down in other areas of France should remain open in poorer neighborhoods in order to help with “social mediation.”

“This undermining of the laws that Macron declared as essential, this clear disregard for the population as a whole, comes at a time when police, ambulance and firefighters face record levels of hostility when they venture into the suburbs where gangs set cars on fire then attack them when they arrive to help,” writes Damian Wilson.

As is illustrated in the clip below, whenever police attempt to enforce quarantine measures, or indeed any other act of law enforcement, in migrant-heavy areas, they are immediately surrounded and intimidated by gangs of migrants. It’s not uncommon for fire trucks and ambulances to be attacked in these “sensitive” areas.


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China is Asshoe!

German Intelligence: Turkish Govt Agents Fueled Riots at Greek Border

Greek border forces should use lethal ammo to deal with the invaders.

The BND accuses Turkish forces of intermixing with migrants along the border and posing as migrants themselves, throwing rocks and other missiles at Greek forces in an effort to incite riots and facilitate a breakthrough into Greece and the European Union.

Coronavirus: Italy’s Total Death Toll Exceeds 10,000

Italy: Death Toll Exceeds 10,000

Coronavirus: Spain Logs 832 Fatalities in 24 hours, IMF Confirms World In Recession

Spain Logs 832 Fatalities in 24 hours, IMF Confirms World In Recession…

Spain: ‘Youths’ Attack Ambulances Transporting Elderly Coronavirus Patients

“Youths” is code for Mohammedans.

Support for Hong Kong Protesters Grows Even as Coronavirus Prevents Demonstrations

Massive Protest Breaks Out in China’s Hubei Province, Ground Zero for the Coronavirus


Thousands Brawl on Bridge Connecting Coronavirus Ground Zero to Rest of China

Crowd Overturns Police Cars, Steals Riot Gear

Nicolás Maduro: U.S. ‘Extremist and Vulgar’ to Offer Reward for My Capture

Maduro: U.S. ‘Extremist and Vulgar’ to Offer Reward for My Capture

That’s kind of cute, but it won’t save his a$$.

Canuckistan: Great Time for a 50% Carbon Tax Increase

Spending $2.2 trillion, not all of it constructively, when we are already $26,606,000,000,000.00+ in debt may not be the ideal way to address the economic damage inflicted by the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, but at least it beats sticking another knife into the economy by jacking up a demented carbon tax by 50% at the worst possible time, as they are doing north of the border. Rebel News reports on what Justin Trudeau et al are inflicting on Canada:

On the positive side, now the whole planet will enjoy perfect weather, thanks to Canada preventing the climate from fluctuating with this economy-smothering tax. (Moonbattery)

Nigeria: Muslim leader says coronavirus is a Western hoax to keep Muslims from practising Islam

If pressed, this brave soldier of allah would also tell you that Boko Haram are ‘good people’ who only want justice or something…

Norway extradite jihadist preacher to Italy despite COVID-19 concerns

Fundamentalist preacher Mullah Krekar was on Thursday extradited from Norway to Italy, a decision his lawyer has condemned citing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Krekar has today been extradited to Italy,” the Norwegian Justice Ministry announced on Thursday.

The 63-year old preacher, real name Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, was arrested in Norway in July 2019 after an Italian court sentenced him to 12 years in jail for terrorist conspiracy. Italian authorities accuse him of leading an organisation with alleged links to the so-called Islamic State.


Is the gov’t using the WuHuFlu to take away our fundamental rights?

Billionaire pharmaceutical company founder Barry and his wife Honey Sherman were murdered in their Toronto home on Dec. 15, 2017.

They owned Apotex, a manufacturer of generic drugs, specifically HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE.

More below the fold.

I am an American constitutional lawyer & I see our government using Covid-19 to take away our fundamental rights

yes, indeed. The cure seems to be worse than the disease. And the treatment endangers the constitution as much as it enables the police state.

“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”

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We must not call it ‘WuHuFlu’, it’s COVID-19 in PC lingo

“For the past two days, New Yorkers have been dying at a rate of one every 17 minutes, according to the latest grim citywide statistics.”

On both Thursday and Friday, another 84 people died in the city from the coronavirus, as the number of positive cases and of those who are critically ill also climbed.

Greeks repel violent foreign Mohammedan invaders along its border –

Voice of Europe

Spitting is just so obnoxious.

‘Orwellian new law’ seeks to ban cash transactions over $10,000

Never let a good crisis go to waste. Big government goes for another power grab.

