Coronavirus: Communists and Islamists plot new world order

Coronavirus: Communists and Islamists plot new world order

The World Trade Centre Station in New York is almost empty as the US tentatively prepares to get back to business. Picture: AFP
The World Trade Centre Station in New York is almost empty as the US tentatively prepares to get back to business. 


Illiberal states are waging cold war as Western countries are ­ravaged by COVID-19. China, Iran and Russia are uniting in a radical disinformation campaign to strike at the heart of the free world order — the United States.

The propaganda is reminiscent of communist-era tactics. It casts the US as an enemy state and liberal democracy as a decadent, spent force to turn developing nations against the West. The free world is weakened and the prospect of economic recovery is bleak. Our enemies know it. They believe a new world order is rising from the East.

When US President Donald Trump imposed travel restrictions in late January, China was quick to condemn the decision by appealing to the authority of the World Health Organisation.

Fox News quoted Chinese Communist Party foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying: “Just as the WHO recommended against travel restrictions, the US rushed to go in the opposite way. Certainly not a gesture of goodwill.”

When Trump announced the US withdrawal of WHO funding this month, he said the organisation’s acceptance of CCP mis­information led to a probable 20-fold increase in COVID-19 cases around the world.

Within days of the US funding freeze, the CCP stepped in to reward the organisation that had protected it from global scrutiny. Notorious CCP conspiracy theorist Lijian Zhao tweeted about the benefits of multilateralism and China’s new funding for the WHO. By multilateralism, the CCP often means a world system it can control.

Zhao earlier made inter­national headlines by promoting an anti-American conspiracy so laughable it took a village of ­useful idiots to dream it up. It blamed a non-existent laboratory in the US for manufacturing COVID-19 to damage Chinese interests. The conspiracy theory was devised by a respectable-sounding think tank in Canada called Global Research. Timothy Guzman suggested COVID-19 could be used “as a weapon of choice to destabilise China’s economy and push back against China’s growing influence”.

Despite conceding he had no proof of the theory, he continued: “Since the 20th century, the US has been the leader in developing various biological and chemical weapons … at Fort Detrick, Maryland, since the late 1940s, around the start of the Cold War.” Again, the author conceded it was improbable. After all, the US dismantled its biological weapons program in 1969 and since that time Fort Detrick has been used to research vaccines for emerging viruses and to prevent bio­weapons development. It was closed in August last year after government health officials detected problems with the facility’s wastewater management.

Despite noting the facts, Guzman concluded: “I believe that the US government knows how COVID-19 began and where it was going. The US government … and the rest of the Military-Industrial Complex is no stranger to biological weapons … The truth about COVID-19 will eventually come out. In the meantime, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, a war against Russia, China, Iran or Venezuela is in the works.”

It is a stellar example of deliberate disinformation.

The European Union and US State Department are studying emergent COVID-19 conspiracy theories from Russian, Chinese and Iranian state sources and their proxies in the West. The theme of US bioweapons manufacturing serves to distract the public from the truth that the virus originated in Wuhan and was covered up by the CCP, whose officials subsequently “disappeared” whistleblowers.

The truth of COVID-19’s emergence shows the primitive wet-market culture of China and a government desperate to conceal the global health risks posed by its barbaric trade in animals.

But the CCP’s campaign of censorship serves another purpose; it conceals the internal vulnerability of the party.

In his 1984 book, New Lies for Old, ex-KGB officer Anatoliy Golitsyn explained the purpose of “red propaganda”. He wrote: “The political vulnerability of communist regimes, their concern for stability and their undemocratic methods of resolving internal crises oblige them to use disinformation on a wide scale in order to conceal and dispel the threats to their existence and to present themselves in a favourable light as stable forms of ­society.”

The Iranian regime too has produced a series of COVID-19 conspiracy theories. Most centre on the same lies propagated by the CCP. But the conspiracies are broadening to propaganda that portrays the West as a ­wholly negative and spent force in the world.

After establishing the fallacy, the communist-Islamist bloc competes for who gets to run the new world order.

Western decline has been a popular theme in communist and Islamist propaganda since the mid-20th century. However, COVID-19 has breathed new life into the dismal dreams of the totalitarian world.

Mohsen Rezaee, secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council and a former commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, has predicted that the COVID-19 pandemic will bring about a ­global shift in power from the West to the East.

The Middle East Media Research Institute translated an article in which Rezaee announced COVID-19 would end the liberal world order. The same propaganda line is being pushed by Pravda. As the economic and human toll of COVID-19 progressively weakens the West, revolutionary Islam will strike.

The enemies of freedom are praying that COVID-19 will so weaken the economies of the West that a global revolution against liberalism and democracy will at last succeed. They are waiting for us to fall.

The initial shock of the coronavirus forced the government to manage it as a public health crisis. The economic toll became more apparent as Australia and allied states faced soaring jobless rates, and economists are now com­paring the economic consequences of COVID-19 to the Great Depression.

Many Australians have coped with the overwhelming reality by turning a blind eye to the bigger picture. But the pandemic has weakened the free world on several fronts and illiberal regimes are declaring their long-held ambition to rise up against the West.

Those arguing for the continued economic shutdown of Australia, the US and Europe should question why the enemies of freedom share the same ambition.

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