Big Tech is out to rig the election & Fraudci is a partisan hack

If hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin & zinc doesn’t work why are they so worried about us having access to it?

Fauci: ‘I Don’t Think We Need to Go to Lockdown Again’


Twitter Suspends PragerU, Prominent Conservatives, and Doctors for Commenting on HCQ

Breitbart News Appeals Twitter Account Suspension, ‘Review’ Drags Out Beyond 48 Hours

Masters of the Universe

Breitbart News Appeals Twitter Account Suspension, ‘Review’ Drags Out Beyond 48 Hours–punished for live-streaming a press conference by licensed medical doctors

Rush Limbaugh: Google ‘Essentially Trying to Erase Breitbart’ 


400 approved, 40.000 will go. Mark my words!

Are we really all in this together as we are continually told? It sure doesn’t seem like it.

Auburn Gallipoli Mosque has been granted a coronavirus exemption for 400 people to celebrate Eid-al-Adha.

Hundreds of Muslim worshippers have marked one of Islam’s holiest days at a Sydney mosque after the NSW Government granted it a temporary exemption from coronavirus restrictions.

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In other news:

Speakers corner: Moslems attack sister Hatun & police doesn’t arrest anyone

Muselmaniacs attack Sister Hatun at Speaker’s Corner in London, then complain to the police about what she said:

Muslims ran to a Muslim police officer and cried a river, thinking that he would enforce blasphemy law in Speakers Corner for critiquing Islam.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes.
In other news:

We’re All In This Together… Not!

We’re All In This Together


400? 4000? 40,000? What difference does it make?

Members of St George Serbian Orthodox Church have been fined more than $16,000 for breaching coronavirus restrictions yesterday.

Parishioners from the church, located in St Alban’s in Melbourne’s western suburbs, received ten fines in total when police officers found them attending a church service.

Why do Muslims get special exemptions while the rest of us do not?

As if there is not enough craziness, stupidity, angst and turmoil going on all around us because of corona, we now have this revelation. And I tell you what: if this does not make your blood boil, you need to check your pulse. It concerns the NSW state government granting a special exemption to a Sydney mosque, allowing it to have a large gathering there.

These Antifa types are unhinged, psychotic, disturbed, irrational and above all, dangerous. The common aim is to destroy our society.

A Review of United States of Socialism

By Dinesh D’Souza.

Read the whole thing below the fold.

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Dr. Simone Gold Fired from Hospital After Speaking Out Against Dr Fraudci

Looks like freedom of speech doesn’t apply to medial professionals who don’t agree with doctor Fraudci.


Frontline doctors from across the US held a “White Coat Summit” on Monday in Washington DC to dispel the misinformation and myths surrounding the coronavirus. The doctors are very concerned with the disinformation campaign being played out in the far left American media today.

From their website: “If Americans continue to let so-called experts and media personalities make their decisions, the great American experiment of a Constitutional Republic with Representative Democracy, will cease.”

Dr. Simone Gold, a board-certified emergency physician, spoke this week at the White Coat Summit. After over 18 million views of their conference on Monday Google, YouTube and Facebook removed their videos.

 Dr. Gold told Tucker Carlson that she was fired from her position after 20 years as an emergency room physician because she appeared at the White Coat Summit this week.

Dr. Simone Gold also told Tucker Carlson she has hired respected Attorney Lin Wood to represent her.

Fraudci Accused Of ‘Misinformation Campaign’

It has been widely suggested that the #CoronaVirus was developed in the Wuhan Virology Lab in Wuhan, China and accidentally leaked into the population. Pure speculation, but if true, this question remains: what was the intended use for this “designer” virus in the first place?

One of the outspoken doctors against doctor Fraudci was just fired. I need a link!

Ohio Withdraws Ban On Hydroxychloroquine; Fauci Accused Of ‘Misinformation Campaign’

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy withdrew a rule preventing the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 after Governor Mike DeWine called on the board to halt the rule, according to the Dayton Daily News.

“As a result of the feedback received by the medical and patient community and at the request of Gov. DeWine, the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy has withdrawn proposed rule 4729:5-5-21 of the Administrative Code,” reads a Thursday statement from the board.

“Therefore, prohibitions on the prescribing of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine in Ohio for the treatment of COVID-19 will not take effect at this time.

The board will reexamine the rule with the help of the State Medical Board of Ohio, clinical experts and stakeholders to determine the next step.

The rule, which was scheduled to go into effect today, would prohibit pharmacies from selling or dispensing hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for coronavirus unless the use is approved by the board’s executive director. The rule would also void all previous approvals of the drug. –Dayton Daily News

On Thursday, DeWine said that he agreed with FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn, who said that the decision to use HCQ should be between doctor and patient.

