WTF happened to our rights?

“A cop’s JOB is to violently enforce upon the rest of us whatever arbitrary bullshit the political parasites declare to be “law.” It is, therefore, impossible to be a “law enforcer” and behave morally, for the same reason one can’t be a moral car-jacker.”
― Larken Rose

27-Year-Old San Diego Woman Faces 90 Days in Prison for Organizing Anti-Lockdown Protest

The right to assembly was at one time a US constitutional right.
Not today.

27-year-old Naomi Soria is facing criminal charges after she organized last week’s downtown San Diego protest.

In other news:

 If this is happening in your part of the country, then it’s too late. They’ve taken over. Already happening in NYC too. Go to Brooklyn.

This is vile. It shows doctors having nothing to do because the expected epidemic is not happening. So they resort to vile themes that offend Christians.

Fine, docs & nurses are heroes but this is what they are doing while people are sick & dying from things other than Covid19 right now because they can’t go to hospitals. END THIS LOCKDOWN


3 thoughts on “WTF happened to our rights?”

  1. Please forgive my levity Sheik, but this talk of ‘the right of assembly’ puts me in mind of humourist AP Herbert’s view of the right of assembly in English Law. As I recall, he defined the right of assembly as a man’s (sorry ladies, APH pre-dated gender neutral language) right to walk along a public footpath, during daylight hours, by himself, at a moderate pace, breathing quietly. I guess, in many places, this is about all that remains of the ‘right of assembly,’ sadly.

  2. But no levity from me regarding the horrible parody of Da Vinci’s vision of the Last Supper. Agree with you entirely Sheik. It is vile. Christianity is a soft target. Bet none of those servants of suffering humanity would have the guts to parody Mohammed.

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