Covid is gone. But there’s a virus in the brain…

Patriots must protect life, property, and the US Constitution and end the leftist violent insurrection.

Fake news media  tells us the rioters are “hurting” and “in pain.” Really? They seem to be enjoying themselves. It’s the people whose stores and businesses they destroy who are in pain. Again the Left sympathizes with the looters and ignores the pleas of their innocent victims.

The media is now saying that the Black Lives Matter protestors are white supremacists.

Government: re-opening businesses is unacceptable.
Also government: burning down businesses is acceptable.

City officials who knowingly allow crimes to be committed, without any intention of making the guilty pay, are criminals who should be removed from power.

DemRats Causing Riots:

Minnesota Mayor – Democrat

Oakland Mayor – Democrat

Nashville Mayor – Democrat

DC Mayor – Democrat

Atlanta Mayor – Democrat

Dallas Mayor – Democrat

Chicago Mayor – Democrat

NYC Mayor – Democrat

Libturd reporters will refer to a looter or arsonist or criminal caught in the act as a #BLM protestor.

“It is not … generally speaking … unruly.” -actual words of MSNBC’s own Baghdad Bob. A screenshot from a video on the lunacy from Akkad Daily

CNN's Van Jones: "Even the most well-intentioned white person has a virus in his or her brain"
Mental brainfarts of race huckster communist Van Jones:

Chants of “eat the rich” in Beverly Hills

White Supremacists protesting the death of a Black Man… That makes a lot of sense.

Hollywood elites, ardent Trump haters, are sending money to bail out the protesters that are said to be white supremacists and Trump supporters?

George Soros Announces China Must Lead The New World Order
George Soros laid out the global elites’ plan for ushering in what he called “a New World Order” during an interview with the Financial Times. According to Soros, China must lead this New World Order, “creating it and owning it,” in the same way the United States “owns the current order.”
Now you know who’s behind the China virus!

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Turks demand jiziya, visa-free access to Europe. Or else…

Turkey threatens Europe with renewed refugee flow unless its demands met

Turkey threatens Europe with renewed refugee flow unless its demands met

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu and Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu have on various occasions warned the European Union that a new refugee flow will take place in the post-pandemic era unless Turkey’s demands including a visa-free regime for Turkish citizens and a new trade deal are not met.

Apart from the outrageous demands for jiziya & the blackmail that comes with it, are demands for open borders. If that happens, 10 to 20 million Turks will invade Europe. That means game over.

Turkey: Muslim leaders rewriting history to glorify Ottoman Islamic rulers, downplay the secularist Ataturk
Turkey: Muslim leaders rewriting history to glorify Ottoman Islamic rulers, downplay the secularist Ataturk

“By contrast, there is the opposite Islamist view. According to this, it was Sultan Vahdettin who did everything. In fact, the Islamist discourse addresses the issue with a conspiratorial approach as if Atatürk was almost pro-British. Now that Islamists are in power in Turkey, they want to change that history.”

Of course. Because Erdogan has for years been working toward re-establishing the Ottoman caliphate. This is just another step in that direction.

“It’s a terrifying sign that we are abandoning rationality.”

Yeah, well, so is everybody else, pal. Join the club.

Report: Channel Migrants 'Threaten to Throw Their Children Into Water'
So now the French excuse for not stopping illegal migrant boats is that when they are “approached by French patrol vessels, the migrants threaten to jump overboard or throw their children into the water”?
These ruthless criminals, coming from a safe country in the EU, have absolutely no place in Britain, and should be arrested and charged for this beaviour the moment they are brought ashore if they cannot be immediately deported, as they should be.
Greece to evict over 10,000 refugees from shelters

Greece to evict over 10,000 refugees from shelters

Government to begin evicting refugees from current accommodations in camps, hotels, apartments next week

Over 10,000 refugees in Greece that have been granted asylum now face eviction from accommodation facilities where they are currently staying.

The country’s Ministry of Migration Policy plans to replace these refugees with asylum seekers on Aegean islands in an attempt to decongest camps there.

Riots: Covid is now on the back burner. See how fast the narrative shifts?

Why is it that when a black football player kneels he is lauded and given a shoe contract by Nike, but when a police officer kneels in performance of his duty the communist mob cries for murder charges?

Nothing to do with justice. A communist insurrection financed by Soros, supported by government communist infiltrators. With media fanning the flames.

Of course the Left’s plan is to loot and burn our cities then the Media will claim Trump is weak for not stopping them. Then Trump tweets about using force to stop them and Twitter hides the tweet as inciting violence. This is all 100% orchestrated by the DNC.