“Therefore, I am asking the Ohio Board of Pharmacy to halt their new rule prohibiting the selling or dispensing of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19,” DeWine said earlier in the day.

Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch has accused Dr. Anthony Fouci of waging a “misinformation campaign” against the drug, according to Just The News.

On Tuesday during an interview on “Good Morning America,” Fauci further downplayed the drug’s purported benefit, claiming that “the overwhelming prevailing clinical trials that have looked at the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine have indicated that it is not effective in [treating] coronavirus disease.

Risch, however, is sharply criticizing Fauci’s approach to evaluating the drug’s effectiveness, arguing that repeated trials and tests have shown that it is markedly effective at treating COVID-19 so long as it is administered properly.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Invasion Continues


Two of the group were seen taking a picture of themselves to send to family back home
Look mum, we made it! Migrants pose for SELFIES in the sunshine on Kent coast after dodging border force patrol boats during dawn Channel dash in a dinghy

‘Migrants’ set up camp in London’s exclusive Park Lane – opposite five-star Hilton hotel and just yards from Hyde Park
  • Men and women were photographed setting up tents in Park Lane earlier today as the capital opens up
  • The homeless camp has been set up opposite the five-star London Hilton on Park Lane hotel  
  • Last September a large camp of migrants was moved from the same area after a rise in anti-social behaviour
A group of men lie down on the grass by the camp. Migrants were ordered to move from the same Transport for London private land by officers last September after reports of muggings and robberies
A group of men lie down on the grass by the camp. Migrants were ordered to move from the same Transport for London private land by officers last September after reports of muggings and robberies

Last year, a homeless camp mainly made up of Romanian and Bulgarian migrants pitched up in the same area after being moved from Marble Arch by police, having seen a rise crime and anti-social behaviour.

20 migrant boats in one day as record numbers cross Channel

A record 202 migrants made it across the English Channel illegally today on small boats.

In the latest shocking example of illegal immigration being utterly out of control, more than 200 migrants successfully got to England in a single day via this route.

They came across in a total of twenty vessels.

Obviously, BoJo is supporting this. If he didn’t, he would have stopped these “migrant boats”. BoJo is a flake.



Italian Island Overwhelmed as Migrant Boats Arrive Every Hour on Average

Hussein Obama, Commie Agitprop on Steroids

Hussein Obama Gets Political at John Lewis Funeral
Promotes massive voter fraud.
  • Likens Trump to George Wallace
  • Accuses Cops of Beating ’Peaceful Demonstrators’
  • Calls for Radical Easing of Voting Laws

 Speaking at Lewis funeral, Rev James Lawson claimed America runs a “plantation” economy–capitalism–that needs to be destroyed w racism, even tho that economy has produced 880,000+ black millionaires. His remark elicited thunderous applause. Bush, Clinton, Obama in crowd.

Barack Obama (Alyssa Pointer / Pool / AFP / Getty)

Former President Barack Obama used his eulogy at the funeral of Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) to call for an end to the Senate filibuster to pass Democrats’ new legislation on voting reform.

This scumbag is no different from Al ‘the schlong’ Sharption or Louis Farraklown. Despicable.

Obama used his eulogy at the funeral of Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) to call for an end to the Senate filibuster to pass Democrats’ new legislation on voting reform.

Obama said that Republicans had imitated Jim Crow-era restrictions on voting rights, which Lewis marched against, by passing state voter ID laws and other measures that conservatives argue prevent voter fraud.

In other words, he wants 20 million illegals to vote for DemRats.

Can anyone cite a law that restricts the rights of any American citizen based on race, biological sex, or national origin? Asking for tens of millions of fed-up Americans…

In other news:

America is imploding before your very eyes:

Portland hits feds with $500 fine every 15 minutes fence stands outside besieged courthouse

In other words, the local government is promoting terrorism.

‘A record number of illegal migrants have crossed the Channel’ The 202 migrants presented themselves as being from the following… Yemen

‘A record number of illegal migrants have crossed the Channel’

The 202 migrants presented themselves as being from the following shithole countries:

Palestinian Territories

Fraudci, enemy of the people


In 2015 Dr. Anthony Fauci went to Obama asking to research weaponizing a virus. Since that research is forbidden here Obama funded the Wuhan lab in China 3.7 million dollars for that research there.

Dr. Anthony Fauci to Teachers’ Union: ‘You’ll Be Part of the Experiment’

Fraudci the virus. Fraudci the commie agitprop with the Gates agenda. Fraudci, the enemy of the people.

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, adjusts a face covering during a Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing in Washington, DC, June 30, 2020. - Fauci and other government health officials updated the Senate on how to safely get back to school …

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases told members of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Tuesday they will be “part of the experiment” as the country gains further knowledge about the impact of the coronavirus.

