Milking ‘Christchurch’ to Force Islamic Blasphemy Laws on Us

Muslim Group Calls Out Facebook’s “Failure” To Combat Hate After Christchurch

Facebook has failed to fix “extreme” Islamophobia after the Christchurch attack, a Muslim group claims, calling for the social media giant to work more closely with community groups to stamp out hate. …

Australian lawyers call on Facebook to crackdown on anti-Muslim comments

If they are working for the ummah, the nation of Islam, they are not Australian lawyers. We should put the traitors among us on notice.

Rita Jabri-Maxwell is a lawyer for the Australian Muslim Advocacy Network (AMAN)

Word police ‘rule out common words as racist’

Sky News host Paul Murray says “the word police have decided there are whole collections of words we need to collectively unlearn because they are really racist”. American television stations reported that words such as ‘blackmail’ and ‘blackout’ have negative connotations and indicate that racism has become an integral part of everyday culture.


Turkish military vehicles ‘smash Greek border to allow migrants into Europe’


EU to pay $567,000,000 to Turkey to aid “refugees”

The jiziya must be paid with willing submission while feeling subdued. These dumb people are so eager to oblige!

Greece condemned over ill-treatment of refugees held on ship

Muselprop from the MuBro’s in Qatar. Sickening. Greece owes these people nothing. Qatar should look after them, but they won’t/

5 thoughts on “Milking ‘Christchurch’ to Force Islamic Blasphemy Laws on Us”

  1. to fix “extreme” Islamophobia … [sic]

    islamophobia is what islams feel !!!
    We know this because …
    Leftoids(aka … Liberals/Democrats/Marxists/islams) ALWAYS project onto others their reality
    (whatever they accuse non-islams of – is what they are)

    islamonausea is what non-islams feel !!!

    islam … just sick of it
    islam … time to do something about it – permanently

    The Winslow Plan for Winning the War Against Islam and the OIC

    1) Begin Muslim Ideological Profiling (MIP) to screen all Muslims worldwide for signs of radicalization, and quit screening all non-Muslims and wasting resources. Identify, label, and ban all radicalized Muslims from international travel and from weapon ownership. Expel all Muslims from govt. positions and the military.

    2) Stop Muslim immigration to non-Muslim countries until Islam as a viable political ideology has been exterminated worldwide, and the Muslim World has been disintegrated along with its ancient battle lines. End citizenship and deport all Muslims from non-Muslim countries back to where they or their forebears came from until the new apostate reeducated generation can be raised, after which their possible reimmigration will be on the table again. Make Sharia a world crime, and preach the Great Muslim Apostasy (GMA) as a way out for every Muslim.

    3) Call up at least 50 million troops and switch to a wartime economy, with the goal of disarming all Muslims worldwide and keeping Muslims from access to arms. U.S. Winslow Plan allies will include hopefully the EU, Russia, China, and India. Too bad, the sad fact of Islamization of Europe might make them into a target for the Winslow Plan instead, let’s hope not.

    4) Nuke Mecca and Medina with dirty bombs to prove to all Muslims that their Allah and Muhammad were frauds, and demoralize radical Muslims. Create at least a 20-mile and better a 50-mile dead zone that will last ten thousand years, and station a permanent military force encircling it to prevent all entry until Islam is declared dead by the U.N.

    5) Force the U.N. expel the 57-member Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), including Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia, and North African Muslim nations. If they won’t, the U.S. should expel the U.N. and set up its own that does to prepare for the new Muslim-free world order. Isolate, quarantine, and contract the Muslim World, and occupy and disarm their countries with the Winslow Plan force for as long as it takes to exterminate Islam as a viable ideology that makes its true believers enemies of the human race. Dissolve all official Muslim states including Pakistan and Bangladesh (and let India reintegrate them). Help Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates solidify control and help lead ex-Muslims back into the human race as citizens of Israel (their option), or other new countries carved out of the old Muslim World.

    6) End the ability of any Muslim nation to make or keep nukes, dismantling all weapons, nuclear materials, and nuclear facilities, and capturing all nuclear scientists and engineers.

    7) Stop Sharia, disarm and dismantle all violent Muslim orgs., and imprison the members for life. Make it a world crime to arm a Muslim, or for a Muslim to be armed.

    8) Take the women away from the men and the children away from the parents to break the cycle of indoctrination. Make it a world crime for the Quran to be taught to a a child, with immediate arrest of all involved, it’s like stopping an infection. Recruit 30 million teachers and engage in long-term occupation until a new generation of children can be raised with a globalist secular mindset that breaks the cycle of indoctrination into the Quran, meaning they should never be allowed to see a Quran or set foot in a mosque or pray to Allah or read anything about Muhammad, and even their names must be secularized to make a clean break with the past, especially any name even remotely related to Muhammad or Allah. The Arabic language should be banned except for scholars for safety. That’s right, bring up a generation of Islam history ignoramuses, this crap should only be studied by the mature. After reaching age 18-21 they will be set free and can choose any religion they want, or none, as well as any political ideology except Islam. If they choose Islam as a religion, repeat this step; at least the mental bacteria of the Quran will be greatly weakened when trying to take over a mature educated mind. The educational curriculum should not only be secular, scientific and technology oriented, but nonpolitical and nonreligious, preparing the children to take their place in a global society. The local culture should be ignored as retro and dangerous, suitable for study only by mature educated adults. Of course in practice the teachers will bend these rules and try to lead heir students to their own political and religious viewpoint, but nothing’s perfect, and any result that reduces the number of believing practicing Muslims is a positive step.

    9) Make occupied countries pay for our police services with their oil and other natural resources as best they can. Only after the new generation matures and proves they are worthy should political power be entrusted to them, in a phased manner, with the goal of having their former Muslim countries rejoin the human race without Islam.

    10) Once the back of the Muslim World has been broken, help speed its disintegration by a mass immigration of non-Muslims from the West, India, China et al. They can help green the deserts and turn this giant hellhole into a bustling vital part of the new world order economy.

    mandatory sterilisation of each and every islam conspirator
    mandatory sterilisation of each and every islam

  2. Hate speech laws are being rushed thru NZ parliament whilst the Commie Adhern is still in power. Many NZers want her out on Sept 20 th. She is not coping well with the current stress and may be taking what her side kick lives on . He is not called ”snort ” for nothing . He got into a bit of bother early on and the NZ police covered up for him. The grannies took over the child rearing when the baby was three months old for obvious enough reasons.

  3. There’s enough footage out on the Internet to PROVE that the so-called Christchurch mosque massacre (false flag event) didn’t even happen.

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