Bannon Rocks!

The violent Leftists from the 1960s never went away; they just retreated underground. They’ve come back to lead the radicals of today, but they’ve added a new ally — Islamists.

There’s no such thing called “Islamist”. There’s only Islam & Muslims.

Portland Commissioner: Police Are ‘Starting the Fires Themselves’ to Justify ‘Attacking Community Members’

Exclusive—Rep. Louie Gohmert: Instead of Canceling Our Culture, It’s Time to #CancelDemocrats

Conservatives protested peacefully but were branded as racists, while BLM, Antifa roam around looting, setting fires and planting bombs all over various cities. LIBERALS are a danger to society.

Dinesh D’Souza
The Left thinks that portraying law and order as a fascist concept is going to work for them. Wrong! Not even Democrats want mayhem and chaos in the streets. Trump should not hesitate to round up the paramilitary gangs and their enablers. This issue alone could win him reelection
Communism doesn’t work which is why it is forced on people. The few at the top are rich and everyone else is dirt poor.