The same people who said Donald Trump would burn America to the ground are the people doing it right now

Who knew that burning businesses, rioting and looting cured the Coronavirus..and just like that, the plandemic was over. So much for social distancing, right?

Obama’s puppet Susan Rice went on national television to blame the rioting on “the Russians!”

Obviously, Twitter has no problem with the incitement above. If a conservative posted it, we would never hear the end of it.

This is what “community organizer” meant. Right here in front of your eyes. Obama and Soros have been working on this from 2004-2005.

18 U.S. Code § 2102 “to incite a riot”, or “to organize, promote, encourage, participate in, or carry on a riot”, includes, but is not limited to, urging or instigating other persons to riot.

So this is what they meant when they said “If Bernie isn’t elected, Cities will Burn”…

Dems think they can take over the country by burning down cities they already control to the ground. Dems think they will win over America by acting like crazed wild animals not realizing that they are turning millions of Americans against them.

Obviously, this is not about some dead nigga. This is about fundamental transformation. Which means to deprive you & your children of your birthright.

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    Comments on George Floyd’s death (from various sources):

    They were co-workers for years.

    So why didn’t George Floyd call out Derek Chauvin’s name, and appeal to him as a person he knew personally?

    Perhaps because he knew he was playing a part and thought he would never die! As we have seen even here in Canada, cops often dress up AS protesters (even as ANTIFA!) and throw rocks at unionized protests! Cops are all-too-often told to play parts and stage false-flag events for their political masters. And because when cops hire patsies to help out, (say as muslim informers in sting operations) those they hire are paid very well – occasionally up to nearly a million dollars, in some cases, right here in Canada. They are also informed that the experience will be unpleasant but don’t worry we will take care of you. The thing about chokeholds and neck pins is, they often pass out. George probably figured the worst was he’d probably pass out!

    This was another potential FALSE FLAG event! Perhaps one staged to distract the nation from the many recent and ongoing Obamagate revelations.

    And, (unless this was a personal grudge murder) there’s no way this cop would have even arrested someone he knew as a co-worker, just for trying to pass a forged $20.

    So no one knows for certain the motives that actually led Officer Derek Chauvin to take George Floyd’s life and to do so in such a brutal manner. Chauvin was a bad cop with a long dossier of misconduct complaints and three killings already on his record.

    But let’s posit the most logical explanation: he was a racist.

    And so were his three accomplices. What does this say about “a grotesque system of ingrained racism” in America?

    Absolutely nothing.

    Is there a cop, or a politician from the president on down, or a publication that in the week of George Floyd’s murder rose up to defend the murderer? Is there any public voice claiming that there were extenuating circumstances – that he was resisting arrest for example – that would justify the act? There wasn’t. The attorney general for the state of Minnesota is black; the police chief is black; the vice president of the city council is black, the congresswoman for the district is black. A normal view of this matter would recognize it as an isolated incident involving four bad cops who should long before have been removed from the force by the Democrat politicians who control the state.

    To reiterate: virtually every official in Minnesota with influence over the Minneapolis police and the decision to keep Derek Chauvin on the force despite his alarming record is a Democrat: the governor, the attorney general, the Minneapolis congresswoman and the mayor.

    The city council consists of 12 Democrats and a Green Party member. The Democrat Party is the “system” that protected the bad cop and led to George Floyd’s death.

    Just as the Democrats protected the bad cops, so they encouraged the rioters by fueling the myth of America’s systemic racism, by not providing a sufficient police presence, when the mayhem started, to nip it in the bud, and by attacking Trump for “glorifying violence,” when he warned the rioters that if the local authorities failed to protect law-abiding citizens he would meet force with force.

    The organizers of the violence were two far left organizations – Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Until the Minneapolis riots Attorney General and former DNC head, Keith Ellison featured a picture on his website advertising the Antifa handbook for conducting civil war.

    The proximity of the Antifa-spearheaded riot in Minneapolis prompted Ellison to remove the photo, because Antifa’s destruction of his capital city would obviously lead to bad press.

    The racist organization Black Lives Matter, which has led the war on cops for several years, is officially endorsed by the Democrat Party, was invited multiple times to the Obama White House, and is funded along with Antifa by Democrat donors like George Soros.

    The Democrat Party’s leaders without exception have spread the lies that there is an open season on black Americans conducted by (white) police. They neglect to mention that police departments in major cities are frequently run by black Americans; that black cops are actually more likely to kill black suspects than white police officers, and that an unarmed black is less likely to be killed by police than to be struck by lightning:

    Black males are 6% of the population but they are responsible for more than 50% of the homicides and violent crimes. This is why virtually every civil rights cause celebre of the last fifty years has involved encounters with the law rather than racist vigilantes from the general populace.

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