Good news: coronavirus can be stopped with the Qurʼan!

Algeria: Religious Affairs Ministry tells people the coronavirus can be stopped with the Qurʼan

France: Muslim migrant threatens cops with knife, is shot dead

As usual,  attacks like this have nothing to do with Islam. But because they happen so frequently, the police  helped him to meet the virgins before he could do any real damage. Allahu akbar!

Iowa: Republican candidate calls for redefining Islam as “militant cultural imperialism seeking world domination”

Pakistan: Christians yet again denied food aid, coronavirus relief distribution for Muslims only

UK’s new Shadow Minister for Community Cohesion: Muslim rape gang victims should “shut up for the good of diversity”

 coronavirus originated in Wuhan lab as part of China’s efforts to compete with US

Chinese Communist Party lied, (WHO flacked for them) and thousands of people died…