It would be cheaper to give them free crack

Providence Leads on Direct Cash Payments for Being Black


“Privilege” doesn’t begin to describe the preferential treatment given to blacks. As if Affirmative action, ubiquitous favoritism, and absolution from personal responsibility weren’t enough, soon they will be granted direct cash payments to reward them for their politically preferred pigmentation. Being governed by leftist radicals, cities will lead the way — for example, Providence:

Rhode Island’s capital city is looking at providing reparations to residents of African and Native American heritage, Providence Mayor Jorge Elzorza announced Wednesday.

The Democratic mayor signed an executive order creating a “Truth-Telling, Reconciliation and Municipal Reparations Process” that would examine the feasibility of providing reparations, which are typically direct cash payments to individuals.

If anyone is owed reparations, it is the whites who have been driven out of the cities they built, and who are taxed into the ground to finance the welfare state. The grievances blacks have used to bully their way to the top of the Cultural Marxist totem pole occurred almost entirely before anyone alive today had been born.

Eloza said two other cities in the country have taken similar steps to provide reparations, but haven’t gone as far as what he is pushing Providence to do.

He was probably referring to the Illinois cities Evanston and Chicago.

Universities are no less leftist. Already Georgetown is considering a fee to finance “reparations,” as if the students there had owned slaves.

States will soon follow the lead of cities. The California Assembly has already passed a reparations bill.

Then will come the federal government, after the radical left takes control behind its hollow and compliant figurehead Joe Biden. At that point, we will not be talking $millions, $billions, or even $trillions, but $quadrillions.


In the end it the blacks will be owning whites as slaves. Sound crazy? 

The Left is doing everything they can to intellectually disarm you from defending yourself from slavery. I mean by that open chattel slavery.