Caesar’s gotta go, too.

Who needs Caesar if we’re all going to end up in Wokestan anyway?

Statue of Julius Caesar Vandalised in Belgian Village

A statue of ancient Roman leader Julius Caesar was vandalised in the Flemish village of Velzeke-Ruddershove over the weekend, with some linking the vandalism to ongoing Black Lives Matter protests.

Tonight I learned that Shake Shack employees try to kill cops by poisoning their food... The way things are going, you might as well assume they’d also try to kill you if they disagree with your politics.

If black lives matter to BLM & Antifa why have they destroyed more black own businesses in the past month than the Klan has in the past 30 years?

British Government Considering Ten-Year Prison Sentences for Vandalism of War Memorials

Londonistan: Four Charged for ‘Black Lives Matter’ Attack on Police

Over 30 Shot, Two Killed, in Gun-Controlled Chicago

Don’t mention it. No one cares. Unless… the shooter is a white man.

Hillary Clinton Funneled Millions of Tax Dollars Into the Clinton Foundation While She Was Obama’s Secretary of State 

Thomas Jefferson Statue Torn Down at Portland High School

France Will Not ‘Erase History’ by Removing Statues, Says Macron

France Will Not ‘Erase History’ by Removing Statues, Says Macron

That doesn’t mean toyboy Macron has grown a spine.

Farage to Breitbart: ‘I Have Never Seen so Many People Scared to Say What They Think’