Mustards Spread the Corona Virus…

Italy’s ‘Patient Zero’ a Migrant Who Refused Order to Stay Home…

UK:(Moslem) thugs smash church CCTV and pull cross from roof but police say “it’s not a hate crime”

Alhamdulillah, so glad it wasn’t a mosque. We would never hear the end of it. But Moslems attacking a church? Cultural enrichment, of course!

No Free Speech For Islam Critics

by Baron Bodissey

If advocates of free speech forbid the criticism of Islam, are they truly in favor of free speech?

by Anne Marie Waters

The Moslem invasion of Europe:

Turkey Floods EU with 76,000 ‘Migrants’ in 3 Days…

Riots in France:

We have the French being beaten senseless, 21 Swedish women a day getting raped and Turkey’s flooding Europe with illegals.

 Will governments step in and sort the mess out? Christians are being slain all over Africa – Islam is far more dangerous than any virus.

Iran doesn’t just suck:

Watch – Iranian Muslims Lick, Kiss Shrines: Say They Are ‘Not Scared of Coronavirus’

Iranian Muslims Lick, Kiss Shrines to Prove They’re ‘Not Scared of Coronavirus’

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