Bizarre EU-Funded Comic Book Predicted Plandemic, With Globalists As Saviours

German intelligence exposes Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to undermine Germany.

It took intelligence to find this out?

Transforming German society

In its report, the BfV added that “the Brotherhood’s primary goal is to form a system of government and many of the Muslim Brotherhood’s principles are hostile to the German Constitution, especially the principles of democracy, the rule of law and a political system based on human dignity.”

Too late. The Merkel regime has already transformed Germany.

Once great Britain:

Following Spain, Greece & Italy, a 4th country has started taking in boat migrants on a daily basis. 6 boats with 100 Moslems migrants landed on the shores of the UK this morning. They arrived at #Hastings, famous for the decisive battle fought the last time England was invaded (1066)

But not to worry:

BBC Puts Muslim Woman in Charge of Religious Programming…

Tyranny in the guise of public health:

As active coronavirus cases in Australia fall below 600 and total deaths still remain under 100 it is clear we have defeated the virus. But our leaders have stated life cannot return to normal unless citizens can be easily tracked under the guise of public health.

President Trump UNLOADS on Obama: “These People Should Be Going to Jail… He Knew Everything… These People Are Corrupt!”

President Trump sat down with FBN’s Maria Bartiromo last week.
The explosive interview was aired on Sunday Morning Futures today.


President Trump UNLOADED on President Obama and Vice President Biden for spying on his campaign and Transition Team!

President Trump: This is the greatest political scam, hoax in the history of our country! And people should be going to jail for this stuff… This was all Obama. This was all Biden. These people are corrupt. The whole thing was corrupt. And we caught them. We caught them. And what you saw just now. I watched Biden yesterday he could barely speak. He was on Good Morning America. And he said he didn’t know anything about it. And now it just gets released after he said that. It gets released that he was one of the unmaskers meaning he knew everything about it. So he lied to your friend George Stephanopoulos.

UK: Over 1,000 Illegal Boat Migrants Brought Ashore During ‘Lockdown’

UK: Over 1,000 Illegal Boat Migrants Brought Ashore During ‘Lockdown’

“Bizarre EU-Funded Comic Book Predicted Pandemic, With Globalists As Saviours:

A strange comic book that was commissioned for publication by the European Union in 2012 eerily predicted almost exactly what has unfolded with the Covid-19 global pandemic. However, in this propaganda laced presentation of the outbreak, unelected globalist bureaucrats save the planet.

The comic book, titled ‘Infected’, was a production of the European Commission’s international cooperation and development arm. It was not intended for widespread public consumption, but instead to be distributed inside EU institutions. Only a few hundred of the comic books were made.

The EU’s description of the strange publication states that “While the story may be fictional, it is nevertheless intertwined with some factual information.”

The graphic novel depicts scientists inside a lab in China experimenting with deadly pathogens:

A wannabe hero time travels from the future, alerting authorities to the coming pandemic, and presents an antidote, before quickly becoming the target of opportunists who want to steal the cure and sell it to drug companies:

The story features the transmission of a novel virus from animals to humans in a crowded wet market:

“Indeed, imagine if you were infected in this market by a new contagious agent.” says the UN’s chief advisor on contagious diseases, adding “You probably wouldn’t even realise it until the end of the incubation period.”

The publication suggests that air travel would exacerbate the spread of the disease, with the character adding that “You’d have headed back to Europe, the US, Latin America, or Australia as planned via an international airport.”

The cartoon depicts the failure of a global health organisation to act quickly enough to stop a pandemic:

It also predicts draconian safety measures, including social distancing, which make everyday life “totally unbearable”:

The piece concludes with an EU Parliament hearing, in which Brussels pushes for more integrated European cooperation on global health matters, mirroring a real life initiative known as ‘One health’.”

Here’s the direct dl link to the .PDF – get it before they realize the jig is up!

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    “Did you know that a couple years ago, Bill Gates and WHO staged a live “rehearsal” for a virus pandemic they specified by name as being Corona?

    Oh, and Dean Koontz, in a late 20th century novel, even predicted the plague would come from the exact same Chinese Wuhan lab the current virus actually did escape from? ”

    China has had COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in its Wuhan lab for SEVEN YEARS. This was a bio-terror attack. Unless other evidence emerges, it thus looks like a horrible coincidence that China’s Institute of Virology, a high-security laboratory where human cells were being experimentally infected with bat viruses, happens to be in Wuhan, the origin of today’s pandemic.

    On the other hand, Bill Gates patented the coronavirus five years ago, in 2015, and that “secret” Canadian government virology lab in Winnipeg Manitoba had an entire unit of Chinese scientists – most of whom who only spoke Chinese!

