Thanks to Vlad Tepes:

it is official: Corona lockdown does not apply to refugees in Germany, only to Germans

The BAD news:

The WHO claims that there is no reason to believe that having had the Wuhan Flu and getting over it means that you have immunity to it afterwards.

The GOOD News:

There is no reason to believe a single thing you hear from the communist revolutionary World Health Organization, a byproduct of the communist revolutionary ‘United Nations’.

Besides, it sounds just like the flu. This years flu-virus is not the one of yesteryear.

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Human Rights Watch urges Bangladesh to reverse ‘inhumane’ Rohingya boat push-backs

Human Rights Watch has requested the Bangladeshi government grant refuge to hundreds of Rohingya Muslims stranded in two fishing boats off its coast for up to several weeks, saying they need urgent access to food, water and health care and that rejecting the boats would be “inhumane”.

Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister Abdul Momen said on Thursday the country would not allow entry to any more Rohingya refugees, who have been fleeing mass atrocities in neighbouring Myanmar.

“I am opposed to allowing these Rohingya into the country because Bangladesh is always asked to take care of the responsibility of other countries,” said Momen, adding that the coronavirus pandemic has caused an influx of Bangladeshi nationals returning to the country.

They are Bengali, They share the same language, they share the same religion. They are not Burmese. They call themselves”Rohingya”. Such a people never existed in history. They are failed Moslem invaders who are escaping irate Buddhists. Why does Banglatrash reject them? Because they are already Moslem. They don’t need any more. They failed in their jihad to make Burma islamic. That’s why they don’t want to take them back.