Sikhs in Afghanistan have two choices: leave for India or convert to Islam

Vietnam is forcing tens of thousands of people into quarantine camps to stem the spread of the Chinese coronavirus in the country, Reuters revealed on Thursday.

Travelers returning home to Vietnam from overseas are shipped to government sites if suspected of carrying the Chinese coronavirus. This aggressive tactic of sending newly arrived travelers to mass quarantine camps was first seen in China, where the virus originated.

The EUSSR has to go:

Salvini: Expect Revolt in Italy Without 100 Billion Euro Bailout

Salvini: Expect Revolt in Italy Without 100 Billion Euro Bailout

The Italians should revolt against the EUSSR. They should get the hell out.

Philippines: Hundreds Arrested for Violating Coronavirus Quarantine

Democrats Shamelessly Use Crisis to Push Socialism

Just like Mohammedans who shamelessly push for Islam.

‘We cannot live here’: Afghanistan’s Sikhs weigh future after suicide bombing

Beats me how they lasted so long. 

KABUL (Reuters) – Many among Afghanistan’s dwindling Sikh minority are considering leaving for neighboring India, after a suicide bombing in the eastern city of Jalalabad on Sunday killed at least 13 members of the community.

“Our religious practices are not tolerated by the Islamic terrorists. We are Afghans. The government recognizes us, but terrorists target us because we are not Muslims,” added Singh, the secretary of a national panel of Hindus and Sikhs.

Following the Jalalabad attack, some Sikhs have sought shelter at the city’s Indian consulate.

“We are left with two choices: to leave for India or to convert to Islam,” said Baldev Singh, who owns a book- and textile shop in Jalalabad.

Anjem Chowdry claims democracy is oppression because it does not impose Islamic laws

Brother Anjem is right on the money with that, because as long as there’s a place on this planet not ruled by Mohammedans the Moslems are oppressed. Only when all the infidels are slaughtered or forcibly converted the oppression ends.

CBN News interviewed British Muslim leader Anjam Chowdry who wants to impose Sharia laws in the UK.

As you can see in the video below he claims non-Muslims’ rejection of Islam and Sharia laws is a declaration of war. He hopes non-Muslims will voluntarily convert to Islam, embrace Sharia law and not force Muslims to use force in order to impose Islam in the UK.
He also explains how difficult it is for him to live under oppression in a country where “man-made laws” are practised instead of Sharia laws. He treats democracy as an enemy and says if they will be the majority there will be no minority rights for Christians and Jews.
Under Sharia there is no freedom, no freedom of thought, no freedom of religion, no freedom to choose.

Women are considered Second-class citizen with no autonomy over their own bodies.

Sharia includes Child marriage, forced marriage, Child brides, polygamy, FGM, Acid attacks, honor killings, beheading and stoning.