These are not social justice riots

I’ve seen white people, black people, and all shades at these riots.

One thing I didn’t see, is a MAGA hat.

You can’t have a serious conversation about police brutality and race without addressing the incredibly high rate of violent crime committed by blacks. If you’re 13% of the population but commit 50% of violent crimes, that is a problem. Where is the conversation about that?

The MSM commentators are utterly stupid. They all keep saying,” It makes no sense that these people are burning down their own neighbourhoods”. Guest after guest lamenting trying to figure it out. It’s called BLM & ANTIFA: Anarchist Groups created by SOROS!

Joe Biden has not condemned the violence and arson and looting the nation is witnessing.  This appears to be some kind of perverse political calculation. Shameful.

The communist DemRats, funded by Spooky Dude George Soros, have gone scorched-earth in a last-ditch effort to destroy Trump before the November election using George Floyd’s death as an excuse to burn American cities, towns and businesses.

Two federal police officers were shot during last night’s Antifa/BLM rioting in Oakland, Cal. One of the officers has died. They were protecting a government facility when they were fired upon.

Fake News CNN is calling the rioters white supremacists

70% of the arrests in Ferguson were out of towners / paid protesters.

Amazing how one dead nigga brings out all the commie agitprops calling for a revolution:

That’s how they tick:

George Soros where’s my money!”

Let me get this straight. It’s not OK for me to attend church or to my synagogue but it’s OK for a huge group of Anarcho monkeys nationwide to Loot, Arson, and Riot?

‘Killer Mike’ wants to kill his ‘masters’ & calls for peace. I wonder what makes him tick.

Soros funded Antifa sets Black communities, Black businesses, Black police stations on fire

Black people will be blamed.

Black people will be arrested .

Black people will lose jobs.

Black people will suffer.

One thought on “These are not social justice riots”

  1. Describing this as “sad” and a “tragedy” implies disappointment in “racism” on Trump’s part. But the two men knew each other, they were co-workers for years. So why didn’t George Floyd call out Derek Chauvin’s name, and appeal to him as a person he knew personally? Because he knew he was playing a part and thought he would never die! Because when patsies are hired they are paid very well. They are also informed that the experience will be unpleasant but don’t worry we will take care of you. The thing about chokeholds and neck pins is, they often pass out. George probably figured the worst was he’d probably pass out! FALSE FLAG!

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