    And the coronavirus seems to target and mostly be deadly to Asians and Middle Easterners, so who’s really behind it? I’ll give you a hint: all of this was predicted in a popular “fiction” book by Michael Crichton, years ago!

    “The Deep State have long been openly planning this next step to ending civilization as we know it. Too bad for them Trump was alerted to this last-ditch crime against humanity in advance.”

    My own previous theory was that, after 0bama and Hitlery (literally) SOLD out all the American spies in China, so that in on e fell swoop they and their contacts were rounded up, tortured and executed in exchange for some Clinton Foundation donations, they didn’t have any eyes on the ground, so they simply released a prototype early, and the globalists felt they might as well go for broke anyways. But I like this one better:

    “The story goes there were two strains of the virus developed: one was a mild version which would be released in China, first, to quickly generate herd immunity in the population; the other strain was a truly deadly plague meant to infect the rest of the world. The story goes our people knew about all this — in fact, Bill Gates openly owns the patent to Coronavirus — so they sneaked into the lab and did the hi-tech equivalent of simply switching labels on the vials. LOL Brilliant! That’s why China got wrecked — they won’t even admit their mortality rates, but remember welding people into their apartments and whole-sale street-spraying of disinfectants? — and that’s also while we got a bug not even as bad as the last few “normal” seasonal flu’s.

    This is the globalists last card, and it turns out a deuce. One video commenter summed it up perfectly when he said this is now like a chess match between two grandmasters. A point arrives where it becomes obvious to both player which one has won; the rest is just running through a series of moves which will inevitably deliver the preordained victory. At that point in play, there is only one possible way, going forward, and that is to slow down and stall the inevitable loss.

    We are there now. DS is playing for time, but they can’t stall forever, and meanwhile people actually get, not just told, but able to see, feel and suffer personally the end of civil rights and freedom during this dress rehearsal for the “massive die-off” Plague Years. This Spring the normies worldwide are getting red-pilled en mass. They see how the little commissars want to, not just enslave, but murder us.”

    My friend Herb ran across yet another sterling example a few hours after our discussing “predictions” of the “Plandemic”…

    SARS first appeared in China in 2002 according to Google and caused an outbreak that was first identified on November 16, 2002. More than 8,000 people in 29 countries were infected and 774 people died. SARS was mostly contained by July 2003, but some cases were still identified until May 2004. Symptoms include fever, muscle pain, cough, sore throat, and other flu-like symptoms, and it can lead to shortness of breath and pneumonia. Chloroquine was seen to be a possible SARS inhibitor back then. Here’s one study about it, published in 2005. A 2004 study talks about in vitro inhibition. Here’s another article from The Lancet. (links in article below).

    “So, ask yourself, how could it have gone so wrong? “Patriots are in control.” I still say: for starters, white hats switched the labels on the test tubes.”


    Maybe so … BUT … (and there’s ALWAYS a “but:”)!

  2. MORE, here’s an excerpt from a more recent book, by Preston & Child:

    “America is secretly at war. With an enemy that makes the old Soviets look like the Keystone Kops.

    The very survival of our country is in the balance. Let me tell you about this enemy. They are single-minded. They are sober, extremely hardworking, and highly intelligent. They have the second largest economy in the world and it is growing at five hundred percent the rate of ours. The enemy has an immensely large and powerful military, they have advanced space weapons, and they have the fastest-growing nuclear arsenal in the world.

    This enemy saves forty percent of what they earn. They have more university graduates than America has people. In the enemy’s country, more people are studying English than there are English speakers in the entire world. They know all about us and we know almost nothing about them.

    This enemy is ruthless. They operate the last imperial, colonialist power on earth, which occupies and brutalizes many of the formerly independent countries surrounding it.

    This enemy has brazenly and openly stolen trillions of dollars of our intellectual property. In return, they send us poisoned food and medicine. They don’t play by the rules of international law. They are corrupt. They oppress freedom of speech, oppress the free exercise of religion, and murder and imprison journalists and dissidents on an almost daily basis. They have openly cornered the market in those strategic metals critical to our electronic world. This enemy, having little oil, now dominates the world’s technologies and markets in solar, wind, and nuclear power. As such, they are on track to become the new Saudi Arabia. This enemy has accumulated almost two trillion of our own dollars through unfair currency and trade practices. If dumped on the world market, this sum would be enough to annihilate our currency and wreck our economy in a single day. Basically, they have us by the balls.

    Worst of all: this enemy despises us. They see how we conduct business in Washington, and they’ve concluded that our democratic system is an abject failure. And they think we Americans are weak, lazy, whiny, self-important global has-beens, inflated with a false sense of entitlement. In this, they are probably correct.