The mayor of Minneapolis blaming “white supremacists” and “foreign actors” for the rioting & destruction in Minneapolis. This is not about justice. It is political theater. This is an attempted coup happening in real-time. The left is absolutely insane.

A white elderly couple were shot to death visiting their sons grave by a black man a few days ago. A black male nurse was on camera beating white nursing home patients.

A black man is killed by a cop, and we’ll destroy our country? No.

We are under siege from the inside by NWO

Regular Americans begging to open their businesses were called dangerous and callous Rioters are called mostly peaceful and grieving while they loot and burn small businesses Media hates you and wants you to fight because as they say “What’s bad for them is good for us”

No amount of fine words, diversity training, or funding for social programmes is going to make multiracial and multicultural societies work. Our energy has now to be devoted to working towards new social arrangements – ultimately leading to equitable separation.


Many of the white people starting fires look like Bernie Bros, doughy computer nerds, Antifa is there too, the crowds are just about equally black & white, blows liberal race narrative! Not about George Floyd! It is crystal clear for November at this point! Urban warfare

Ilhan Omar: “our anger is just” and “our anger is warranted.”

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN), whose district includes all of Minneapolis, responded to Black Lives Matter rioters looting and burning down dozens of businesses, smashing up a public charter school and attacking firefighters by saying “our anger is just” and “our anger is warranted.”

BLM rioters were filmed looting big-screen TVs, emptying and destroying the neighborhood’s two biggest grocery stores, setting fire to multiple businesses, smashing up a public charter school, attacking firefighters and more.
@CNN tries so hard to run cover for protesters, antifa, leftists and communists and they get their headquarters trashed and bottles thrown at them. CNN won’t change their tune because narrative is more important to them.
MINN. GOVERNOR & MAYOR LIED: Jail records Show Most Arrested in Minneapolis Riots Live in Minnesota

The overwhelming majority of people arrested in connection with the Minneapolis unrest have Minnesota addresses, a search of the online Hennepin County Jail log shows.

Of the 45 people arrested for rioting, unlawful assembly, stolen property, burglary or robbery on May 29 and May 30 so far, 38 had Minnesota addresses, according to publicly available jail records reviewed by FOX 9.

These are not social justice riots

I’ve seen white people, black people, and all shades at these riots.

One thing I didn’t see, is a MAGA hat.

You can’t have a serious conversation about police brutality and race without addressing the incredibly high rate of violent crime committed by blacks. If you’re 13% of the population but commit 50% of violent crimes, that is a problem. Where is the conversation about that?

The MSM commentators are utterly stupid. They all keep saying,” It makes no sense that these people are burning down their own neighbourhoods”. Guest after guest lamenting trying to figure it out. It’s called BLM & ANTIFA: Anarchist Groups created by SOROS!

Joe Biden has not condemned the violence and arson and looting the nation is witnessing.  This appears to be some kind of perverse political calculation. Shameful.

The communist DemRats, funded by Spooky Dude George Soros, have gone scorched-earth in a last-ditch effort to destroy Trump before the November election using George Floyd’s death as an excuse to burn American cities, towns and businesses.

Two federal police officers were shot during last night’s Antifa/BLM rioting in Oakland, Cal. One of the officers has died. They were protecting a government facility when they were fired upon.

Fake News CNN is calling the rioters white supremacists

70% of the arrests in Ferguson were out of towners / paid protesters.

Amazing how one dead nigga brings out all the commie agitprops calling for a revolution:

That’s how they tick:

George Soros where’s my money!”

Let me get this straight. It’s not OK for me to attend church or to my synagogue but it’s OK for a huge group of Anarcho monkeys nationwide to Loot, Arson, and Riot?

‘Killer Mike’ wants to kill his ‘masters’ & calls for peace. I wonder what makes him tick.

Soros funded Antifa sets Black communities, Black businesses, Black police stations on fire

Black people will be blamed.

Black people will be arrested .

Black people will lose jobs.

Black people will suffer.

Race Riots Flare Up All Over the U.S.

