Unbelievable. How did this go under the radar? This is a national scandal

Mohammedan headbangers are not part of our society. They have no business spewing hatred in our parliament. If Labor backs Shaoquett Moselmane then they are guilty of treason. Out with this trash!


Astonishing and sinister. Labor’s Shaoquett Moselmane, the first Muslim MP in the NSW Parliament, now pushes the interests of the Chinese dictatorship above Australia’s:


China cannot continue to rise the way that it has within a West-designed world order, in a Western-designed global financial system, and in a West-controlled international legal trade structure dominated and controlled by Western powers….

The only way for China to reach its potential is for China to force a change to the rules and create a new world order… The rules have to change…

[China] needs greater control of the global media which it plans. Global media and the engine of social media are in the hands of China’s opponents. The Arab Spring has seen the power of Western propaganda satellites in manipulating and misinforming the public leading the Arab world to chaos and the result has been death and destruction. Today China has been able to block that intrusion into China’s internal affairs….

Moselmane’s conspiracy theories and antagonism to the West is of deep concern, coming from an Australian politician.

Does he not think the Chinese communists actually have too much control over the media, imposing harsh censorship? Does he not think that China is actually smashing the world order by stealing the South China Sea, to the especial disadvantage not of the West but of China’s Asian neighbours – Vietnam and the Philippines? Does he not see that China’s astonishing rise has in fact created under the “Western” system he now denounces? Does he not see that China is actually a communist dictatorship?

Why is this man a Labor MP? What kind of interests and hatreds does he represent and reinforce?

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The Coronavirus: is it a hoax or is it real?

‘China’s numbers are fake’

U.S. Intel Confirms China Hid Severity of Coronavirus Outbreak

EU Will ‘Cease to Exist’ Over Coronavirus Response Failure

That would be a good thing.

Philippines’ Duterte Tells Police of Quarantine Violators: ‘Shoot Them Dead’

Philippines’ Duterte Tells Police of Quarantine Violators: ‘Shoot Them Dead’

I used to find him amusing. No more.

Italy’s Death Toll Exceeds 13,000

Witch-burning cure will be deadlier than the virus

RJ Smith/The Australian

Italian soldiers wait for coffins they took from the Bergamo area are unloaded at a cemetery near Milan in Northern Italy. Picture: AP
Italian soldiers wait for coffins they took from the Bergamo area are unloaded at a cemetery near Milan in Northern Italy. Picture: AP


We are in the midst of the strangest event of our lives. Societies have shut down. Families and whole nations face financial ruin. Walking the streets is now a crime from Paris to Sydney to Mumbai. And all of this has occurred not despite the will of the people but because of it.

The reasons are well known. There is a virus on the loose. It is transmitted by humans and is killing tens of thousands. It is an existential threat at which all resources must be thrown and all energy expended.

This is the popular mantra. And if true it would justify the incredible events we are witnessing. The problem is that it appears not to be true, a fact few are willing to entertain amid the hysteria that prevails. Yet its falsity is indicated on a cursory review of the best available data.

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Mohammedans are ‘super-spreaders’ of coronavirus

India: Amid lockdown, Tablighi Jamaat Muslims of Nizamuddin Markaz mosque act as super-spreaders of coronavirus

India has been brought to a standstill by a threatening Islamist movement that has aborted all government efforts to contain the contagion, and has taken the deadly virus to masses. An unnerving 3400-strong Muslim congregation at the Nizamuddin Markaz mosque in Delhi defied the lockdown and embarked on an unprecedented bio-war, which you may refer to as Corona Jihad, from India’s capital city.

India: “Infected Muslims want to go and spread Corona to Infidels so they can die in hundreds of thousands”

ISIS Discovers the Cure for Coronavirus: Jihad

“Use this opportunity to fill the streets with blood”

Tablighi Jamaat accused of spreading coronavirus tied to al Qaeda, Taliban, Kashmir jihadis


LIVE Coronavirus updates: France records more than 3000 deaths, enforcement of Victoria’s stage 3 restrictions begins


Cyprus pushes Syrian refugees back at sea due to coronavirus
About 200 Syrian refugees are stranded in northern Cyprus after a harrowing standoff with authorities on the sea.
No Moslem is a refugee. All Moslems are soldiers of allah.
200 Catholic aid agencies demanded that Syrian war refugees in the Greek camps be evacuated in a bid to “avert a catastrophe” due to the coronavirus.
Catholics aiding & abetting the invasion of Europe by Mohammedans. How cool is that?
Caritas Europe and Jesuit Refugees Service were among the groups urging action, which also sent an impassioned appeal to the authorities in Greece.

How right-wing extremists are exploiting virus crisis

Ah yes, those elusive “right-wing extremists”. Rare as hen’s teeth. But the journaille & our politclowns need them like they need the tooth-fairy to scare recalcitrant children.

Violent right-wing extremists are inciting followers to “weaponise” COVID-19 and spread it to police officers, religious minorities, non-whites…
Coronavirus wedding: Melbourne family allowed to celebrate

Mohammedans are exempt from infidel laws & regulations. While the rest of us is hiding in our homes, the Moslems go about their business regardless. Infidel laws that are supposed to stop large crowds from getting together simply do not apply.