    They have the population, the money, the brains, the will, and the guts to beggar us. They have specific plans to do this. *And they are in fact doing it.* While America just sits on its arse, doing nothing in return. It’s a one-sided war: they’re fighting, we’re surrendering.

    This is a country that only a generation ago murdered thirty million of their own people.

    They don’t place the same value on human life as we do.”

    From *Gideon’s Corpse;* Pp.#317-18 – these were the words used by the black-ops white American patriots (aka the bad guys) in the novel, to justify releasing a virus in China which would mostly target Asians, to save America from being indebted and OWNED by China. Who’s to say reality doesn’t mimic prescient “fiction”?

    And also, never forget: Google is the willing servant of the Chinese totalitarian regime, and as such is also trying to bring its conformist “social credit” system here to North America, too. So something had to be done, and fast!


    And the proof is from here:

    Can U.S. fight 2 cold wars at once?

    Pat Buchanan: ‘We have, for decades, been financing the buildup of a Communist China’

    Kim Jong-un, angered by the newest U.S. sanctions, is warning that North Korea’s commitment to denuclearization could be imperiled and we could be headed for “exchanges of fire.”

    Iran, warns Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, is testing ballistic missiles that are forbidden to them by the U.N. Security Council.

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that, within days, he will launch a military thrust against U.S.-backed Kurdish forces in northern Syria, regarding them as allies of the PKK terrorist organization inside Turkey.

    Vladimir Putin just flew two Tu-160 nuclear capable bombers to Venezuela. Ukraine claims Russia is amassing tanks on its border.

    How did the United States, triumphant in the Cold War, find itself beset on so many fronts?

    First, by intervening militarily and repeatedly in a Mideast where no vital U.S. interest was imperiled, and thereby ensnaring ourselves in that Muslim region’s forever war.

    Second, by extending our NATO alliance deep into Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Baltics, thereby igniting a Cold War II with Russia.

    Third, by nurturing China for decades before recognizing she was becoming a malevolent superpower whose Asian-Pacific ambitions could be realized only at the expense of friends of the United States.

    The question, then, for our time is this: Can the U.S. pursue a Cold War policy of containment against both of the other great military powers, even as we maintain our Cold War commitments to defend scores of countries around the globe?

    And, if so, for how long can we continue to do this, and at what cost?

    Belatedly, the U.S. establishment has recognized the historic folly of having chaperoned China onto the world stage and seeking to buy her lasting friendship with $4 trillion in trade surpluses at our expense since Bush 41.

    Consider how China has reciprocated America’s courtship.

    She has annexed the South China Sea, built air and missile bases on half a dozen disputed islets, and told U.S. ships and planes to stay clear.

    She has built and leased ports and bases from the Indian Ocean to Africa. She has lent billions to poor Asian and African countries like the Maldives, and then demanded basing concessions when these nations default on the debts owed for building their facilities.

    She has sent hundreds of thousand of students to U.S. colleges and universities, where many have allegedly engaged in espionage.

    She kept her currency below market value to maintain her trade advantage and entice U.S. corporations to China where they are shaken down to transfer their technology secrets.

    China has engaged in cyber theft of the personnel files of 20 million U.S. federal applicants and employees. She apparently thieved the credit card and passport numbers of 500 million guests at Marriott hotels over the years.

    She has sought to steal the secrets of America’s defense contractors, especially those working with the Navy whose 7th Fleet patrols the Western Pacific off China’s coast.

    She is believed to be behind the cybersecurity breaches that facilitated the theft of data on the U.S. F-22 and F-35, information now suspected of having played a role in Beijing’s development of its fifth-generation stealth fighters.

    Christians are persecuted in China.

    China’s interests, as manifest in her behavior, are thus in conflict with U.S. interests. And the notion that we should continue to cede her an annual trade surplus at our expense of $400 billion seems an absurdity.

    We have, for decades, been financing the buildup of a Communist China whose ambition is to expel us from East Asia and the Western Pacific, achieve dominance over peoples we have regarded as friends and allies since World War II and to displace us as the world’s first power.

    Yet if engagement with China has failed and left us facing a new adversary with 10 times Russia’s population, and an economy nearly 10 times Russia’s size, what should be our policy?

    Can we, should we, pursue a Cold War with Russia and China, using Kennan’s containment policy and threatening war if U.S. red lines are crossed by either or both?

    Should we cut back on our treaty commitments, terminating U.S. war guarantees until they comport with what are true vital U.S. interests?

    Should we, faced with two great power adversaries, do as Nixon did and seek to separate them?

    If, however, we conclude, as this city seems to be concluding, that the long-term threat to U.S. interests is China, not Putin’s Russia, President Trump cannot continue a trade relationship that provides the Communist Party of Xi Jinping with a yearly $400 billion trade surplus.

    For that would constitute a policy of almost suicidal appeasement.

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