FB promotes videos of Bill Gates who is not a doctor pushing a vaccine, but bans actual doctors talking about a cure?

Fauci would rather you die than take Hydroxychloroquine.

Fauci just told the world to wear goggles to prevent COVID.

This is a Globalist Coup! They said “help flatten the curve.” They’re Flattening America VIA the @UN @WHO and @CDCgov lying to kill America through #MedicalTyranny.

James Tadaro, MD:

After 4 mos of appeals since it was taken down, Google finally uncensored our initial paper on HCQ in treatment of COVID-19.

It’s strange Google reversed this decision IMMEDIATELY before appearing in front of congress today to discuss censorship.

If you click on the link, Google will tell you to continue is “unsafe”. It’s not. It leads you to professional documents from Stanford university declaring HCQ perfectly safe & a useful prophylactic against Covid19.

Dr David Samadi:

Just so you understand, Facebook and Instagram also removed content of mine yesterday. This wasn’t just a move from Twitter. There is a concerted effort going on via big tech to silence me. I am a medical doctor & everything I have stated is backed up by multiple studies.

This is not a cure, but as a prophylactic, it is better than anything else. To withhold these life-saving drugs is criminal.

Congressman Louie Gohmert will start taking Hydroxychloroquine as #COVID19 treatment! ~ Gohmert said that his Doctor is “all in” & he will start taking Zinc & Hydroxychloroquine~

Here. This is Fraudci back in 2005. The guy is a complete & utter fraud.

In other news:

Portland rioters have armed themselves with Tasers, slingshots, sledgehammers, saws, knives, rifles, bats, explosive devises, lasers, rocks, frozen bottles, cans of food, balloons filled with fecal matter – and used these against cops. 180 cops injured, 3 blinded. 18 people dead

The U.S. Insurgency: Sedition, Subversion, Corruption

Herman Cain Dies After Battle with Coronavirus

DETROIT, MI - OCTOBER 21: Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain speaks while unveiling his "Opportunity Zone" economic plan in front of the Michigan Central Station, an abandoned train depot, October 21, 2011 in Detroit, Michigan. Cain has reportedly proposed changes to his "9-9-9" tax plan to exempt taxes for those …

Conservative firebrand, businessman, and former presidential candidate Herman Cain, 74, has died after a weeks-long battle with the novel coronavirus. RIP!


My friend Herman Cain, a Powerful Voice of Freedom and all that is good, passed away this morning. Herman had an incredible career and was adored by everyone that ever met him, especially me. He was a very special man, an American Patriot, and great friend. I just got off the phone with his amazing wife Gloria, daughter, Melanie, and son Vincent to express my deepest condolences to the entire family. First Lady Melania Trump and I loved Herman Cain, a great man. Herman, Rest In Peace!

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and suit



Exclusive — Republicans Mull Ethics Charges Against Schiff Ally as Democrats Turn Back to Failed Russia Strategy

Matt Gaetz: Google Using ‘Market Dominance’ in Search to Engage in ‘Election Interference’

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) said during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday on big tech and antitrust that Google is using its “market dominance” in search to engage in “election interference,” such as censoring Breitbart News and other conservative outlets.

Gaetz asked Google CEO Sundar Pichai about the company’s alleged manipulation of its search algorithm to censor conservative voices. After questioning Pichai, the Google CEO admitted that the search giant allows for manual manipulation of its search algorithm.

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No Second Opinions Allowed

Fraudci on Censored Hydroxychloroquine Video: ‘Bunch of People Spouting Something that Isn’t True’

It is normal to get a second opinion on serious medical issues. But now that the Wuhan coronavirus has been weaponized for political purposes, the public is denied a second opinion on this crucial topic, because only one opinion is allowed by the leftists who control Silicon Valley.

As you can see: yours truly has just been banned from FB for posting the above.

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Wollt ihr die totale Zensur?

Remember when Goebbles went out to a fanatical German citizenry and yelled “wollt ihr den totalen Krieg?”  (Do you want total war?) Google, FB & Twitter have been waging a war of total censorship against everyone & everything they don’t like. They have monopolised social media & they’re taking us down if their totalitarian allures are not stopped. THEY MUST BE STOPPED!

Twitter Suspends PragerU, Prominent Conservatives, and Doctors for Commenting on HCQ

Twitter Suspends PragerU, Prominent Conservatives, and Doctors for Commenting on HCQ

Twitter temporarily suspended the accounts of PragerU and a variety of prominent conservatives and even a doctor on Wednesday after they tweeted videos of doctors commenting on the effectiveness of the drug Hydroxychloroquine or otherwise commented on the drug.

Conservative non-profit group PragerU had its account restricted on Wednesday for allegedly violating the platform’s rules regarding posts about coronavirus after sharing a video of the “White Coat Summit” featuring medical doctors.

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