Paris: enforcing the law would cause a ‘backlash’

UN expert: World religions should defer to the authority of UN experts

A Mohammedan demands that all religions bow to allah:

Special rapporteur Ahmad Shaheed concluded that laws based in traditional morality, often religious in nature, should be repealed if they conflict with the opinions of human rights scholars and U.N. experts.

Australia Announces $38 Billion Coronavirus Aid Package

Australia on Lockdown

Iran’s Khamenei Blames U.S. ‘Liars and Charlatans’ for Coronavirus, Rejects ‘Strange’ Offer of Aid

Iran Rejects U.S. Aid Offer, Pushes Conspiracy Trump Created Virus

Thefts Surge in Italian City Under Coronavirus Quarantine

Thefts Surge in Italian City Under Coronavirus Quarantine

The CoronaVirus is a “soldier of Allah”:

2 thoughts on “Paris: enforcing the law would cause a ‘backlash’”

  1. Balkanization of France is more advanced than in most other western countries. How far before it is too late? We are living through historic events as the world changes dramatically at an accelerated pace than we thought possible. Or maybe not.

  2. Just wondering why they don’t give the Muslims what they are demanding – confine the Muslims within their exclusive territorial zones, withdraw all medical and other help, and leave the inhabitants fate up to Allah. If they all end up catching the virus, well it will be as Allah wills. Just make sure they don’t get out to deliberately infect the kaffur.

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