Riots Spread to NYC, Los Angeles, Louisville, Dallas, Detroit, Portland

Leftists Attack CNN Headquarters in Atlanta

Rioters Attack CNN Headquarters in Atlanta…

Killer Mike Rips CNN: ‘Karma Is a Mother, Stop Feeding Fear and Anger’…
Explosive Thrown into CNN Building …

CNN’s Valencia While Reporting in Atlanta: ‘No Story’ Worth Your Life, I Want to Be Able to See My Family

…CNN’s Valencia While Reporting in Atlanta: ‘No Story’ Worth Your Life
Leftists Burn American Flags Outside White House: ‘F*ck the Police’…

George Soros And Bill Gates Funding Facebook’s Fact-Checkers

Cruz: Twitter Silencing ‘Genuine Political Speech by Americans While Facilitating Terroristic Threats by Iran’

Cruz: Twitter Silencing ‘Political Speech by Americans While Facilitating Terroristic Threats by Iran’

Flashback: Project Veritas Revealed Extent of Twitter Bias

Flashback: Project Veritas Revealed Extent of Twitter Bias
Twitter Lets Verified Account Threaten Journalist with ‘Bullet in the Back of Your Skull’

What niggas really want:

Ice Cube Posts Cartoon of Black Figure Stomping White Figure

Rapper and actor Ice Cube has posted a cartoon on Twitter showing a black figure stomping on a white figure in what appears to be the rapper’s latest reaction to the death of George Floyd and the riots that have ensued.

It remains unclear if Ice Cube’s tweet violates Twitter’s terms of service, which prohibit users from “glorifying violence.”

White House Attack Intensifies

DC Floyd AP

George Floyd protests are continuing across America on Friday after former police officer Derek Chauvin was earlier arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern.

“Imam of Peace” Gets The Twitter Boot

The Twatter Speech-Gestapo has gone too far. It’s not only that they have tried to censor Donald Trump, the Presiden of the United States, but they have also censored your’s truly, sheik yer’mami, and that goes for multiple accounts.

Popular activist Imam of Peace suspended from Twitter for sharing anti-terrorist meme

The Imam of Peace, Imam Tawhidi, has been locked out of Twitter for ridiculing an Islamic extremist organization.

The Imam of Peace, Imam Tawhidi, has been locked out of Twitter for ridiculing an Islamic extremist organization. On April 2, Tawhidi posted a meme that took aim at Tablighi Jamaat, a group based in India that is tied to Al-Qaeda terrorists. The cartoon Tawhidi posted shows a man wearing a suicide bomb on the left panel, and that same man wearing a bomb of coronavirus particles on the right side. Tawhidi was asked to remove this image or suffer permanent Twitter account deactivation. He has declined to remove the tweet.

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“Never let a good crisis go to waste”

Guterres is just a commie parasite in a suit, but his demands are no different from those of the looters in Minnesota.

United Nations wants 10% of entire planet’s annual income in fund for coronavirus response
Use of funds would include contraception and ‘reproductive health.’

May 15, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Left-wing billionaire George Soros has indicated that the coronavirus pandemic paves the way for societal changes previously thought impossible, calling it “the crisis of my lifetime.” Soros had lived through the Second World War as a youth.

“Even before the pandemic hit, I realized that we were in a revolutionary moment where what would be impossible or even inconceivable in normal times had become not only possible, but probably absolutely necessary,” he said during an interview on May 11.

DemRat governors are deceiving &  scaring their electorate to keep economic activity shut down & to prevent Trump’s reelection.

The lack of evidence lockdowns actually worked is a world scandal

There is still not a shred of real proof that the planet’s reckless stay-at-home experiment made any difference

We have detonated the global economy to pursue a lockdown experiment that may not have worked, according to the latest evidence. This diabolical revelation should be a world scandal. It should also be a sobering moment of enlightenment for Britain, as we seek to salvage our economy while learning lessons on how to better protect the vulnerable. Instead the Covid narrative becomes ever more surreal.

The broadcast media is more interested in scalping lockdown flouters than questioning whether shutdowns have served any useful purpose. World-class studies that suggest lockdown did not alter the pandemic’s course are mysteriously vanishing into internet obscurity on first contact with the official narrative.

The Jihad Stops For Nothing

Ramadan Rage: 2020 Logs 30% More Jihadist Attacks than 2019 Despite Coronavirus

Soros Paid For Antifa Riots in Minneapolis

Donald Trump: America Terminating Relationship with World Health Organization

‘We must have answers’


President Donald Trump on Friday announced at the White House that the United States would terminate its relationship with the World Health Organization.

Keith Ellison invites antifa to the party

Maybe the Democratic Party’s No. 2 was just joking about antifa violence. Or maybe he supports it.

Twitter Censors Official White House AccountTwitter Lets Verified Account Threaten Journalist with ‘Bullet in the Back of Your Skull’Twitter Lets Verified Account Threaten Journalist with ‘Bullet in the Back of Your Skull’

Official Twitter ‘Moment’ Describes Violent Riots, Looting as ‘Heated Protests’