The scale of Erdogan’s operation against Greece is huge!

An orthodox church on the Greek island of Lesbos was trashed by refugees Mohammedans, according to local media reports.

Erdogan Delivers E.U. Migrant Ultimatum: ‘Doors Are Open… Take Your Share’

But the post-Cristian Europe shares nothing with Mohammedans. There is no obligation whatsoever to provide for the soldiers of allah, especially not in light of the fact that the rich Arabs are religiously obliged to assist their suffering brethren. It is sheer lunacy to take them in when their wealthy Muslim brothers in Soddy Barbaria refuse to support them.


Turkey threatens Europe with ‘millions’ of migrants

PICTURES: Migrant Mobs Turn Violent at Greek Border, Army Deployed

Photos: Migrant Mobs Turn Violent at Greek Border, Army Deployed

German Moonbat Journaille Attacked by Local Greeks

The majority of journalists in Germany are activists, far left Antifa supporters. German media are  (still) spreading fairytales about cultural enrichment and the benefits of diversity. They advocate self-hatred and guilt complexes to the German people. They are also responsible for the current situation.

German leftists are more pro-Moslem than the Moslems themselves. Too bad they don’t have any Moslem friends.

18 Caught Trying to Escape Quarantine in Italy