Our Freedom is Being Stolen on False Premises

Greta Thunberg won the coveted Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity, which comes with a cash award of €1 million.

14 Wounded in Mass Shooting Outside Chicago Funeral Home as Mayor Beetlejuice Publicly Rejects Trump’s Help

Mass Shooting Chicago Funeral Home

At least 14 people are injured following a mass shooting outside of a funeral home in Chicago in yet another act of violence that has been plaguing the city. The incident coincides with Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) publicly rejecting President Trump’s assistance.

In other news:

The Royal Canadian Navy announced that it is planning to abolish the rank of “seaman”. The term will be replaced with a more gender-inclusive designation.

A boat carrying 63 migrants was “rescued” in the Mediterranean and brought safely to the island of Malta.

Joe Biden Wants Schools to Teach About ‘Islamic Faith’

Joe Biden Wants Schools to Teach About ‘Islamic Faith’

Quid Pro Joe is clearly demented. He also said he can’t wait to see American turn black.

Nolte: Media, Democrats Use McCloskey Case to Make Us Afraid to Protect Our Home

Nolte: Democrat Media Mob Comes for McCloskeys…

…Want Us Afraid to Protect Our Home

White House Condemns ‘Abuse of Power’ after McCloskey Couple Charged with Felonies

White House Condemns ‘Abuse of Power’ after McCloskey Couple Charged with Felonies

The freedoms of Australians ‘are being stolen on a false premise’: Alan Jones

Sky News
The nation’s political leaders are stealing Australians’ freedoms from under their noses “on the false premise they are looking after us” according to Sky News host Alan Jones. “Of course, the outbreak needs to be controlled,” Mr Jones said. “But you shouldn’t be allowed to defend a flawed strategy to control a virus by prospering alarmism, hysteria and fear”. On Monday, Victoria’s coronavirus death toll rose to 39 following the death of a woman in her 80s. Mr Jones said “only a mad person would believe a lockdown would wipe out the virus”. He said Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian have succeeded in “frightening the tripe out of people” as the states grapple to overcome the deadly disease. “I hate the word scared, but people are scared”. He said all this comes as the World Health Organisation have again reiterated 99 per cent of cases of the virus are mild.

2 thoughts on “Our Freedom is Being Stolen on False Premises”

  1. Mayor Beetlejuice represents the Democrats perfectly. If Trump is for it, she is against it. The same is true for Portland Mayor Wheeler. BLM/Antifa have graffitied downtown for miles. It is shocking the extent of the defacing and destruction. Millions and millions of $ to fix. Like Minn. they will demand Trump finance all the repairs from the destruction they allowed to occur.

  2. Scared little Libtards have been busy lately writing angry, virtue-signaling letters to the editors at the leftist newspapers, whining about how people who protested in public about mask wearing recently seem to think that they have “rights” to infect others, and how they also “seem to think that the science isn’t real,” and double down demanding everyone wear masks for everyone’s protection.

    Basically, they’re saying that:

    “Since you COULD have the virus and infect others, so you WILL, and in fact already DO, have the virus – and ARE infecting others; so for my own protection I must ‘counter’-attack you first and force you wear a mask! Nyah!”

    “Better safe than sorry; an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure; if it can save even one life, no matter what it costs everyone, then we should all stay home until nobody ever dies again; and of course Think of the children!”

    But in reality, costs do matter – costs to our freedoms, and costs to our economies – this little bug is turning out to be less dangerous than the seasonal flu!

    (Imagine having a virus so “deadly,” that you need a test to tell if you’ve got it)!

    So now many pundits are walking back their previous claims, while still covering their butts, by pretending it has suddenly, in a mere 3 months, “mutated” into something far less dangerous – when all the real virologists they had on their shows have already told us that, in the wild, it takes from between 200-300 YEARS for a virus to mutate, not a mere 2-3 MONTHS.

    And, the bottom line, is that what they all ignore is the simple fact that:

    While quarantining sick people IS good public health and safety policy, quarantining healthy people is TYRANNY.

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