‘You F**king Dog’: Woman Faces Court After Allegedly Repeatedly Spitting On Police Officer

Mohammedan behaviour is deplorable. Surprised? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Marcia Langton is a primitive savage.

Just the kind that nutroots from ABC/SBS like to present to their progressive fan club:

Some idiots made her a professor. You know, the same way they made Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama a ‘professor’:

Professor wishes a slow and painful death on Mark Latham as she looks forward to “a life without hate”
University of Melbourne professor, Marcia Langton, sent Mark Latham a vile message of hate last week, stating, “you so deserve a slow, painful death and humiliating obituaries eg ‘Australia celebrates…

Who wants to be replaced by ‘young, African migrants?’

Ed Snowden Warns: Surveillance Measures Will Outlast The Pandemic

“The emergency tends to be expanded. Then the authorities become comfortable with some new power. They start to like it…”

Global cases top 600,000; Spain deaths surge: Coronavirus 

Spanish health ministry reports 832 deaths in 24 hours, bringing toll to 5,690, as fatalities worldwide exceed 27,000.

Latest case of a Mohammedan with psychological problems:

Imam Calls Coronavirus “Soldier of Allah,” Celebrates Non-Muslim Deaths

We can only hope that degenerates like this are not being spared by this epidemic. He’s in the right age-group, to be sure.

Imam: Coronavirus is ‘Soldier of Allah,’ to Harm West but Not Muslims

Who will protect the Greeks from Mohammedan insurgents?

Bono’s NGO: Old White Europeans Need To Be Replaced By Young ‘Energetic’ African Migrants

Bono is a modern-day parasite, a virtue-signalling moron in the service of the NWO. It is unlikely that he would feel at home in this new world that he hopes to bring about. In my book he is guilty of high treason & should pay the price for it.

More from the Religion of Peace:

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Deriving Sexual Pleasure from Infants

Here’s what you always wanted to know about the religion of the child-abusing prophet:

Islamic Virtues
~ This day have I perfected your religion for you! ~ al-Ma’idah, Verse 3


I was asked by a brother whether or not it is true that Shi’ite men are allowed to derive sexual pleasure from infant children, and even new-born babies, by fondling them or rubbing their genitals on them. I told him that I would post about this issue soon, so this post of mine is about that topic.Yes, this is indeed permissible for Shi’ites. But I warn my brother from the Ahlus Sunnah to not rush to condemn the Shi’ites for this moral depravity, since I’ve looked in our own texts and I could not find any rules in the works of jurisprudence of all the madhabs that forbid such behavior. And since deriving sexual pleasure from your wives or female slaves is generally permissible in Islam, and only sexual intercourse is prohibited before the age of maturity (typically at 9 years), it appears that the act of lustful fondling and thighing infant wives may be permissible for us as well.

So if we condemn the Shi’ites for these hideously immoral laws, and it turns out that they are permissible in our faith as well, then obviously they cannot be immoral since our religion allows them, so we will have to walk back our previous comments to the Shi’ites, which might be a little embarrassing for us. So take heed!

Anyway, coming to the actual issue, here are the rulings of their scholars (the “Ayatullahs”) about this topic.

Ayatullah Sistani

The most prominent Shi’ite scholar in the world today is Ayatullah Sistani, who resides in Najaf. This is what he has to say about this issue in his book Minhaj as-Saliheen (in the Chapter of Nikah):

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Germany: Mohammedans target elderly people & service personnel in trains by coughing on them

The federal police in Saarland and Kaiserslautern have been informed about the incidents and are searching for offenders. The German Bahn has upped security on the trains. They plan to patrol the affected trains with more security personnel

Don’t you just love how Indian police treats the Mohammedans?

There seems to be some hope in fighting this deadly virus:
Hungary to the European Commission: If you won’t help us, stop hurting us

Mr. Orbán has not hesitated to criticize liberal policies for failing to address the coronavirus pandemic. In a recent interview, he said that immigration is to blame for the arrival of the coronavirus in his country, as previously reported by Voice of Europe.

EU called to use cruise ships to move migrants from Greece to Germany

The (Moslem) migrant-rescue NGO Sea Watch has proposed that the EU ferry migrants to Europe using cruise ships.

UK: Migrants STILL crossing the English Channel

Mohammedans, all of them.

Bosnia Herzegovina: Bosnian Serbs protest new migrant camp

Turd Watch

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Minnesota State Representative Hodan Hassan recently kicked off her re-election campaign for Minnesota House of Representatives, District 62A.

Hassan, a former refugee from Somalia, was first elected to Minnesota House of Representatives in November 2018. She was sworn into office on a quran in January 2019.

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